Hello, everybody! Ever wonder what happened to Harvey after drinking that shrinking potion, and Rachel carried him to Angie in Attitude Adjustment? Well, here's a little one-shot of them. Here we go!

The mouse-sized Harvey grumpily sat on the floor in his room in the worst of his moods. Since he unknowingly drank the Shrink Potion, he's been forced to stay with Angie until the potion wore off, and his time spent with her hasn't been fruitful, with her treating him like a little doll.

It was then that the girl in question walked over to him with a baby bottle of milk. "Okay, Harvey! Time for feeding!"

"I'm not hungry- er, thirsty." He said, grumpily.

"Come on! Little kids like you need milk to grow up big and strong!" she said, picking him up in her left hand.

"For the last time, I don't want-" Before he could finish, Angie had already shoved the large bottle into his little mouth, forcing all the milk down his throat. She finally released and Harvey coughed the milk out, gasping for air.

"Burping time!" Angie exclaimed, patting the little Harvey on the back, causing him to give a loud "BUURP". "There we go. Feel better?"

"I was already feeling good before you made me your plaything!"

"Ah, you'll get used to it, Harvey. Now, come on. Let's go play with you in my dollhouse!"

"NO! I'm sick of dolls, I'm sick of milk, and I'm SICK of YOU! I'd sooner be staying with that crazy cat girl than some annoying hyper freak like you!"

Angie's smile turned into a frown as she gave a sad look in her eyes. "Fine! Look after your own puny self!" she yelled, dropping him on the floor. "I'll just go play dollhouse by myself!" With that, she angrily stomped away.

Harvey just looked in her direction and already felt guilty. He slowly approached his giant friend as she stood by her dollhouse, arms folded in anger. "Hey, Angie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you like that. I've just been going through a lot of crud lately, you know, drinking the potion and shrinking down to this cruddy height. It just makes ya angry enough to yell at anyone, even your own best friends."

She shot her eyes open at this and looked down to him. "You mean…"

Harvey sighed. "Yeah, yeah, you're one of my best friends, Angie. Even if you can be annoying. And I sorta like hanging out with you."

"Aw, Harvey!" she exclaimed, picking him up and hugging him to her cheek. "I knew you were a sweetie! You're a sweet little doll!"

He blushed. "Uh, hehe. And I have to admit, this whole thing is pretty fun. So, you still wanna play dollhouse?"

"Sure! And me and Sonya picked the perfect outfit for you!" With that, she put him down and took out a bright pink dress. "Ta-da! Whaddya think?"

"Uh, hehe. Ohhh…" he just groaned and looked away.

Well, not my best work, but whatever. There's actually a cool Dani/Nolan one-shot I wanna do, too, so later!