Author's Note: Hello guys! Flying Dragonite here! Sorry for seemingly dropping off the face of the earth! I know I said that I wouldn't write anymore until I finish my pokémon story, or at least get unstuck, but this just came to me the other day as I was listening to my new Labyrinth album, so I decided to write it down. This will just be a short (or not) one-shot. (BTW, in this fanfic, I know Jareth. Not really sure how, but I do. And since this is a one-shot I don't think I'll give much thought to it.)

'As the World Falls Down'

I sat at my desk, listening to 'As the World Falls Down' by David Bowie. It was my favorite song from Labyrinth. It made me smile and cry inside at the same time. It was a sad song, but it gave hope as well. "There's such a sad love, deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel, opened and closed within your eyes. I'll place the sky within your eyes! There's such a fooled heart, beating so fast in search of new dreams, a love that will last within your heart. I'll place the moon within your heart!" I sang along with David Bowie.

"As the pain sweeps through, makes no sense for you, every thrill has gone, wasn't too much fun at all. But I'll be there for you-ooh-ooh, as the world falls down!" I sang. Suddenly, a strangely familiar male voice began singing along with me and the CD.

"I'll paint you mornings of gold, I'll spin you valentine evenings, though we're strangers 'till now, we're choosing the path between the stars. I'll leave my love between the stars!" I gasped and spun around. There, standing next to the open window, was none other than Jareth himself.

"JARETH! You scared the living hell out of me! Why don't you at least knock before coming in?" I exclaimed, more surprised than really angry. He scowled at me before answering.

"I did knock. You just didn't hear me. Besides, I thought you'd be glad to see me." He smirked at me when I stuck my tongue out at him.

"I did want to see you, but that didn't mean that I wanted you to scare the crap out of me!" I said snippily. Jareth rolled his eyes at me.

"Can we just go already? Before your parents show up and wonder why there's a strange man in your room?" He asked. I smiled.

"Right. That wouldn't be good. A lot of explaining to do that I don't want to deal with." I replied. "Let's go." I took his hand and we were gone, leaving an empty room, a slight breeze blowing from the open window.

Author's note: MUAH HA-HA-HA! I love cliff-hangers! When I'm the one doing them anyways… Sorry, you guys will just have to use your imaginations. Think SPONGEBOB. Hee-hee. Just one rule. I'm not in love with Jareth in this fanfic, and he is not in love with me. So that's just a clue for you guys. It's just a rule for pretty much every Labyrinth fanfic I write; I'm NEVER IN LOVE WITH JARETH. And there are never any mushy yucky romantic scenes, I just can't read them, let alone write them. x shivers x