Pairing: Prussia/Canada (Gilbert/Matthew)

Rating: M for evident yaoi

Warning: Slight bondage, S&M (sadistic masochist) DS (Dominant submissive) and use of dirty language. It could also somewhat be defined as rape, but Matthew likes it. Human names used.

Summary: One day, Canada goes to the world meeting, forgetting his glasses in his hotel room. Prussia sees the vulnerable, quiet boy as an easy target to release some sexual tension since he's rendered defenseless without his perfect eyesight. One-shot divided into two chapters.

How to Use a Belt Creatively

Matthew sighed as he strained to read the notes in front of him Ludwig had so kindly passed out at the beginning of the world meeting. He knew that his glasses helped him see things in front of him, but he didn't know that he was practically blind without them. He woke up late because his mammal companion unplugged his alarm clock accidentally while trying to get the dropped food that fell behind the night stand and during his rush to get to the meeting; he forgot to grab his glasses off the kitchen sink.

He looked down at said polar bear who was currently sitting in his lap, and chewing on his pencil with utter boredom. He huffed; the thing was absolutely no help at all. He glanced over to his left to his brother, Alfred, beside him to see if he had been taking notes. From what he could make out, all he saw on the paper were doodles of stars and what looked to be Superman. Of course Alfred wasn't paying attention, he never did. Matthew glanced to his right to see Ivan smiling at him, no way was he asking the Russian for help, he scared the crap out of Matthew.

Sighing in defeat, he slumped in his chair and began absentmindedly petting Kumajirou's fur, not even bothering listening to the lecture Arthur was giving Alfred for not listening. Soon, Francis jumped in, and then Ludwig was yelling at them all for interrupting him. Every meeting ended this way, so Matthew just faded into the background, like always.

After what seemed like an eternity, Ludwig called for a fifteen minute break, all of the nations walking out of the room and to their destinations. Arthur and Francis were still going at it, and everyone knew they would just release it sexually later on tonight so nobody bothered to break them up.

During the meeting, Kumajirou had waddled off to go on hunting for snacks, leaving Matthew to himself. He sighed again and stood from his chair, walking slowly and carefully out of the meeting room to not run into anything. He hadn't made it even halfway down the hall before he felt a hard shove on his right side, throwing him off balance and into a private, much smaller meeting room.

Stumbling through the doorway, he tripped onto his knees and braced himself by his hands against the tiled floor. He heard the door slam shut and turned his head to the side to see a standing figure drag one of the chairs out from underneath the table and prop it up against the door handle, reinforcing it.

Matthew rolled over onto his back, holding himself up by his hands behind him, and squinted to see who the man was before him. All he could make out was a uniform that was a deep blue. Who wore that color? He couldn't remember exactly, and he scowled inwardly because he's known for being very observant.

"H-hello?" Matthew's voice was shaking from the adrenaline rush he had gotten from fall. The stranger moved forward, standing over Matthew. His eyes widened as his hair was pulled back from his skull harshly and he was pulled up to stand by said hand. He let out a yelp of pain as he was slammed against the table behind him, the stranger ground his hips against Matthew's and his face became red with a heated flush from the evident hard-on stabbing him in the leg.

With his hand still fisted in the smaller man's hair, the stranger leaned down, his face mere centimeters away from Matthew's. Eyes squinting to try and recognize the man on top of him, Matthew saw the red irises that were practically laughing with joy. He knew those eyes, and the man they came with.


The Prussian leaned back and flashed a shit-eating grin, grinding his hips again against Matthew's. He let out a small moan of pleasure unintentionally and stared up at his captor with a confused expression.

"W-what, what are you doing?"

Gilbert chuckled softly and pulled on his hair with more force, earning another pain filled yelp.

"S-stop! Let go of my hair, you're hurting me!"

Gilbert chuckled again and ran his other hand down the side of Matthew's face to his mouth, covering it with his gloved hand.

"Rule number one: No talking unless told otherwise." His voice was deep and filled with lust. He removed his hand and leaned down to nibble on Matthew's ear. Matthew gasped and stuttered, falling over his words.

"W-what do you mean rules? What's going on?"

His words were silenced when Gilbert bit down hard onto Matthew's neck, drawing blood. He screamed in pain from the unexpected bite.

"Rule number two: If any rules are broken, the consequence will be painful." His point was made by another bite to the opposite side of his neck, drawing more blood. Matthew's eyes welled with tears, the pain getting to him.

His tie was loosened from around his neck and his arms were pulled above him. Then his suit jacket was discarded and dress shirt reduced to pieces littering the floor. Half exposed, Matthew shuddered as he felt the air of the room collide with his heated skin. He struggled against the hands holding his wrists with a tight grasp, trying to lift his knee up to wedge in between him and Gilbert.

He heard a growl and was bent further backwards against the table.

"The more you resist, the more painful this will be." Gilbert smashed his lips onto Matthew's, definitely bruising the area around them. Matthew's eyes widened at the sudden intimate move. He had always had feelings for the Prussian, though he never admitted it. And he had always fantasized what it would be like to kiss him, but it never happened like this in his head.

Feeling a tongue swipe across his bottom lip, Matthew slowly parted his lips for the tongue to slip inside and explore every inch of his mouth. His eyes were squeezed shut as his tongue was slowly being coaxed into joining with the other. Lust was slowly washing over him as the man above dominated him orally. When he finally pulled back for air, he looked up at Gilbert with half-lidded, hazy eyes.

Gilbert stepped back to stand, and Matthew saw this as his moment to escape. But he made no movements. Inside his mind, he was at war with himself, either to run and get as far away as possible from this man who was threatening to hurt him and potentially violate him. Or to stay and let this man do everything he had ever dreamed of to his body. It seemed his decision was made for him as Gilbert spoke.

"You know the rules, Matthew. I'm master. Everything I say is absolute. You do what I tell you, when I tell you, how I tell you. You don't question, you simply do."

Matthew stared at him, wide eyed for what seemed like minutes. Then he nodded. A grin spread itself across Gilbert's face.

"Good boy. Now, undress me."

Matthew tensed with hesitation, his gaze travelling from his eyes to his dress shirt.

There was evident irritation on Gilbert's face. "When I give a command, I expect it to be followed." His voice was close to a grumble, trying as best as he could to be patient.

Easing forward, Matthew blindly put his hands against Gilbert's strong chest as he fumbled with the buttons going down to his navel and opening the shirt to push it off his shoulders, the material falling to the floor. Though his eyesight wasn't very good, he could make out the lines of defined muscle most likely built from all the wars. His mouth began to water from the image.

"Get on your knees, birdie."

Matthew blushed at the pet name and did as he was told, kneeling down in front of him. He continued undressing the German by pulling his belt off and unbuttoning his slacks. Pushing them down to his knees, he hesitated when his vision was met with briefs, knowing what he would see if those were gone.

"I didn't order you to stop." He heard the command from above him and felt a hand thread through his hair again, not wanting it to get pulled again, he hooked shaking fingers through the waistband and tugged down almost painfully slow. Gilbert's cock jutted out in front of his face, fully erect. He wasn't kidding when he bragged about his "five meters".

Gilbert felt Matthew's shallow breath brush against his aching cock, wanting to shove into his mouth then and there, but held himself back; wanting the experience to be so long and pleasurable to where he knew Matthew would eventually come back for more.

He looked down at the sight before him to see Matthew's mouth twist in nervous anticipation. Gilbert let up on his grip and tilted Matthew's head back so that he could make eye contact with him.

"You may speak, birdie."

Matthew blushed harder and shifted his weight on his knees, trying as hard as he could not to break eye contact with Gilbert. "I'm… Not exactly ex-experienced with this kind of… stuff."

His nervous explanation was almost too cute to bear. Gilbert grinned and softly petted Matthew's hair.

"We'll take it slow. Now, suck me, Matthew. Take me deep."

Matthew's eyes widened as he looked down to Gilbert's cock, Gilbert slightly pushed his head towards it to coax him into taking him. He was almost unable to catch it, but he saw a flash of something, something like hunger, flash through Matthew's eyes as the head of his cock, slick with pre-cum, pushed against Matthew's lips. He let the tip hit his teeth, and then he slowly opened his mouth, letting it slide in about mid-length.

Gilbert's head lolled because of the heat of Matthew's mouth around his member, the thought of being throat-deep making his unbearably hard. Matthew pulled his head back to where the tip was almost out, and then pushed forward, taking in more with every stroke. Gilbert thought he was going to lose it when he started swirling his tongue around the head and hollowing his cheeks, sucking him deep.

"Take me in completely, Mathew. Deep throat me."

Matthew tried hard not to gag as his cock was pushed in further and the head hit the back of his throat. He relaxed his throat muscles and steadied himself by holding on to Gilbert's hips, his nose buried in his pubic bone.

"Swallow on me. Now."

Focusing on the command, Matthew swallowed around the cock filling him. Gilbert shivered and pulled out a couple inches, only to push back in completely. It only took a few more thrusts before his resistance crumbled and his hot seed shot out, covering the back of Matthew's throat and filling his mouth. His cock slipped out and he looked down to see Matthew with teary eyes, and his cheeks puffed out since he hadn't swallowed.

Gilbert smirked to himself and knelt down to eye level with him. His face was too cute, just asking to be fucked again.

"I'm not kissing you until you swallow. All of it."

Matthew's eyes pouted, but he obediently swallowed his cum with an audible gulp, and licked his reddened lips. Gilbert grinned and leaned forward to swipe his tongue across his lower lip, tasting his own lingering seed.

"You've obeyed well. Get up on the table."

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