"You've obeyed well. Get up on the table."


Gilbert stood and gave him another exasperated look, "Because I told you to. Now, do as I said or I will punish you."

Matthew gulped slowly and turned his head to glance at said table. His gaze shifted from the table, to Gilbert, then back to the table. There was an obvious tick in the taller man's jaw.

His hands were curling into fists by his sides, "Matthew…"

He got off of his knees and sat atop the table, looking at Gilbert for his next command. Instead, he strode to the edge of the table to stand in between his parted legs. Reaching down, he unbuckled Matthew's belt and unbuttoned his pants, pulling down the zipper. As his pants were being pulled down, his reacted involuntarily and brought his legs up, knees against his chest in a feeble way to cover himself from the hungry eyes of the other. Unexpectedly, his legs were pulled forcefully by his ankles until they where straight out in front of him.

"I didn't tell you to move, birdie. So now, you will be punished." His crimson eyes didn't lie, and Matthew became a bit frightened.

He did a spinning gesture with his free hand, the other still holding Matthew's leather belt.

"Turn around."

Shaking, Matthew did as he was told and stepped down to the tiled floor, turning to face the opposite direction. He felt a cold hand push between his shoulder blades, coercing him to lay his torso against the table top.

"Stay put, don't move a muscle, and don't make a sound. If you utter as much as a squeak, you'll get another one twice as hard."

Matthew was so close to saying: "Another what?" until he heard a loud crack as pain exploded on his backside. His body spasmed and he clutched onto the table edge with white knuckles. He, a grown man, had just been spanked with his own belt. And he had enjoyed it.

He could feel the cold surface underneath his face grow hot with his breath as he panted. His left cheek was still stinging from the spanking. He heard Gilbert chuckle low in his throat as he put a soothing hand against the offended area.

"Don't tell me you actually liked that? You little schlampe." He chuckled again when he felt Matthew wiggle underneath his hand and whimper. He though he'd make it a little more fun for the Canadian.

"Tell me; do you remember exactly, how many times you haven't obeyed me properly this afternoon?" He grinned as he felt a shudder wrack through the younger's body.

He heard a mumble that he couldn't make out. He squeezed his ass hard, making him writhe somewhat.

"Speak up, birdie."


He couldn't help the shit-eating grin that spread itself across his face. He was going to enjoy this.

"Well, since there's so many, and we don't want it to be entirely painful later on. I guess I'll go easy." Before he managed to bring his belt-wielding hand up, he heard a grunt of… Disapproval?

"You may speak, Matthew."

He shifted from his position on the table and propped himself up on his elbows, turning slightly to look at Gilbert. "I… Want it t-to be… Hard."

Gilbert blinked surprisingly, though the look vanished and turned into one of animalistic lust.


Matthew's face became flush with heat as he bit his lower lip. Looking at the wall parallel with his face nervously, he spoke: "Please… Gilbert." He heard another crack and searing pain coursed through his legs. Though it wasn't as hard as he had wanted it to be. He looked back at the German with a puzzled look.

"Please what? And that is not what you call me." He heard the assertion in his voice and tried again.

"…P-please, spank me harder. Master."

Gilbert hummed in appreciation and brought the belt down again, this time on the opposite cheek and with more force. Matthew pressed his nose against the wet surface and fisted his free hand while the other was gripping the edge of the table. He could feel himself getting harder each time Gilbert spanked him. By the fourth and final spank, Matthew was a heap of shaking limbs on the table. Gilbert ran soothing hands across his backside, quietly grinning to himself.

"Now, my little blume. Are you ready for what's next?"

Matthew's eyes snapped open as he heard what he said, and turned back to look again, only to be pushed back down.

"I said stay put."

He stayed where he was, not wanting to get spanked, but then again, he wouldn't mind. He felt the heat of Gilbert leave and he pouted inwardly. Next, he heard rustling behind him and footsteps draw near.

"Put your arms out in front of you."

He complied and spread them to lay out in front of him on the table. Then gilbert grabbed his right wrist and looped what he assumed to be Gilbert's belt around it, pulling it downwards and tieing the excess around the table leg. He did the same to the other wrist and Matthew soon found himself incapable of moving. A bit frightened from this, he looked to Gilbert, who was moving back to stand behind him again, a worried frown on his face. The pseudo albino smiled in reassurance.

"You'll enjoy it, trust me."

With this, he slid three of his fingers into his mouth, laving them with his tongue. Matthew, watching, gaped at him as his face became pale.


"I'm pretty damn sure I didn't give you the permission to speak..."

Mathew shut his mouth and puffed his cheeks, mustering up the meanest glare he could possibly muster. Gilbert tried his best not to roll his eyes.

"...What is it now?"

„"What are you doing that for?"

"Doing what?" His words were muffled from having to talk around his fingers.

"That..." he didn't know if it was getting through to him, but he tried to gesture to his hand with tipping his head in it's direction.

Gilbert withdrew his fingers and looked at Matthew with utter disbelief. This innocent act must have a stopping point somewhere... He had a much bigger problem to deal with, and it was becoming uncomfortably stiff.

"Birdie, it will hurt you alot if I go in dry."

"What do you mean dr-" He let out a suprised yelp as all three figners pushed into his heated core, stretching him uncomfortably. He instantly reacted and clenched his muscles, sqeezing his eyes shut at the painful intrusion. He felt a calloused hand run over his back in soft circles, and a set of lips gently kiss his shoulder blades as he whimpered.

"I can't finger fuck you if you keep resisting. Relax."

Breathing slowly, Matthew willed his body to relax, feeling the previous pain turn into a dull ache. Feeling him relax around his fingers, Gilbert started a scissoring motion, making Matthew mewl pleasureably.

"Holy shit... if you're this tight around my fingers, I can't wait to be balls deep inside of you."

Matthew groaned and lightly pushed back against his hand.

Gilbert couldn't wait any longer. His throbbing cock was practically purple, filled with too much blood. He needed his release. Pulling his fingers out of Matthew, he positioned his aching cock at his core, and thrusted harshly, sheathing himself completely into his heat. He groaned in total bliss as Matthew moaned and pushed back against him, his breath becoming more labored.

He didn't waste any time in waiting, pulling out almost entirely, then pounding back in fully. Matthew was struggling against the bonds, moaning incoherent words as he was being dominated.

"Matthew, So fucking tight." Gilbert growled low in his throat as he wanted to move at a different angle but couldn't, since that would mean pulling out, untying him, then tying him up again, and plunging back into the delicious heat. And there was no way in hell he was leaving this ass any time soon. Not until he got his release.

He heard something being chanted from the younger nation, but couldn't hear clearly over the slapping sounds of their bodies hitting against eachother, and it didn't help that Matthew's face was smushed against the table.

Reaching forward, he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled, lifting his head off the table top. There was a thin sheen of sweat over the Canadian's features, his face almost as red as his ass when he had spanked him.

"Tell me what you want..." Gilbert never stopped in his assault and bit down harshly on the other's ear.

Said other moaned again, only louder, and said with a shaky voice, "M-master, please... Touch m-me..."

Gilbert wasted no time and snaked his hand under the other's form to wrap his hand around his engorged cock, pumping his hand in time with his thrusts. Matthew let out a muffled scream as he bit down on his lip, drawing blood. The pleasure was too much for him, he felt a coil slowly start to build up in his abdomen, and the combination of being fucked from behind and pumped furiously was bound to send him over the edge soon. But there was something missing, something important.

Matthew let out an especially loud scream when Gilbert managed to plunge deep enough to hit his prostate with jeering force. He pulled against his bonds harder, the leather biting into his skin. He didn't bother with holding in his cries, he no longer cared if any of the other nations heard them.

Gilbert continued hitting his sweet spot, and just as he felt as if the coil was about to snap from tension, Gilbert ceased his ministrations on his cock and closed his forefinger and thumb around the base, tight, like a ring. This made him unable to come, and extremely irritated.

Gilbert was still ramming into him, and Matthew let out another groan of disapproval, this was not the time to tease.

"I want to hear it Matthew. I want to hear you scream for me to permit you to come." His own voice was strained from the pressure building inside of himself.

When Matthew didn't say anything, he regretfully slowed and shallowed his thrusts, and squeezed his cock extremely hard. Matthew gasped in pain and threw his head back, screaming for all the world, literally, to hear.

"Please Master! Please let me come! Fuck me and let me come!"

He felt the grip around his cock vanish and his prostate get hit again and again. He instantly saw white as he came, his bittersweet seed spilling over the floor and table. As he came, his muscles tightened around Gilbert's own cock and triggered his own orgasm, his seed filling Matthew entirely, the excess squeezing out and dripping down his inner thigh.

Gilbert's form crashed on top of the limp one underneath him, both panting and crashing down from their high. They stayed still for a few moments, before Gilbert pulled his now soft cock out and went around the table to untie Matthew, seeing the painfully obvious red rings around his wrists. Matthew, when he was released, balanced himself on shaky legs and sunk to the floor, a sedated look in his eyes.

He followed Gilbert with his eyes and watched as he picked up his under-armor shirt he wore under his unifrom, wiping the sticky mess off of the front of his body. Then he walked over to Matthew's weakened form and did the same, also wiping the mess off the floor. He then opened a window and threw the offensive peice of clothing out. He continued to walk around and gather all of the other clothing strewn about the small meeting room. He helped Matthew stand and helped dress him, already being dressed himself.

Matthew felt the dull pain begin in his lower back and grimaced, knowing there would be alot more of that soon. He half-limped to the door as Gilbert was moving the chair he had propped against it earlier to the side. Said Prussian opened the door for him as well. Matthew looked out to automatically see Kumajirou staring at him.


He sighed, and turned to see Gilbert stepping around him and through the door, before he turned his back on him completely, Matthew shot his hand out and grabbed the back of his uniform jacket.

It was like nothing had just happened in that room, and Matthew was back to being a shy and mumbling mess.

"U-um... Thank you, Gilbert." His face beacame heated with another blush as he looked at the floor like a little school boy. He felt Gilbert kiss his cheek, almost lovingly. Looking up, he saw the other one was his trademark grin on his face, but with that animalistic pride back in his eyes.

"This won't be the only time, birdie. I took you, and now I'm going to keep you."

And with that, he turned and walked off, to god knows where. Matthew was left standing with a fearful, yet excited expression.

He couldn't wait.


Schlampe: Slut

Blume: Flower

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