Benjamin stared out of his window onto the dim street; he could make out a few figures in the distance. His eyes drifted further up the road, he had waited all day for her, but she did not show up to her usual spot. This unnerved him, two whole days and she still wasn't there. Leaning his arms onto the windowsill he let his forehead rest against the cold glass. Condensation on the window tinted his view as he stared at the street.

Maybe something's wrong he thought. Someone must have attacked her, I'll have to go out and find her. Find them. Damn her, damn this! His fist pounded onto the windowsill. He then shook his head of these foolish ideas. There was a floorboard creak behind him, straightening up; he turned to face the door.

"Are you alright dear?" Mrs. Lovett was stood anxiously by the door, clearly hesitant to enter. Benjamin did not answer, he merely grunted something inaudible.

She played with a few buttons on her nightgown before managing to add in "Well, I'm off to bed now." She looked hopefully at him. "You won't stay up too late now will you Mr. T?"

His eyes gave a small roll at her pet name.

"No. I won't." With this she left the room, leaving him alone once again. He ran a hand through his hair, rubbing it down to his face afterwards. Overcome by the heavy feeling inside he left shortly after.

After making his way up to the living quarters, he headed down to his bed chamber. Something made him stop outside Mrs. Lovett's door, he tried to listen if she was asleep. Inside, he could feel that familiar stir and longing. Benjamin shut his eyes briefly, letting his breath escape through his nose. Tonight? Should he indulge himself tonight?

Mrs. Lovett was sat up in bed reading, going over papers. She heard his footsteps stop outside her door; she also tried to listen to him. Staring at the door, she placed her papers by the side of the bed. It had been such a long time since he visited her last. Not that she was going to voice these complaints, no no no...

Whilst fixing her hair she felt anticipation but also slight fear. He wasn't in the best of moods these past few days, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea tonight.