Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

"Soulmate" - Natasha Bedingfield

She stares at him while he looks at the menu. There's something about his face which is so fascinating. She can't tell if it's his nose or his cheekbones or his chin but whatever it is she could spend a lifetime looking at it. She stares at his lips. She contemplates sitting down in his lap and kissing him, just to see what he would taste like. She's never considered doing that to a complete stranger. All the warnings and rules that her parents state tell her she shouldn't. But she's never given a damn about rules or laws. Even so, making out with a complete and utter stranger is not something she would do. This one makes her itch to do that. Would he object or would he join her? She's about to do so when he looks up and makes eye contact. She loses her breath in an instant. She can't tell what his eye color is. It's a mixture of grey and green and something else but whatever it is, it's suddenly her favorite color in the world. Her werewolf boyfriend is immediately forgotten. She can't even remember his name. In her mind, she's already broken up with him and she'll be sure to let him know when she has a spare second. She wants to spend the rest of her life getting lost in the eyes of the stranger in front of her. She says none of that. The feelings inside her are so strong that they shock her.

Her reaction to them is to retreat into sarcasm and say "Take a picture, it'll last longer."

Damn it. She doesn't want to drive him off. She concentrates and tries again. This time she'll ask him for his number and where they can have their first date.

What comes out is "What to do want?"

She hopes that his response will be "Somewhere private so we can make out." She'll settle for "What's your phone number?"

What she gets is an order for a sandwich and a drink. Okay, so it'll take some effort into getting him to ask her out. She can work with that. She's always gotten what she wanted. He's no different. She rushes into the kitchen so that she can make his sandwich herself. It seems silly but it has to be absolutely perfect. She'll hand squeeze the lemonade. And when she goes to pick up his check and he says how amazing it all was, she'll casually mention that she made both. And that will lead to him making out with her. Or at least a chance for one of them to ask for the other's number.

She brings him the sandwich and drink and then retreats back into the kitchen so that she can watch him. Both her father and Harper try to interrupt her, but she tells them to go away and her tone makes it quite clear that if they disturb her again, there will be consequences. She can't help but stare at his perfect face while he makes his way through the meal. He's so cute and so adorkable. She knows this about him. She knows so much about that it's like she's met him before. It doesn't matter that she doesn't remember meeting him before today. She knows everything she needs to know. He's finished the sandwich and she's about to take his check over to him, the one with her phone number when her mother steps in front of her and demands her attention. It takes a minute to make her mother go away, and by that time, he's gone for the table. She steps out of the kitchen, heading directly for the table, ignoring some of the other customers' demands. When she gets to the table, there's nothing there but a couple of fifties and a ten and the remains of his meal. Ignoring that, she looks around to see if he's still there but he's nowhere in sight. She quickly rushes out of the door to see if she can still spot him but he's not there in the sparsely populated street. She feels hollow as she turns around and walks back into the Sub Shop.

(A/N - This fic is dedicated to smithsbabe65. I hope you find your Justin.)