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The starry sky didn't impress me anymore. After that battle, I was deep into my thoughts. Seeing her eyes—so green and familiar, but at the same time so hauting—was enough to make me lose control.

How could she be alive?

I still remember her blood dripping from that despicable Mechon's claw. Looking back, I had fought countless battles with her death engraved into of my mind; my blood boiling and my hands clutching the Monado's handle.

Now, Dunban's face came into my mind. He must have been just as shocked as me: seeing her sister commanding a mechon—the same creature that had taken her life!

What sense does it have? Was everything just a cruel joke from fate?

All this time fighting agaisnt destiny, wating to change the future...

I pressed my lips into a thin line, taking back a string of curses—words that have been seeking relief since the massacre in Colony 9. A long time had gone by and yet I wasn't at peace with myself.

Reyn, Dunban, Sharla... I don't know how they do it…

- Shulk?

My train of thought was interrumpted by Melia's tranquil voice. When I turned my head to face the high entia, her eyes widened with surprise.

-Are you all right? –she said, her voice filled with worry. She took a step forward, her hands over her chest-. You are… crying? I do not understand. Are you…?

Her words took me equally by surprise. When had I shed tears? I brought my hand to my cheek and truthfully, tears had gone by.

-Melia… I… -my voice began, not really sure how to continue. She gave a small, understanding nod and turned into the oposite direction, towards the Imperial Villa- Wait –I blurted out as I saw her walk away-. Don't...

- Is something wrong, Shulk? -she stopped, giving me confused eyes-, I thought you would rather be alone.

- You can… stay here, with me –I carefully gauged Melia's reaction-. I mean, if you want –I quickly added.

- Would my company be of any help? –despite her ever so present formal speech, her voice softened.

- Just…

As I looked up, I was suddenly aware of the inmese sky above us.

- I have... -my voice was wavering. I took a moment to pick myself up. Turning again to her, I held her gaze-. Melia, I have seen so many people die in front of me. The last thing I want to feel right now is... the hauting loneliness of dealing with ghosts of the past.

-Very well -she spoke softly without much after-thought.

Melia sat besides me, on the slightly wet grass. None of us said anything, but that was enough for me. A moment of peace in this chaotic journey was all I needed to be back on my feet, and fight .

However, what about her?

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