It's Always Been You

A Doctor Who story

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What if the Dalek didn't interrupt the reunion between the Doctor and Rose in series 4? How would that affect the rest of the events of the Dalek invasion?

I know this has been explored before but I thought I'd have a go at it.

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" the Doctor's latest companion, the fiery Donna, softly said with a smile. The Doctor hesitantly looked at her, not sure that he had rightly understood or believed what she meant.

Donna inclined her head toward opposite side of the war torn street. He turned his head to look where she indicated.

The second he did, an earsplitting grin began to grow upon the time lord's face.

Rose. His Rose. His Rose found her way back to him.

'Still as beautiful as ever,' he thought as he sprinted down the street.

'Bout damn time,' Donna thought with a grin as he ran faster than she had ever seen him run towards familiar blonde. While the Doctor did smile and laugh with her on their adventures, she always saw the sad, longing looks he let appear on his face when he thought no one was looking.

They were always for her, his Rose.

Rose instantly dropped the gun in her arms and ran with equal vigor towards the tall, scrawny daft man coming closer to her.

Her Doctor. After so long, she finally returned and found him.

In the middle of the road, they met and stopped.

After so long being apart from each other, Rose, shaking slightly from the shock of seeing the Doctor, with tears brimming in her eyes, could only manage an awkward, "Hi."

Instead of replying as such, the Doctor wasted no time by placing his hand at the back of her neck, pulling her close, and placing a long awaited and long overdue kiss upon her lips. He then pressed his forehead against hers and replied softly with a smile, "Hi."

With that, all awkwardness that could ever occur between the two melted away, and Rose wrapped her arms tightly around him, burying her face in the crook of his neck.

The Doctor, oblivious to any external surroundings, held her tightly to him for the first time in so long. "Oh Rose," he murmured into her hair, tears of joy brimming in his eyes. Neither wanted to even begin to let go.

Their happiness was interrupted with a loud and booming, "EXTERMINATE!"

Instinctively, the Doctor jumped in front of Rose, shielding her any harm that the Dalek could ever inflict upon her. He glanced over at Donna to ensure that she too was unharmed and gestured her to move behind him as well.

Though her time at Torchwood had made her tougher against various extraterrestrial encounters, the Daleks, after all she had seen with them, was quite scared.

"Doctor?" she said in a fearful voice, hoping the Doctor had a way out of this situation.

Never keeping his eyes off of the Dalek, he extended his hands behind him to comfort the girls, lacing his fingers with Rose and simply holding Donna's.


Rose and Donna looked fearfully at the Doctor, wondering how exactly he planned on getting them out of this jam.

"Tell me, what exactly are you Daleks planning on….," the Doctor started questioning the extraterrestrial when the next thing he knew the Dalek was blown to pieces.

"What in the world was…," he asked in confusion over the situation that had just occurred in front of his eyes, keeping his eyes on the destroyed remains of the Dalek.

"Sorry Doc," a voice called out to the Doctor, "But you always take too much time with talking."

The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows with an all-too familiar smirk upon his face.

It was good old Captain Jack Hartness, the man who couldn't die

"Hey Doc, Long time no..," Jack began to greet the Doctor when he noticed Donna behind the Doctor. He reached out a hand to her, "Why hello there, I'm Captain Ja…"

"Stop it," Rose came from behind the Doctor and interrupted his flirting with a grin.

'Same old Jack,' Rose thought fondly on the man who was like a brother to her. Jack turned from Donna and instantly scooped Rose up in his strong arms.

"Rosie! Aren't you a beautiful sight for sore eyes," Jack flirted with Rose who scowled slightly at the annoying nickname Jack always loved to use with her

Feeling a spark of jealously start within him, the Doctor wrapped his arm gently, but possessively around Rose's waist and looked Jack in the eyes, "Watch it."

Jack chuckled, "What's the matter Doc? Are you staking a claim on our little Rosie…..fiiiinnallly?"

"Well, I…umm…we…uhhh…she," he stammered, blushing at Jack's question.

Jack chuckled at the nervous time lord..

'I never had the chance to ask her,' he thought to himself nervously. As if she read that exact thought that had crossed his mind, Rose laced her fingers with his and replied with a soft, "Yes he has," and leaned her head affectionately on his shoulder.

"Well, it's about damn time you two," Jack patted the Doctor on the shoulder, "Do you know how hard it was to watch you guys unknowing flirt and flirt and never act upon…"

"As much as I love seeing happy endings," Donna interrupted the romantic moment and Jack's rant, "I believe we have a planet to save."

"Right," the Doctor nodded with a smile to his latest companion. He looked at Rose with a flirtatious grin, "Well, Shall we?"

Rose turned to face the Doctor, cupped his cheek with her hand, and placed a soft, chaste kiss on the time lord's lips. "I thought you'd never ask."

"Well then," he looked around at his companions, stole a quick second kiss from Rose, and proclaimed, "Allons-y."

And together, they head into the TARDIS to plan their attack on the invading Dalecks.

I know, its slightly sappy but I love cutest moments with these two .

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this .

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