It's Always Been You

A Doctor Who story

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Well, Allons-y.

Chapter 8: Forever

Last time…

She took a deep breath, "The last time we were here, on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me?"

He looked down and shuffled his feet awkwardly before responding, "I said, Rose Tyler…," not wanting to continue.

"Yeah?" She prompted him, "And how's that sentence gonna end?"

He was at a loss for words, trying to reclaim his nerve he replied, "Does it even need saying?" He knew what she wanted to hear: the words she never heard from him, the words he so longed to say to her, the words that were now caught in his throat.

"Doctor," her voice spoke, pulling him out of his thoughts, and he looked up at her, "What was the end of that sentence?" He'd noticed that she had stopped crying and was looking at him quite intently.

"Rose…"His voice strained, and he let it trail off.

She stepped closer to him, leaving only an inch or two of space between them. She took his hands and looked him in the eye, "Please. I need to know how you….." She began to ask when his lips crashed upon hers desperately. He removed his hands from hers, placed them on either side of her face, and deepened the kiss.

When they broke for air, Rose held him tightly to her and murmured, "Doctor…." She felt his finger on her lips. Her eyes met his.

"Rose Tyler…," he said barely above a whisper as he removed his finger from her lips, "I love you. Since the day we met, you've made me so much better," tears were freely flowing from his eyes, "You took a lonely, old man and brought me back to life. Being with you, is just so…"

"Then let me come with you," she interrupted him. He moved to protest, but she put her hand up, "I know the risks. I've always known but leavin' me here, I'm not really gonna be livin'. I promised ya forever, and I meant it. Still do"

The Tardis made a noise, indicating the veil between the universes was beginning to seal off.

Still holding on to her by her forearms, he stated only slightly above a whisper, "The gap is closing. The universe is starting to seal itself off….forever." He let go of her arms and held both of her hands. Looking her in the eyes, he took a deep breath and asked, "Are you absolutely sure? You won't be able to see your mother, father, or little brother ever again."

"I've had so many years with my mum, lived my entire life before a few years ago without Dad, and as for…wait how did you know mum had a boy?" Rose looked confused at the Doctor.

He gave a cheeky grin and gestured his head behind her. Jackie had rejoined the pair with Rose's parallel world brother in her arms, Tony, who held out his arms to his sister. Rose pulled away from the Doctor and gladly took her brother in her arms, holding him tightly to her body.

She kissed his forehead, "Hello sweet boy." Tony giggled in his sister's arms.

The Tardis made another noise. The Doctor placed his hand on Rose's shoulder and informed her, "Time to go, love, if you're going." She nodded and handed little Tony back to Jackie.

"Mum," Rose whispered in a tearful voice.

Jackie smiled a sad, but understanding smile at her daughter and wrapped her free arm around her tightly. "I know, love. I knew if he ever came back, you'd go running. My Rosie, I love you." Jackie began to cry a little.

"Oh Mum, I love you too," Rose cried, letting go of her mother, as she made her way towards the Doctor.

"Doctor?" Jackie addressed the Time Lord who would be taking her daughter away from her. He turned to face her, preparing for a famous Jackie Tyler slap, and when he did, she embraced him the same way she had Rose. "Take care of her."

"I will guard her with my life. I promise," the Doctor smiled at her. He turned to Rose and held out his hand, "Ready?" She nodded, and he led her into the Tardis.

"Be good to each other," Jackie called to the pair.

Right before the Doctor shut the doors, Rose called out to her mother, "Bye Mum. I love you." Her mother replied the same, and the Doctor then closed the door. Rose remained near the entrance while the Doctor set the coordinates for their universe and fired up the Tardis, which faded from view on Bad Wolf Bay.

Once they were safely back in their universe and in the vortex, the Doctor wasted no time in returning to Rose's side and pulling her into his long arms. Rose wrapped her arms around him tightly and buried her face in the crook of his neck, tears forming in her eyes.

He kissed the top of her head and cradled her in his arms, comforting her. Finally after a few minutes had passed, he pulled away from their hug slightly and asked in a small voice, "You sure you don't regret staying here? With me?"

She shook her head and wiped the tears from her eyes. She place a hand on his cheek and replied with a small smile, "How many times am I gonna have to tell you?" The pair chuckled before walking hand in hand to the seat and sitting down. The Doctor wrapped an arm around Rose who leaned her head on his shoulder and laced her fingers with the Doctor's.

They stayed in that position for what seemed like ages with the Doctor holding Rose tightly to him before he whispered, "So," she looked at him, "Where to next? We've got the whole of time and space for us to explore." She giggled and snuggled closer to him.

"Mmmm…don't know," she murmured softly, content with where she was right now.

He giggled, kissed her temple, and said, "Weeeeelllll, we could try New Earth again, see if third time's a charm."

She sat up a little and looked at him, "Third time?" He begins to ramble on about his and Martha's adventure to New Earth when Rose put a finger to his lips, "Tell me later." They both laughed.

They sat there in silence until they were simultaneously struck with the same idea and looked at each other with matching manic grins.

"Well…" The Doctor started.

"…we could…" Rose continued, giggling.

They both shared one last look before exclaiming, "Random!" and with that, the pair leapt off the seat and headed to the controls. The Doctor pulled the levers and switched the switches before raising his finger to press one last button when Rose grabbed his hand at the last second. He looked at her in complete confusion. "Rose?" He asked her.

She laced her fingers with his before asking him, "May I do the honors?"

An adorable grin grew on the Time Lord's face as he replied, "Be my guest." She grinned and looked at him one more time before pressing the button. They held tightly to each other while the Tardis shook and eventually knocked them to the floor. Though the Tardis eventually stopped shaking, the couple remained on the floor laughing.

The Doctor then brushed a strand of hair that had fallen in front of Rose's face, gently kissed her, and stood up. He held out a hand and helped her up while asking, "Shall we?" He held his arm out for her.

Without saying a word, she linked her arm with his, leaning her head against his. He led her out of the Tardis with the faint sound of an "Allons-y" hanging in the empty Tardis console room as they left.

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