Baba O'Reily: prologue
by Maureen

disclaimer: I don't own the IaHB characters, I wish I did. Disney does. I am not making any money off of this as my bank statement can attest. I need money people!!!! music and lyrics by The Who


In April of the year twenty-oh-two (2002) Kim Jong Il in alliance with Cuba and other socialist powers attacked the western world. The former bloc countries of the United Soviet Socialist Republic fell quickly due to internal conflicts. American forces were engaged in battle in the middle east and Afghanistan, the 'war against terror' now a meaningless and never ending conflict.

The United Nations fell quickly to this unsuspected foe and their peace troops were slaughtered. America was quickly laid to wasteland by nuclear bombs. Those who had survived the blasts were leaving America as fast as possible, retreating into Canada or Mexico.

The major cities across America had been hit, the east coast having been hit the hardest with New York City, Boston, Richmond, Washington DC and most of Maryland laid to waste. In less than a day 80% of America's population had been decimated.

England was one of the few European countries still standing up to this new threat, but what remained of the British Empire in the northern Atlantic ocean was more of a last bastian of survial than any real hope of winning. It's western commonwealth, Canada, was accepting refugees, but was unequipt to deal with the numbers. Refugees with radiation poisoning were dying daily and those caring for them, trying to ease their last moments were becoming sicker as well from lack of food and clean water.

North America as many had known it had been destroyed. However, many of the surviors had not yet managed to make it to Canada or Mexico. Many were still in America, trying to live, understand, and heal.