I'm officially grounded until my birthday, which is in 2 months. Whoop-de-dah, the best birthday present ever.

From now on, I'll have to wake up at 5am, therefore giving me 2 hours to type up part of a chapter.

Considering that I sleep at 11pm, you should be fucking appreciative.

I'm only typing and updating now because my mom left me home alone and she won't be back for a good 2 hours or so. YUSH.

Not to mention that I have another story/crossover. Shit, that was not good planning.

But I got one B+. ONE. FML.

But I might as well give you a little summary of what's to come. Or a selection of events that I can pick from. Or that you can pick from, because I'm too lazy to come up with the plot, especially now with a 2-hour writing time period early in the morning. Enjoy. And if you don't you might as well drag your ass in hell, aka where Neru is.

Idea 1: Soo, Miki got pregnant? What? But there's no mistake at who the dad is. But seriously, they're just 14! They're at least smart enough to use a fucking condom!

Idea 2: Oh mah gawd, Teto escaped out of juvy! Prima injured her greatly with that knife; I don't know how she survived, but it's sure as hell that nobody in her town wants her ass back. Except for maybe another certain someone who escaped from jail. -COUGHHONNEDELLCOUGH-

Idea 3: Rin is still has amnesia. Worst part is, she thinks she likes Kagene Rei. Can someone say shota rage?

Idea 4: Someone accidentally pushes Piko into Rin and their lips meet. And that is how the man-whore got in the hospital.

Idea 5: Gumi was told to leave juvy! But she doesn't go back to where Len is. And that's because she found a mysterious guy that she's attracted to. Megpoid Gumo.

Idea 6: Gakupo and Luka (aka Miki's parents) plan to get a divorce and Miki is forced to move away from her friends and boyfriend with her mom.

Idea 7: Apocalypse happens and I don't even get to finish my story.

Idea 8: Rin's amnesia was a practical joke. She's Rin. She can't possibly get hurt.

I'm liking Ideas 3, 5, 6, and 7, and 8. But I think you should decide. CAUSE I IS LAZY.

I don't know HOW I came up with Idea 1. Because EVERYONE'S getting pregnant? I mean look at Snooki.

Oh shit, my mom's at the garage. Bye guys.