Chapter One

Godric's Hollow.

The wind was howling that night. Normal for Halloween, but something was amiss, something crucial. Remus had sent me a Patronus to come to Godric's Hollow immediately. So now I strode up the lanes and streets, trying to get to the house of my friends. I saw Hagrid up ahead, along with Sirius and Remus. They were staring up at the house.

It was a ruin, the door was broken, the glass windows shattered and there was a coldness in the air. I walked forward then I screamed my sorrow, for my best friend was lying on the ground, her red hair fanned out, her skin pale in death, and her green eyes still containing unshed tears. Her husband was still and unsmiling; the first time that he was ever serious was in death.

I dropped to the ground at their sides and wept. How could this have happened?

Strong hands helped me up and I fought with all my strength, but they prevailed and I found myself being crushed into an embrace, half comforting, half needing the comfort. I sobbed my heart out on Remus's chest and asked God why he had taken these innocent people so early.

"Harry." I managed to croak. I drew back. "Where's Harry?"

"I's all righ'. I got him here." Hagrid sniffed. "Poor fing."

"How could this have happened?" I asked, wiping my eyes and kneeling down.

"The only way Voldemort would know how to find them would for him to be told by the secret keeper, but Sirius would never do that." Remus said slowly and hesitantly.

"I would never!" Sirius tore his eyes away from James and Lily, glaring at us.

"Then who told?" I snapped, my eyes glazing over to turn red in my grief. I closed the two lovers' eyes' and then stood up, facing them. "If it wasn't you, then who? You were their secret keeper! It had to be you! Tell me who did it!"

Sirius's already pale face went pale and he cursed. "Peter."

"What?" Remus and I cocked our heads and chorused, confused.

"I thought it would be the perfect bluff, using Peter instead of me. I thought Voldemort would come after me instead of thinking that pathetic little Peter was the one who was protecting Lily and James. I convinced them last week to switch to him." His chest started heaving, his eyes shining with tears. "This is my fault. All my fault."

He broke down and started sobbing. I went over and embraced him, holding him tightly. He seemed surprised but hugged me back.

My head was swimming. Peter had betrayed Lily and James? Had betrayed us all? I found the very idea to be ridiculous but then I thought back to the past few months. Peter had been acting odd, twitchy.

"I'll go after him." Sirius said suddenly, jolting me out of my reverie.

"No!" Remus cried. "You can't! You'll do something stupid, Padfoot. Wait till the Ministry gets here, then we'll organise a search for Peter. If you go alone…"

I nodded, wiping away new tears on my cheeks. I hadn't cried this much in a while. "He's right. Let's…let's take Harry home. We're the only family he has left, Sirius." If anything, this calmed Sirius down a whole lot more. He nodded.

"Can't do tha' I'm afraid." Hagrid cut in. "I'm on Dumbledore's orders ta take him to his aunt an' uncle's."

Sirius opened his mouth to argue but Remus laid a hand on his arm. "Dumbledore has his reasons. Trust him." There was silence and finally Sirius nodded. He even offered to lend Hagrid his bike. I took Remus and Sirius's hands in mine, and then together we watched as Hagrid sailed away with Harry Potter.

I sank down to the ground and smoothed Lily's hair out and smiled at her bracelet. James's head was lolling to the side, staring unseeingly at Lily. I nearly smiled at the ridiculous déjà vu. He had stared at her for nearly eleven years and even in death, he stared at her.

There were suddenly loud CRACK's from all around as Aurors and members of the Order arrived.

The Minister for Magic was even there. Remus helped me up and held me tightly. I was so glad I had him. The Ministry spent hours interrogating us and we answered honestly. They left us to hunt down Peter, and the three of us went back to my apartment. I pulled out a bottle of Firewhiskey and poured three glasses.

"To Lily and James. The best, most loyal and trustworthy friends who have ever lived. May they find happiness in eternal sleep and never worry for the good of the world again. They shall live on in our memories and so, shall never die a true death."

"To Lily and James!" the boys chorused and threw back their drinks. I sighed and sat down. Remus put his arm around me and I grabbed Sirius's hand.

"I hope that Peter rots in hell." Sirius growled. There was silence at his words.

"I wonder," I began, "what we would have thought if we had known that this would happen when we were eleven."

I lost myself in memories, the day that all of this began…