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Kyoya lay in his bed thinking of the day before. It had been the end of the school year, Honey and Mori had graduated. Although the club still had its other members, that was going to impact it greatly. He hoped that he wouldn't have to find a replacement for Haruhi as well, considering that she had her debt paid off. He slid his glasses off and pinched the bridge of his nose. At first all he could think about was the financial burden, but then began to realize he would indeed miss them being members of the club. He then drifted off to sleep.

Haruhi was preparing breakfast when she heard a persistent knocking at her door. It was only the first day of vacation, and yet she was sure that it was the host club, Tamaki in particular, coming to see her. Haruhi walked over to the door, looked through it, and saw that her suspicions were correct. She opened the door only to be pulled into a bone-crushing hug by Tamaki.

"Daddy missed his little girl so much! Did she miss me too? Oh you're just so cute!" As Tamaki carried on about her, rubbing his face all over hers in adoration, the twins simply invited themselves inside.

"What's for lunch Haruhi?" they asked in unison.

"Guys come on, I wasn't cooking for you!" She exclaimed, a bit annoyed at their unannounced visit.

"HARU-CHAN!" Honey came flying into the room, spinning her into a hug and pulling her away from Tamaki, grateful for the interruption. "Haru-chan, don't worry, I wont make you cook for me, and besides, this isn't our last stop!"

Just as she was able to turn off the stove, she was grabbed and pulled out of her small apartment, the door slamming behind them.

"So what are we doing exactly?" Haruhi asked as the limo drove away.

"We're going to go get Kyo-chan, of course!" Honey said, exuberant as always.

"But, what are we going to do? its only the day after school has gotten out, its not like we've been apart very long."

"Haru-chan I missed you! And besides, we should be celebrating that there is no more school! And we brought cake!" Honey seemed to melt away at the thought.

"So, does Kyoya-Sempai know that we are coming?" They all turned to look at her.

"No, he doesn't. Just like we didn't tell you! It's a surprise!" Tamaki tackled her into another hug.

"So, what is he isn't home, or slams the door in our face?" She had a point, of any of the hosts, Kyoya was going to be the least happy to see them all on his doorstep. All of their faces fell.

"Then we can kidnap him!" Tamaki shouted hopefully.

"I don't think that will work. We'll just have to hope he is in a decent mood..."

The limo pulled up to the driveway and Tamaki burst out of it, running to the door, followed by the twins, Mori carrying Honey, and then Haruhi. She wasn't too excited, having her day stolen from her. When they got to the door Tamaki eagerly rang the bell. A moment later a butler greeted us.

"How can I help you?"

"We are here to see Kyoya!" Tamaki exclaimed as he entered the mansion.

"I will inform him of your arrival." The butler quickly disappeared up a flight of stairs. She had never been inside of Kyoya's home, it was bigger than she had expected. Her entire apartment could easily fit inside a single one of any of the rooms in this house.. if you could call THIS a house.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the butler's return. He approached them looking rather unsettled. "Master Kyoya is not currently prepared for company due to the early hour. I'm sorry." The butler gave a slight bow of apology. In other words, Kyoya was not in any way a morning person, and there was no servant in this house that was willing to wake him.

"That's ok! We are his friends; I am going to go see him anyway if that is ok." Tamaki was so eager, but so foolish as well. They all knew he would be trouble to wake up, but Tamaki had courage from momentarily forgetting the danger.

The butler gave a slight, nervous nod and Tamaki ran up the stairs, the rest of them following, afraid of what may happen, but fully willing to let Tamaki take the blows. They reached a door down a long hallway, Tamaki entered without even knocking.

"Tamaki, don't you think you should at least knock?" Haruhi scolded.

"Not to worry Haruhi, is bed is still separate from this room." Mori told her, being the only one who realized that we commoners wouldn't have houses like this. Damn rich people

We entered the room and took a seat while Tamaki continued to the next flight of stairs. He paused at the base of them, the nerves beginning to kick in. "Haruhi, you come with me! He probably won't hurt you!" Before she had time to object he had ripped her out of her seat and pulled her up the steps.

"Wait, sempai!" She tried to struggle away from him as we stood at the door.

He held his finger to his lip and knocked at the door. "Kyoya, wake up…"

No answer.

"Kyoya, we are coming in." Tamaki opened the door slowly to reveal a sleeping Kyoya. His hair was a complete mess, his glasses off as well as his shirt. He showed no signs of stirring. Tamaki pulled her to the side of the bed and poked him. "Time to wake up now…"

Before she knew quite what was happening an object was picked up from a table to his side and hurtled at Tamaki's head, who dashed behind her for protection. "Tamaki, get out." He mumbled. Tamaki started to slink back toward the door, but pushed her toward him.

Haruhi looked at the tables on either side of his bed, seeing sufficient ammunition for another assault. Thinking it would be the best way to defend herself against a subconscious attack, She lightly grabbed Kyoya's hand to keep it from flailing objects and whispered to him. "Kyoya, it's time to wake up." Before either of them knew what was happening, he had slid out of her grip and lunged forward to grab something… Haruhi!

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