Tamaki was absolutely frantic when he had found Haruhi's room empty. The twins were almost in a panic as well. Honey and Mori, having an idea of where she might be, weren't as worried as the others.


"Hey relax tono, it wasn't us. If we had taken her…"

"We wouldn't be here right now." They had a point.

"Then where is my daughter? Who has stolen her from me? She could have been kidnapped… or murdered… or…"

"Tama-chan, she is probably with Kyo-chan. There was a thunderstorm last night, didn't you hear it?" With this revelation, Tamaki was even more panicked.

"There was a storm? Oh why, oh why didn't I awaken to aid my beautiful princess?" Tamaki and the twins ran to the door of Kyoya's room and stopped dead in their tracks. It finally sunk in how scary this really was… They were terrified of the shadow king, especially when he was woken early. But they just had to know if Haruhi was alright! If she was in there, then she would have been safe for the duration of the storm. At the same time, the three didn't want to leave her with the hypertensive evil lord. Partially because they feared for her safety, partially because he was winning her favor.

"Tamaki." The seriousness of the lolita's tone caught all of their attention. "You know if Kyo-chan makes her happy, she deserves to be happy, ne? He won't hurt her."

"But Honey!" Tamaki and the twins wailed in unison. "He's evil!" With his part being said, honey simply shook his head and climbed to Mori's shoulders.

By this time, the commotion outside the door had begun to stir said evil lord awake. He had slept better than he ever had before having Haruhi in his bed, but he still hadn't slept long. He decided very quickly that he was not willing to be awake just yet, and he was not going to let his exhausted Haruhi be taken prematurely, either. He wrapped his arms tightly around Haruhi and fell right back to sleep.

It took some time before the twins and Tamaki worked up the nerve to enter Kyoya's room. They cracked the door open and slipped inside on their toes. Looking at the bed, their faces turned red. Both of them were sound asleep, but she was wrapped around him in a way that frustrated them all. This position also made the possibility of not disturbing Kyoya much smaller. They had hoped that they could simply steal her away before he woke up.

As Tamaki approached, the twins started to take steps toward the door. This was not going to end well at all. "Haruhi…" Tamaki poked at Haruhi's arm, she showed no signs of stirring. "Haruhiiii…"

"Tono be careful!" The twins whispered from behind the door. As Tamaki turned around, he was met by Kyoya's cold glare. It was even scarier without his glasses to shield them.

"Get out." His voice was ice.

"W-we only want Haruhi. Y-you can go back to sleep." Tamaki desperately tried to appease the shadow king, but it resulted in him tightening his grip on her.

"The storm kept her up all night. You are going to leave now, so she can sleep. Get out." Kyoya left no room for argument, considering as he finished his sentence, he grabbed the book off his nightstand and launched it at Tamaki's head. He fled the room with the twins, slamming the door behind them.

Only after the idiots had left did Kyoya start to shift and realized how he and Haruhi had be laying. He was on his back, while she was to his side, lying across his chest with her legs wrapped on either side of his. He silently cursed as the idea started arousing him. He quickly pushed the thought from his head, pulled her tighter to him, and fell back to sleep.

Haruhi was comfortable and warm when she woke up. She didn't remember her bed being so soft though. As she began to move she realized she wasn't alone in bed, and before she could even panic her memories of the previous night came rushing back to her. She opened her eyes and found Kyoya under her, sleeping soundly. He looked so different while he was sleeping. His face was softer, as though it was finally set free from its dark mask. He wasn't cold and calculating, he was simply a person, just as vulnerable as any other.

Glancing at the clock, she noticed it was already almost noon. She never slept that late, and she was surprised the rest of the hosts hadn't disturbed them. Returning her focus to the sleeping man before her, Haruhi tentatively brushed the hair out of his face. This was much different than the last time she had been in bed with him. Only several days ago when she had been dragged – literally – into his bed, it was nearly an assault. Now as she lay there with him, she couldn't feel more at peace.

Despite how comfortable she was, she needed to get up. She began to slide out of his grasp and move toward the end of the bed when she was captured tightly by his arms once again. She had only seen him wake up once, and it wasn't pretty. She wondered how he would wake up if she tried now. Surely he would respond differently to her, than the others. She stretched her face to his and placed a light kiss on his mouth. When he didn't respond, she began to massage his lips with hers.

Kyoya had woken up at the start of the second kiss. He was enjoying himself too much to stop her. When she began to pull away, he surprised her by pushing her down to the bed and hovering over her. Haruhi just smiled.

"Good morning, Kyoya-sempai."

"Haruhi…" He growled lowly as he leaned in close. "Please, stop calling me sempai." He then kissed her, full of heat and passion.