Wes. That was all I thought about as I day dreamed in my chair at the library. Although I have been working here for a while it like the first I started. Bethany and Amanda, my other co workers, still did not acknowledge me and still pretended like I didn't exist. Or even that I belonged there. Long ago I learned to ignore them, even when they interrupted my conversation with another person, they were not worth my trouble. Jason should be here in a matter of minutes but my mind keep wondering back to Wes.

I wondered what he was doing right now. Welding… making sandwiches for Delia, who was still overly pregnant. My mind was on the truth game we were still playing it was my turn but I still no idea what to ask him. Did he already have a question to ask me? My thoughts also shifted to the way her walked and talked with a way of assurance. Even at the parties we been to with way more people to count he stood out the most. I have no doubt in my mind that there will be a party tonight that we will attend also another outfit the famous Kristy will dress me in. I signed loud causing Amanda and Bethany to look my was and snicker. But my attention was no longer on them it was on the door as Jason walked in.

Jason would only be described as…..well Jason. He stood a little taller than most guys with brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing his usually today, striped shirt khakis and his signature tie. The two years I was dating Jason it seemed like he was good for me like somehow if I stayed around him long enough some of his perfection would rub off on me. But everybody has flaws and you just have to live with them and work around the like Delia with the hole in front of her house, which the UPS men keep getting stuck in. Guess he could not understand way left.

As Jason approached me I tried to hurry and think of what to say but came up blank. It's been like that since our recent break during the summer in which I learned nobody's perfect.