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"Did you send out e-mails to book club joiners? What about the ones not already joined for welcome letters?"


"Did you not get the search on the computer? Because I know Bethaney e-mailed me with concerns"

"I'm pretty sure I got it" I replied to Jason.

Ever since he walked in the door we have been talking….About the library. It been an hour and I doubted that he will bring up our previous break up. At this point all I wanted to do was hurry and get out of the library. I felt as if I was trapped, as it I make even a single step to the door he will follow me with more questions that need to be reassured about me fulfilling my job at the library. At that last thought I mentally slapped myself at the thought of making a dash for it. What was wrong with me? This was Jason for god sake.

"I saw you with that guy" Jason said all of a sudden.

"Who?" I asked even though I already know. Wes, the only person I have been hanging out with the exception of the rest of the wish crew.

"That guy that I was helping in the juvenile home" he responded sounding impatient.

"Wes" I said.

"I guess that is his name"

Just as I was about to say something Wes himself stepped into the library making my thoughts a jumbling mess.