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Author's Note: My first Fairy Tail fanfic! Yay! This is dedicated to mosherocks4 (Kris) and kaahthemarshmello (Kaity), who helped get me into this fandom. So please enjoy (even if you two don't support the pairing)!

This is a "what if?" scenario I thought of when I watched Episode 12 – I just thought it screamed for a GrayLu moment, although I knew being really early in the series something like that would never happened.

Comforting The Ice

Lyra's music echoed softly against the cavern's walls, placing the ragtag group of Fairy Tail wizards at relative ease if only for a few moments. Natsu, snoring on the rocky floor, and the magical cat Happy began to fall to sleep to the lullabic sounds that came from the harp, with Lyra's master Lucy herself relaxing against the walls, her eyes shut with a small smile stretch across her lips.

After a few moments, as the song continued, the blonde celestial wizard opened her eyes, looking over at their other companion, the ice-user Gray, sitting with his hands folded under his chin, his teeth gritted as he stared at the frozen demon that rested before them. Her smile faded as she watched a lone tear fall down Gray's cheek, knowing full well that the lyrics were bringing up painful memories of his past.

Of his time as a child, when he trained with his teacher Ur...of the time when she died trying to seal Delioria away from the world. On this day, the young celestial wizard learn that, like Natsu and perhaps herself in some ways, another of her fellow guildmates had a troublesome, hurtful past that they surely regret.

As quietly as she could, Lucy stood up from her rock seat against the wall, carefully stepping over Natsu as she made her way towards Gray. Almost cautiously, she reached out a hand touch his shoulder, but brought it back. Nipping slightly at her bottom lip, she stopped behind him, unsure of her sudden actions.

"Gray..." she whispered so lowly, she was sure it went unheard beneath Lyra's melodic voice.

The blue-haired man didn't turn around at Lucy's presence; his focus turned to the ground as his fists began to shake with the threat of further tears. Lucy's frown deepened, closing her eyes with a sigh as she fell to her knees, her arms wrapping loosely around Gray's neck.

For a moment, Gray froze, taken aback by the sudden contact against his skin, the faint thudding of Lucy's heartbeat against his back. He felt her hair tickle against his neck as she rested her cheek against his shoulder, the soft sounds of her breathing almost too loud in his ear, mixing with the music that played from the harp.

"Lucy...?" Gray muttered, his hands falling to his lap as he looked over at her from the corner of his eyes, "What are you doing?"

"To be honest..." the blonde woman mumbled, her cheeks heating up with a hot-red blush, "I'm not too sure. I just reacted...I didn't want to see you so sad, so..."

With a sigh, Gray rested a hand on hers – despite her unsure explanation, he could understand what she was trying to do, and he deeply appreciate the effort. Closing his eyes, he relaxed into her arms, trying, even if for one moment, to forget the sudden wave of hateful nostalgia that filled his memory.

"Thank you, Lucy," he said, receiving a squeeze against his hand in response.