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Chapter 1, New hospital, New Kid

Carlisle's Pov.

Well, new beginning. My family and I went to New Jersey to a house I had bought in the past. I got a new job at a hospital, my bosses names are Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy. I was excited to have a new job in a new hospital. It was always, for me, like opening presents on Christmas morning. Always a new surprise.

We got to New Jersey early in the morning. Around 2am. It was still dark for us, perfect for us to get to the house without any trouble. We got our car and got to the house within 20 minutes. No traffic made it easy. Soon, we were at the house.

Edward helped me race the stuff in the house. Esme had it unpacked as fast as we were getting it in, adding her special touch. Finally, we were unpacked.

3am. I went through the papers I received from the ppth, the new hospital I would be leaving for in 5 hours. I looked at House's file. It had records and such and even his attitude, personality, moods, and physical appearance. Some of it made me laugh.

Dr. Gregory House.

Personality: Slightly insane, has a very unique way in medical practice.

Physical Appearance: Short, slightly grey hair. Never freshly shaven. Has a limp leg due to a motorcycle crash.

I really looked forward to meeting him. He, at least to me, sounded very interesting. Also, being the doctor in me, I also wanted to examine his leg. But I knew that that couldn't happen, reading over his personality list again. I think I'd feel lucky if he even let me shake his hand. I looked over at the clock in my office. 5:30. I heard a knock at my door.

"Come in," I said automatically. Esme walked in, smiling.

"Hello, dear," she said walking over to me, kissing me passionately.

"What're you reading?" she asked me, looking at the papers.

"The files of my new boss," I said, laughing again. She looked down at Dr. House's file. She immediately burst into a fit of giggles. I put my hand around her waist, laughing with her.

"He sounds crazy!" She exclaimed.

"I know, I look so forward to meeting him," I said, resting my head on her hip, as she was sitting on the arm of my chair. We sat, laughing at the poor man for awhile. Soon, I saw the sun come up. It was 7. I needed to get dressed and leave for the hospital. Esme followed me to our bedroom we shared. She had already stocked our closet. I swear, the woman could put all the necessities in a house faster than anyone. I pulled out my lab coat. I pulled out a white shirt and tie and some nice jeans. I took my lab coat in one arm and my keys in the other. I kissed Esme, and left for my car, heading to the Ppth.

Houses Pov.

I limped down the hall, holding this guys file in my hand, reading it as I sipped on my coffee.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Age 28. From Forks, Washington.

Many adopted children. Married.

Oh great, another young guy. I figured he would just be an intern, not a real doctor. I continued reading down.

Head surgeon and doctor at Forks Hospital. Known to be the best around. Specializing in-

I continued reading. Said he specialized in like a dozen different practices. I just huffed and dropped it onto my desk. Wilson came in.

"Hey, House. What's the rumor on a new doctor joining the team?" Wilson asked me. I pointed to his file, my nose stuck in my coffee cup. He picked it up and began scanning it.

"Wow. Impressive," He muttered to himself. By the time I was finished with my coffee, Chase, Foreman, Thirteen, and Cuddy were all in my office, reading over his shoulder. They were all muttering on how impressive his resume` was. I just grunted.

"House, when is this guy supposed to be here?" Cuddy asked. I looked over at the clock, 8:00.

"Any time now," I huffed. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do today. I ran the list over in my head.

1. Piss off Cuddy

2. Piss off Wilson

3. Piss off this new guy.

4. Piss off the rest of my team.

5. Go home.

Suddenly, my phone beeped with an intercom.

"House, a Dr. Cullen is here," the voice said. Before I could respond, Cuddy clamped her hand over my mouth.

"Send him in," Cuddy said into the speaker.

"Thank you, Ms. Bitchy," I said. I crossed off number one in my head. I could just see the steam come out of her ears. I laughed silently.

A moment later a knock was at my door. Dr. Bitchy- I mean Cuddy, responded to the knock.

"Come in," she said to the door.

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