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Chapter 2, Introductions and Instructions

Carlisle's Pov.

I knocked on the door with the placard saying Gregory House, room 25. I stood, there, waiting for an answer. I could hear people in there, laughing and talking. It seemed like forever, but probably was just a second or two. Then, I heard a female voice.

"Come in," she said. I turned the handle on the door, seeing a bunch of people gathered around on man holding onto a few papers. I guessed they were my files. On the other side of the desk was a man who looked as he was described in the files I received. He swung a cane around. They all turned to look at me. The two women in the room, stared at me in approval. The way most nurses or female doctors looked at me, in awe. They looked back down at my file almost simultaneously, and frowned when it said I was married and had adoptive kids.

"So you are Dr. Cullen?" One man said, finally breaking the ice. It must have just been several seconds, but that was like minutes to me. He had an Australian accent.

"Yes," I said in reply. He seemed pretty cool, but only looked to be about my physical age.

"I'm Dr. Robert Chase" The Australian introduced himself, shaking my hand, breaking off sooner from my cold, hard skin. One of the women stepped forward. She had black wavy hair.

"I'm Lisa Cuddy," she said smiling and hugging me. Obviously, she had no regards of me being married. The other women introduced herself as Thirteen. I went along with it, figuring she had bad luck, earning the nick name Thirteen. She smiled and blushed at me. The others two men introduced themselves. The smaller Caucasian one was James Wilson. The big black (No offense to any of you, not being racist!) man said he was Eric Foreman. I liked him and Chase. They were very welcoming. Finally, House, behind his desk talked.

"So, Cullen. Is all this stuff on your resume` true?" He asked me. Many doctors had asked me that before. He took out an orange pill bottle from his shirt pocket and took whatever the contents were. I could smell it. It had to be Vicodin. Most likely for his crippled leg. I'm sure it still bothered him. I responded to his question.

"Yes. All of it," I replied smoothly. I figured he would begin to question me. But he didn't. I left it alone at that. Like usual, neither of the women in the office could keep their eyes off me. Finally, Cuddy spoke.

"Carlisle, you will be on House's team. Along with Chase, Foreman, Thirteen, and Wilson," she explained to me. This was actually the first hospital that had teams. I found it very nice, being on a team. Yet, I still wasn't so sure about House. He was probably just concerned about me being so… Physically young. I wish Edward were here, I could understand what was going on in House's head right now.

Houses Pov.

He walked in. I was right. He was young. Very young. Even a little young for being out of med school. He had sleek blonde hair, and very pale skin.

"So, you're Cullen?" I asked him.

"Yes," he replied. Then, all the introductions went around. Chase introduced himself first. Thirteen and Cuddy, obviously in love with him, hugged him as they introduced themselves. After the introductions, I spoke again.

"So, are all these things on your resume` true?" I asked. I wasn't sure if I could believe it. I took out my Vicodin and popped one in my mouth, after feeling a tense muscle spasm in my leg.

"Yes, they are," He replied smoothly. He would have to prove it. I looked down the list of specializing he was. Neurology. Crap… That's my job. I really hope he isn't as good at that as I am. These next few… Days? Weeks? Months? Years? I wasn't sure how long he'd last. Hopefully Cuddy would get sick of him and fire him. Hah… Like that would happen. Great. We would be stuck with this guy until the day he decided to quit. Wait, not we. I.

Carlisle's Pov.

"So, Cullen. We have some patients that could use some checking up on. Here's a list and where they are located at. Write down your diagnosis then bring it back here when you're done," House told me my instructions and handed me a clipboard with a pen. Obviously, this was a test, getting to my knowledge. This would be easy. I nodded and left the room.

Using my enhanced senses, I got around the hospital with ease. Finding my way to each patient. First on my list, Lily Jackson. Her room was on the 7th floor. I looked at her chart. She was 19, and had her ovaries removed due to cancerous tumors.

"I'm Dr. Cullen. I'm just checking up on you Lily. So, how are you feeling?" I asked.

"Better than I was a week ago, Dr. Cullen, " she replied. That made sense. I checked her scars. No infection. Good. I marked her off my list and left.

There were several other sick people. One had appendicitis. Another I had to diagnose with cancer. I marked them all off my list and headed back towards Houses office. I looked at my watch. 1 hour since I was told what to do. I saw his door around the corner, and knocked on it. I could smell him in there.

Houses Pov

I heard a knock on my door. Meh. I had not choice to let him in. If I didn't Cuddy and Thirteen would be all over my case.

"Come in," I shouted. Probably a little loud. He opened the door and walked in. I looked at the clock. It had barely been an hour since I sent him on his test. I knew all the patients and what was wrong with them. He handed me the clipboard. I read it over. It was perfect. Plus some more. I tried to keep my jaw from hanging down. He really was all he said he was. Even underselling himself just a little bit. Suddenly, I knew he was be fun to compete against.

"Wow, Cullen. This is impressive," I said, praising him. He just nodded. I motioned for him to sit. In my mind, I went over the sickest of our patients for our team. Secretly, I looked at the list of patients with upcoming operations. Hmm. Heart surgery? Brain surgery (I sure hope not. That's still my job). Maybe a tumor removal from an elder patients stomach. Finally, I gave up and went with the heart surgery.

"So, Cullen. You are also a surgeon right?" I asked him.

"Yes. In LA I was head surgeon. I didn't like it in LA though. To cramped," he said. In a way, I understood. LA had no elbow room at all. I just grunted.

"We have a patient who needs heart surgery. You think you'd be up to it?" I finally asked, getting to the point. I could tell he was surprised, from his expression, being asked to do open heart surgery on your first day was probably a lot to take in. I didn't really care.

"Yeah. I guess I can do it," He said, shrugging. Well, that was that. I had a new surgeon. Once again. I was excited to have competitions with him.

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