Luke was getting ready to ask jenn out and give her the present he picked out for her. Right now he was in his room wondering what to say to get jenn to go out on a date with him. He was cut out of his musings by his phone ringing. It was his friend Nina saying hi. Hi Nina what's up Luke said. Nothing Nina said I'm bored, watcha want to do. Well Luke said I'm going on a date I hope. What Nina said, sounding sad but Luke didn't catch on. I know but what do I say or do Luke said. Well, I guess you could ask her out to a fancy restaurant or to a club or dancing under the stars Nina said still sounding more and more depressed. Thanks Nina you're a true friend Luke said feeling fantastic. Yeah bye Luke Nina said sadly. This time however Luke caught on to her feelings. Nina is everything alright Luke said lightly, ya everything's alright Luke just have fun for me alright Nina said with a fake happy attitude. Ok if you say so bye, bye Nina said and hung up. Boy I wonder what's wrong with her, maybe just the flu I bet well better go get jenn Luke said with a smile. At jenn's house jenn was getting ready to give her gift to Luke. She still had to get Luke's # since he's her boyfriend and all. I hope he asks me out jenn thought to her while walking downstairs to go to Luke's house and ask him out. Today is the day you're going to ask him out ha jenn josh her brother said. Shut up josh I'm leaving screamed jenn as she slammed the door closed. Amber walked out of the kitchen and hit josh in the back of the head. Owe what did you do that for josh said. Stop bugging your sister you got it amber said. Ok ok josh said. I hope she's home Luke said walking to jenn's house not noticing he walked into someone. Jenn was on her way to Luke's house and was hoping he was still home before noticing she ran into some one. Luke looked up and noticed that jenn was on top of him and was blushing before she pulled herself and Luke both up off the grass. Hi Luke I didn't notice you jenn said, sorry about that. No its ok Luke said. Jenn I got to ask you something said Luke pulling out the bracelet and locket. Will you go on a date with me, as Luke said this he showed jenn all he bought for her, making her smile a big smile. Well I guess I could go if I can give you something to. Anything what is it Luke asked. Well I want to give you a gift to and it's right here so close your eyes while I put it on you ok jenn said. Ok I while Luke said anxiously, jenn put on the necklace and bracelet she got him. Now open your eyes Luke, when Luke opened his eyes he saw the presents jenn him and got happy. Thank you jenn there wonderful. And thank you Luke I think yours are wonderful as well. Oh by the way Luke I need your phone number because my mom made me go shopping. Luke looked at his girlfriend and said alright I need yours to. Ok Luke said mine is 315-604-1028. Ok well Luke mine is 315-704-5634 jenn said. Now shall we go on that date ha jenn. Ok Luke lets.