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Six years ago at the war games…

"Alviss! Alviss! Help me! I'm being taken away by the Chess Pieces! Help!" a nine-year-old girl cried

"Roxanne!" Alviss called stretching his arm out to save the girl but it was no use she was already carried one hundred meters away Alviss ran and ran

"Roxanne!" he screamed.

"Stop Alviss!" yelled Alan holding Alviss back.

"It's too risky! If you go you'll get taken away too…" he said calmly.

"But Roxanne is…" Alviss said but was cut off.

"Even if it is Roxanne it's too dangerous! And besides what can you do?" asked Alan.

"But…" Alviss knew the answer, it was true what can he do? The most he can do is scream and kick at the Chess Piece. Alviss's magic has been drained, Roxanne's magic got drained too so that why she was so easy to capture.

"Curse them…" Alviss whispered under his breath.

"You jerks! You'll pay for this! I swear one day I'll eliminate all you guys! Roxanne you wait! One day I'll free you from the Chess pieces!" Alviss screamed but Roxanne was so far that you could barely see her but she replied.

"Alviss! I will be waiting for you! I will wait for the day you'll save me! And together we'll eliminate the Chess Pieces!"

End of flash back

Roxanne sat at the corner of the cell curled up into a ball, "Six years… I've been waiting and yet… you've not came yet… is it that you've forgotten me Alviss?" she muttered sadly twirling a strand of her pink hair. A single tear rolled down her cheeks.

"Alviss where are you?"

Next morning….

"Wake up!" yelled a voice.

"Huh?" Roxanne said rubbing her eyes.

"Let's go down stairs!" the voice said.

"What?" Roxanne asked still a bit dazed.

"We've found the princess! Get up do you hear me?" the voice yelled a bit annoyed. Roxanne opened her eyes fully and she looked at the person who was talking, it was Ian and Loco.

"Oh, right… right… I almost forgot…" Roxanne murmured to herself and got out of her comfort zone.

"Let's go, Halloween should be coming in a few minutes or so…" Loco said.

"And what's that got to do with me?" Roxanne asked Loco shook her head in disbelief.

"Hello? You've been in the Chess Pieced for six years now, you should at least know that Phantom resurrection ceremony is going to be on soon…" Loco said as if it was the most obvious thing ever. Roxanne frowned.

"You mean I've been held in captive for six years..." Roxanne corrected Loco "Whatever… you've been treated as a Chess Piece so therefore you are considered as a Chess Piece. And plus you're a Bishop, you should be the one leading the way…" she said walking away, Ian followed and Roxanne trailed behind everyone else.

After minutes of walking Roxanne arrived in front of a huge ice block inside was a pretty girl encased inside the ice.

"Is this Princess Snow?" Roxanne asked observing the gigantic ice block.

"Yes, it is. You should know that by now Roxanne…" Loco said.

"Blegh!" Roxanne said poking her tongue out in a childish manner at Loco.

"Now! Now! Let's just calm this fight down! People have entered the castle you know?" Ian said, Whatever… Roxanne thought.

"Take cover let's just see what these people are…" Ian suggested.

"Ok…" Loco said following Ian.

"Wait for me!" Roxanne yelled while running behind them. Ian, Loco and Roxanne waited and then the door flew open. It was a blonde haired boy about Roxanne's age, a monkey boy (in Roxanne's point of view) and a dog. The blonde hair boy stared at the girl in the ice and his eyes were filled with horror and he screamed "KOYUKI!" and he started dashing towards the ice block.

"Time to get out now!" Loco said tugging Roxanne's sleeve.

"Uwah!" Roxanne yelled in surprise as she was dragged along.

"Oi oi oi! It's just a kid!" Ian remarked.

"Hmmm… seems about my age…" Roxanne said.

"But look…" Loco said.

"He has something interesting with him…" Loco said pointing at the steel ball that was attached to a hammer the blonde hair boy.

"According to Peta- san's information he was around this area, so I thought the search was over… I suppose this saves some time…" Loco said Roxanne stared at the steel ball, and frowned a bit.

"A ra? Is that Babbo? He seems a lot different than before! First of all he doesn't have that evil smile… and his eyes aren't red anymore!" Roxanne exclaimed she said pointing at the ball.

"Hey! Don't you know it's rude to point!" Babbo said angrily.

"Sorry…" Roxanne apologised taking her finger back.


Meanwhile on the other side of the castle….

Dorothy had just finished defeating the nine pawns she was just about to go, but then she felt a strong magic entering the castle.

"Another one with strong magic…" she said, she hesitated and summoned her broom and thought this is the beginning of something extremely enjoyable…

"But this is the end of help! Go for it Ginta!" she then sat on her broom "I'm not the type who does things that won't get me anything! Ufuhfuh!" she added and then flew off.


Meanwhile back where Ginta is….

"KOYUKI!" Ginta screamed while charging towards the princess then Ian, Loco and Roxanne blocked Ginta's way and "Boom!" Ian used an ärm to make Ginta rebound.

"Ginta!" Jack yelled as Ginta flew across the ground, Ian spread his arms ready for another attack.

"Wha?" was all Ginta was able to say.

"You can't come in." Ian said seriously.

"What's with him?" Ginta asked.

"Huwa! Didn't you hear him? He said you can't come in!" Roxanne said bouncing around happily.

"What's with you guys? Popping out all of a sudden?" Ginta asked angrily.

"Huwa! Huwa! No need to get angry! Take a chill pill ok?" Roxanne said.

"Calm yourself Ginta-dono! I don't know how but you are mistaking on something. That isn't the one you call 'Koyuki'. That's the rightful heir to the Kingdom Of Lestava… She is Snow-hime!" Edward said

"Le-lestava?" Roxanne and Jack said surprised.

"What's wrong Jack?" Babbo asked and looked at Jack as if he was some sort of mental dude.

"Lestava is the of Mär heaven didn't ya' know that much? If she is the Princess of that place she is the princess of princess's!" Jack said.

"Enough talking!" Ian said waving his hands in frustration.

"Get out of here! Or else!" Ian said.

"To think that you'd hurt a little innocent girl! You ruffians! As a gentlemen I shall teach you a lesson!" Babbo said angrily Ian and Roxanne looked offended.

"He called us ruffians!" Ian said.

"Uwah! Uwah! No one calls Roxanne a ruffian! Uwah! I had nothing to do with this!" Roxanne said in a angry little girl manner.

Ian looked at Roxanne weirdly then turned to Loco "That ärm is kinda different from what he explained to me isn't he? Was he like this before?" Ian asked Roxanne and Loco shook their heads.

"No, not at all. Perhaps he has lost his memories…" Loco said. Ian took a step forward.

"Regardless, let's play a little Loco-chan and Roxy-chan!" Ian said taking off his mask "We've been celebrating for a while I've been drinking nothing but sake. I need a good workout." He added.

"Loco won't join you. In drinking or fighting. And don't call your elders chan." Loco said looking at Ian.

Ian turned turned to Roxanne who was looking outside the trying to look 'cool' and 'mature' Ian was weirded out.

"Me neither, I don't drink. I'm not the legal age anyway…and I don't feel like fighting today… but I'll be backup if you fall." Roxanne said still looking at the distance. Ian stayed silent for a second and then went back to his normal mood again.

"Then let's get on little man! One on one! You up for it?" Ian said waving his arms around with excitement.

"Mental much?" Roxanne whispered to Loco.

"Yeah, but I'm used to it." Loco whispered back.

"It's a trap don't accept! It's a trap Ginta!" Jack yelled.

"I agree! There's nothing to be ashamed of!" Edward the dog said Ginta stayed silent for a moment before answering.

"Agreed." Ginta smiled. Jack and Edward looked shocked.

"Only an idiot will accept something that dodgy…" Roxanne said face palming her forehead.

Ian smiled with amusement "I like you, what's your name? Your Alignment?" Ian asked. Ginta smiled and dashed towards Ian with Babbo clutched in his hand and running high speed.

"I'm Ginta! Alignment's Furowa Middle school! Year 2, class 3!" he yelled out loud Ian put back his mask on.

"I am… Ian…" he then made a menacing pose "and I'm with Chess no Koma…"

Chess no Koma? Ginta then remembered what Alviss said:

"This land of Mär Heaven fell into the hands of an evil group… holding control with extremely powerful ärms the CHESS NO KOMA…."

Ginta shuddered as he remembered what Alviss had said before Ian then attacked Ginta with his hidden ärms Ginta then flinched and got rebounded.

"The… (Huff) thes (huff) … these guys are… (huff) Chess no koma?" Ginta said Roxanne then piped up.

"Yup yup! We're the Chess no koma! The Lestava's castle is currently in our boss's base of operations!" she then begun dancing around.

"Yes… it's true…" Edward said he nodding his head.

"Let's get started!" Ian said whipping his arms up. From his sleeves some unidentified objects appeared and whipped Ginta.

"Guh!" Ginta moaned in pain I can't see… There's gonna have to be an ärm in his sleeves a weapon class… but I can't see it! I'll never know what it is if I can't see it! Ginta thought.

"If you cant even defeat Ian there's no chance you can defeat me!" Roxanne winked poking her tongue out, Loco then felt some magic coming from the left Magic… she thought then turned her head around and continued watching the battle Well whatever not my problem anyway…. On the other side Alviss was crutching low.

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