Pairings- Bella/Peter

Summary: Bella has always been different, not anything spectacular but more genetically. A human with multiple powers can be dangerous. The Cullen's leave before she can tell them. What happens when a sexy southern vampire runs into her, when said vampire is the brother of her ex's family?

Chapter 1

My life has been anything but normal. But then again, what is normal? Who knows? My parents got married at a young age and had me shortly after. About a year after I was born mom left dad. She has always been flighty. By the time I was old enough I was working and making sure the bills were paid and that we had food to eat.

Every summer I would go see dad. Charlie has never been a man to show his emotions or a man of many words, but you get to talking about sports then the man will talk your ear off nonstop. That is the one thing about him that I like, well that and the fact that I don't have to worry about anything other than being a kid.

So when mom got re-married to Phil, I took the first flight out to Washington. Middle of junior year is really not the time to be moving, but I went with it. But going with the flow is not always the best thing to do. That is the year that I met them. The Cullen's. They drew me in like a moth to a flame. And I got burned, not once but twice. Stupid mother fucker.

Anyways long story short ended up in phoenix being chased by a psychopathic vampire, costing me more damage than it was worth. But I stuck through it. Then there was the birthday party that I never wanted. All I wanted was to have a night with Edward so I could tell him something more important to me than anything else. The only major secret I actually have. Got a paper cut and Jasper attacked.

Never blamed him though, more myself. I mean I am Edward's singer, I don't think I would want to be an empath at that moment. So Edward took me for a walk three days later to tell me he was leaving. I mean I wasn't really surprised, kinda say it coming his brother did attack me. Oh well. Pussy.

When he left with me a promise I know that he can't keep, I went inside to make Charlie dinner. Oddly more chipper than I have been in a while. Well dad noticed and asked. Thought I was going to be upset about Edward leaving. Ha no.

Graduated with honors and a full scholarship to the University of Texas. Dad was more that proud, I even think that he has my acceptance letter framed in his office. But with all of the excitement out of the way, it is going to be hard. Me and Charlie have gotten closer and now I am moving to the south.

My name is Isabella Marie Swan, and I am far from normal human, and this is my story.

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