Chapter 4

Songs; bad- the cab, falling in love at a coffee shop- Landon Pigg



Walking further into the ally Rick and his buddy corner the girl so not to be seen. What they didn't know was that two people had already found them and just waiting for the perfect moment...

"Shhh.. It's gonna be alright if you just keep quiet little girl." Ronny said.

"Stop trying to play nice Ron, such a perfect girl she is." Turing back to the girl, " and such a tight little ass and perky tits. Betcha she's a virgin too. Virgin tight." He ended with a menacing laugh that chilled the girl to her bones.

"Please don't... Leave me alone...please!" She said with tears streaming down her face.


"Let's go sug."


"Hey what are you doing, can I get some?" Both Ronny and Rick look up and the new comer as the girl shake with terror at another person joining.

"What? Go away man this is nothing of your concern." Ronny said.

Pushing past the two idiots he stands in front of the girl; hands on the wall behind her on either side of her head. He leans down to take a nice long enticing sniff of her neck, placing a kiss right behind her ear. She shivers at the cool touch and just adding to the tears.

"When I tell ya' I want you to run to the end of the alley. Someone is down there and will make sure you get ya to a safe place. Alright sugar?" The man said softly to her.

Looking in the man's eyes something in her believes he's telling the truth. So with a small, almost unnoticeable, nod the man turns to talk to her two assailants.

"Now ya' have been very naughty haven't you. Two against one doesn't seem fair for the defenseless girl. Now sug I want you to leave." He looks at her nodding his head in the direction of the entrance o the alley. Turing to look she sees something but at this point she is more afraid of what's down here then where more people can see her. Hesitantly she walks around the three men and once she is a good distance from them she runs like hell to the end. Rounding the corner she runs into something..

Getting ready to scream when a hand clamps over her mouth. Looking at who has her now she feels thankful beyond relief that it's a woman." I want you to just go straight home alright sug and don't turn back. Alright?" Nodding the girl did as she was told.

Turning back to the alley she walked up to her brother taking an appreciative look at their catch of the night.

"Which one of you is Ronny?" She asked, though she already knew who was who.

"Who's askin? Ronny said.

"I want him."

"As you wish sweets." Her companion said. The both turned and lunged for the two blubbering idiots who had the unlucky chance of the two vampires in front of them.

"You think it's funny to pick on helpless and defenseless women? Hmm? I asked you a question Ronny!" Crack.

"Ahh, you broke my hand you bitch!"

"Oh honey I'm gonna do a lot more than that. This is just for all the women you've gone after." Crack.


"Char just finish him off."

"But it's fun Peter." She told him

"Come on."

"Fine." With that she grabbed her meal and bit into his neck to access the sweet nectar flowing through him.

"Better?" Peter asked.

Char wiped the corner of her mouth with her fingers before sucking the leftover off, "Yeah, I just hate men like them."

They despise of the bodies in the dumpster to their left and with a light of a couple matches they are on their way back to their house.

"What do you think they're like Pete?" Char asked her trusty yoda of a brother.

Peter walks up a wraps char in a hug, "well if they're our mates they have to be a perfect match for us, right?"

Laughing she says "You don't know do you?"

Looking wheeling while shaking his head, "Nah but I do know that they are siblings but not blood related. I also know that she is human and he is not, but not sure what he would be. Things are still a little sketchy with it all."

The big smile on her face warms Peter to his core, to see his sister the women he sacrificed a lot for and protected since from day one, to see her happy to finally find her mate. He would do anything to make sure it stayed there forever.

With a couple a tingles in the back of his neck he says "I'm going to Wal-Mart, be back in an hour."

A Perplexed char asks" what the hell are you going to Wal-Mart for?"

With a mile wide smile he answers her "my mate has car troubles." With that he was gone and on his way to help his women.

Yes there wasn't much that either sibling needed but there mates where something that couldn't keep the smile off their faces.


He had been sitting in his truck waiting for her to come out of the store. His little knower has yet to tell him what her name is. The only hung he truly knows is that she is going to the university of Texas and living off campus and that her brother would be coming down In The next day or two.

He couldn't figure out why he doesn't get the rest of the information, but at the moment it's not something he is really worried about because there comes his little mate right now running after her cart that has rolled away from her.

Moving quickly he comes up behind her. When she turns to look he can't seem to catch his unneeded breath. She's stunning! But looking again he can see the haunted look in her eyes.

He introduces himself to her; his is a gentleman after all. Bella. MMmm such a beautiful name for a stunning creature. He is so caught up in his mind that he doesn't realize that she has already gotten in her car are is ready to drive off.

She knows, Well that I already caught that part. He was talking to himself but sometimes his little know was a little too damn slow for his taste.

"Good night my mate."

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