Well I finally did it, a crossover that isn't a crossover. The name is from the PS2 games and the anime .Hack/. All things will be used with that kind of base, like how instead of Almet OS its Arceus OS. All regions will appear as servers, but for the most part only Kanto and Johto will be used. I will try to use real cities in Japan and not just the popular ones. Now for the discaliamer!

I do not own Pokemon, come one guys seriously, I don't even own the story, its all for the readers of FanFiction. I also don't own .HACK. Its sad really for how big a fan I am, I don't even have any merchandise. You know I was also gonna wright more than Pokemon fics, but I guess im stuck now. Oh and names will be in JP format.

Log In 1: Welcome To "Pokemon World"

Summery – What does a overly kind Noobie, a Rare Pokemon and Rare Item Hunter, An aspiring Gym Leader, and someone who has the skills to be the Best have in common? Each others Member Addresses

In the Year20x0 Pokemon Corporation and Nintendo got a huge amount of complaints for the Pokemon Games not allowing that much free play experience or that big of a multi-player either. In the year 20x2 The Beta for "Pokemon World" and Arceus OS where released for 6 months.
During those 6 months no problems and in the year 20x3 the completed version of "Pokemon World" and Arceus OS was released to the public.
Now in the Year 20x4 during the third month of the year, Amarillo de Verde Grove moves to Okimagawa, and makes friends with a girl by the name of Ao Haruno who has the online name of Blue.
Now the sixth month of the year, Haruno forces Amarillo to buy a copy of "Pokemon World" saying that she will cover the monthly fees. Our story starts here...

It has been three months since Amarillo de Verde Grove has moved to Japan. Her best friend and somewhat of a big sister, Ao Haruno has forced her to buy a copy of "Pokemon World". Amarillo was promised that she didn't have to pay the monthly fee so long as she played regularly. This was fine and all, but she didn't even played games. Like her Uncle, Wilton, she loved to fish, and would rather do that than play games. But somehow Haruno nee-san persuaded her to get it. Well she might as well try it out for a bit.

What came next was a big surprise. As she was installing Arceus OS and "Pokemon World" she saw all of these screen shot for the game. And from these alone she wanted to play, but what she wanted to do even more was fish. While her hours for fishing was limited in real life, inside "Pokemon World" (I will shorten it to PokeWorld for now on) she could fish for hours and not even worry about getting sick. As she finish coming up with a user name for Arceus OS, Amarillo de Verde Haruno (Yellow of the Veridian Spring), and "PokeWorld" name, Yellow, she went on to character customization. Her character consisted of a Straw hat, Yellow tunic over a black shirt, and some dark color pants. Now she had to pick her character type. But for some reason it wouldn't let her pick any.

"What? But theirs all of these options but it wont let me pick any?" after clicking every thing a new option poped up. "Veridian Child? Does this have to do with my last name? Well lets continue on." after all was done she was able to log in.

The only server she was able to pick for now was Kanto.

For the first twenty minutes she spent her time just trying to find out what to do, and how to play. She knew that Haruno nee-san was going to log in in a little bit, but she wanted to learn the controls her self. She figured out that the MD headset was used for enhanced gameplay, and she figured that she might as well try it that way, but the control scheme was weird. She had never really played video games, and this was her first time using a controller.

About five minutes of trying to learn how to play she bumped into a another player.

"S-sory, this is my first time playing."

"No, its alright, its my fault for not looking, Hey how about I help you learn as an apology." she looked up and even though it was just a bunch of 1s and 0s, he was pretty handsome, and kind too.

"I-I'm sorry, thanks for the offer, but I'm waiting for my friend. She promised that she would teach me how to play." She bowed, and even though it was just a game, her hat almost fell off.

"Okay, well I have to meet my friend, Here, its my member address, along with this" Yellow didn't know what to think, but she just accepted. His IGN(In Game Name) was Red. And he gave her some weird ball... "In side that pokeball is a Ratatta, its ideal for beginners. By the way whats your trainer type? I'm fighter."

Trainer Type? Wait wasn't that the part that gave me a bit of trouble when I created my character? "Oh there was only one click able option for me, that was Veridian Child I believe."

"Hmmm, well thanks, I will maybe see you latter. For now I will just go Train. See yeah."

Yellow didn't know what to think, he was kind, He gave her her first Pokemon, and it seemed that he was a skilled Trainer. Red... she didn't know much about him, but she did. Suddenly she didn't care about fishing, she wanted to follow a path that somehow involved him.

All of her thoughts came to an end when a screen poped up asking her if she wanted to nickname her new Pokemon. "Hmmm, lets name you Ratty" With that and a smile she Haruno showed up.

"Sorry Amarillo that I'm late, hey whats your user name?"

"Oh sorry Haruno nee-san, its Yellow," she noticed that she was wearing the Fire Red/Leaf Green PC Trainer outfit from the installing screen shots. The Red boy was also wearing the male PC Trainer outfit.

Blue would like you to accept her Member Address – Yes/No? You know have two friends.

Yellow like how this system worked. But Blue stated something that she didn't even come to mind "EH? Yellow your a Veridian Child? That's like the Rarest Class ever! And you already have one other Friend and a Pokemon! Come on tell me who this other pal of your is and how you got that Ratatta?"

So Yellow told her about the encounter with Red. "Hmm so Red is back on," her face went dark and quickly. "Well Yellow Lets not worry about that, its time for you to get your first officially caught Pokemon! Oh and while were at it, we might as well talk with the current League Champion about how to train your Veridain Powers"

"WAIT, Blue Nee-san, where are we going?"

"No talk for now, Lets get going!"

Some where in the Town of Pallet.

"So Red, why are you Late?" said a Boy wearing the FR/LG Rival outfit.

"Green, I meet the third Veridian Child."

"So after both Lance and Geovani disappeared the game throws us the third one, the one that is said to save the Net?"

"Yep, but not just that, but I felt some other strange power coming from her, the power of a Legendary PC"

"So this is it huh, this makes All thirteen, the only one would be Mew, huh?"

"Yeah so it seems, so this is how it happens? Well Mewtwo and I are ready!"

Character Files-

PC- Yellow, Real life name- Amarillo de Verde Grove, 13. Description- She is a wonderfully bright child, and loved by all of her class mates. She is a grade ahead of her real age, and is kind to everyone, even bullies. She considers Ao Haruno like a big sister. She was actually born in America, and is ¾ Spanish, and ¼ Japanese. Just like her Uncle she loves to fish and really loves nature. Seems to be the Legendary PC for Mew.

PC- Blue, Real life name- Ao Haruno, 15. Description- Even though she is two years older than Amarillo they are in the same class. Her name means Blue Spring. Haruno is bright, but tends to play hookie, and do some stuff that could be considered agents the law. She is an orphan that was once adopted but didn't like the place and ran away with another miserable child Geo Genkai, who she looks after like a big sister. She is also Legendary PC of the Legendary Birds. She seems to have some sort of past With Red and Green...

PC- Red, Real Life Name- Aka Taiyou, 14. Description- Not much is known so far about him. His name means Red Tree. He seems to have some connections to Haruno. He seems to be The Legendary PC of Mewtwo...

PC- Green, Real life name- Oak Green, 14. Description- He is the grandson of Prof. Oak, the lead program designer for "PokeWorld". He is Taiyou's Best Friend and has some sort of past with Haruno. His UN, IGN and RLN are all the same, Oak Green. He is the Legendary PC of Ho-oh.

Legendary PC'- Legendary PCs are shrouded in mystery, and aren't even know how they where made. "PokeWorld" has no legendary Pokemon, and thus it is believed that they are the end result of the erased Legends. It is also believed that the Legends chose the trainers them selves from their first log in...

Well every one here is my last story addition for a while. This was done based off of a dream I had, that featured Dot Hack, but with PokeSpec Characters. The names I had to come up with to make it a bit different from the other Pokemon stories. Well Hopefully my absences from this word wont be long. See Yah