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Log In 3: And So they Meet

Yellow had just followed Blue to Pallet Town, no complaining, no worrying about what may happen, just getting there. She didn't even know why, but she felt as if her heart was beating faster than usual. She had meet Red once, yet something weird was building up insider her.

Not even 20 minutes had passed and they had come up to a town. "The house we want is the one at the very edge of town on that Hill over there," Blue had pointed at the complete opposite side of town. Yellow had nodded and started to follow her.

The two boys were sitting around, the brown haired on was working on some Data while the ebony haired one was talking with his Pikachu.

"Red, do you really think that she is going to come here on her first day playing? You did say that she was going to play with a friend, what makes you think that she's going to come on her own initiative?" said the boy that working on the data.

"I don't really know, I just have this feeling. I feel like I can actually talk to her unlike most girls that I meet. The only ones that I can talk to are the Legendary PC's, my cousin, and your sister. Plus, how much longer till your done reprogramming this place? I want to get out and train some!" his Pikachu gave a quick "Pika" in agreement.

"Red, don't you remember why I was doing this? It was to keep off the army of fans from seeing us when we are online." The brown haired boy sighed.

"Well I remember that, but how are we supposed to get the other Legendary PC's here then?" The ebony haired boy cocked his head to the side with a puzzled look.

"They will find-" he was interrupted by three really hard knocks on the door, then some murmuring, then a Hydro Pump that caused the door to fly off the hinges, that kept on going and hit the other side of the room, reckoning it. "Like that. Blue we did have a password so that you can access this place. Why didn't you use it, now I have to reprogram this room again."

"Hey, Blue! Long time no See! Hows Okimagawa?" The ebony haired had gotten up and waved.

"Can't the great Okido Green great an old friend in a more friendlier manor? I mean look at Red, he isn't that proper yet he said hi!" She turned to Green who went back to programing. "HEY! YOU CAN LOOK AT ME WHILE I'M SCHOLDING YOU!"

Yellow peeked her head in the room. "B-B-B-Blue nee-san you don't need to cause chaos where ever you go." The blond haired girl looked around the room and say the damage that Blue had caused, it was bad, even for a fake world.

Red saw her and smiled 'Told Green that she would come,' "Hey if it isn't the new player, hows the Ratatta? And if you told me your pal was Blue, I would of Flash mailed you earlier."

"So IT was Red that you meet, not some imposter!" Blue had done the "I have found the truth pose" and Yellow laughed. "Well it had to be anyways, no additional things were after his name. Also my dear Red, Yellow never knew my user name, plus if she did, you think she would call me by that, she can't help but say "Haruno" and I think you would think that of my UN, not my RLN."

Red laughed, Green responded "Anyways what are you doing here Blue, what do you need this time."

"Well I did come for something, and it wasn't from you," Blue had looked at Red, then at Yellow, "I wanted you two together."

"WHAT!" both Red and Yellow jumped back. Blue laughed.

"I love toying with you guys," the brown haired girl continued laughing.

"Blue-nee-san! That wasn't funny!"

"Yes it is, and what I wanted was for you, Red, to train Yellow – Chan for me. Could you do that?"

"Well, yeah, I can."

"Then lets start training!" Blue started to drag both of them out of the house and Green sighed as he watched her drag the two away.

System Manual- Friends and Guilds: In Pokemon World One can have as many friends as they want. All friend request must be conformed with the other player, but you can drop a friend without their permission. One can also form a Guild. A Guild is a group of people who play for a common purpose. One Person can join as many guilds as they want also. Guild masters have the right to organize a meeting for all members and take on a dungeon or quest. Ones Guild list and Friend list are different. Both your Guild lists and Friend list are different so you can have guild mates that aren't your friends. REMEMBER you can only see the people on your guild list lists if you are friends/share guilds, and the opposite is true.

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