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Sherlock: 15

Mycroft: 22

"Oh before I forget, Brolly," Madame Holmes starts mid bite, "We're having some work done to your old bedroom as well as the guest rooms, you don't mind sharing with your brother while the paint dries."

"Not at all," he offers politely, though with some trepidation.

"No," Sherlock blurts darkly as if he forgot his vow of silence, his family starring at him as if surprised he can still talk.

"Now, Sherlock, it's not the end of the world and there's plenty of room," Mummy scolds.

"Don't even think about leaving until you finished that," Mr. Holmes points with his fork, catching his youngest intent to storm off. Sherlock pouts for a beat starring at his plate as if it committed crimes against him.

It's close to midnight when Madame Holmes comes down to rescue her youngest from the dining room table. The teen awake, but immobile in front of the food diagram he created out of his meal instead of eating it. "Bed," she instructs, picking up the plate with a sigh as he runs off to his room.

When Sherlock gets to his room, Mycroft is propped up on the spare mattress reading a book by the light of the fire. "Mummy rescue you?" he drawls without looking up, the younger man making a rude gesture at his chuckling brother before stomping off to change for bed. "Good night Sherlock," Mycroft offers as he turns out the lights. The room falls dark and silent, the older man on the verge of sleep when the silence is shattered.

"'Croft?" He squeaks quietly.

"Hmm…" Mycroft snuffles sleepily.

"Do you have friends?"

"Everyone has friends," he murmurs, as he takes in the question.

"That's not true," Sherlock's voice cracks.

"So that's why you've been silent," He smirks, "Puberty is common Sherlock; surely you're not the only one whose voice cracks." The younger brother lobs a pillow hitting him square in the face, "That was uncalled for."

"Answer my question."

"I did, I have very useful friends… Now what is this about?" Mycroft waits a beat before remembering the start of term, "You did patch things up with Jamie, didn't you?"

"Never mind," he replies, turning over and feigning sleep.

"You'll make more friends brother," Mycroft informs him, knowing full well his brother is not asleep. "And you'll always have me, no matter what," he adds.

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