Himeno sighed contently as the warm sun beat down on her. Her head was currently resting in Hayate's lap as his fingers ran through her reddish pink hair over and over.

It had been five months since the battle with Fenrir. In those five months Mawata had made more friends, but still hated Sasame and Takako, Mayune had stopped her pranks and became closer with Himeno and Mawata, Karou began writing again, the Leafé knights and Himeno had remained friends, but were more like family, Takako and Sasame had gotten engaged and Himeno and Hayate had begun going out.

"Hayate." Himeno whispered so only he could hear as her pink eyes fluttered open.


Himeno bit her lip nervously, "D-do you- wo-would you ever want children?"

Hayate's whole body tensed. Sure he had thought about having children with her in the future...he had thought about it many times, but later decided he wasn't the fatherly type.

"No," he answered honestly, "Kids would be too much of a burden. Besides I need to focus on my duty as a Leafé knight and all kids do is whine and cry."

Himeno's heart shattered and tears formed in her eyes, "Oh..."

Hayate looked at Himeno curiously when she stood up and began to leave, "Hey where are you going?"

Himeno turned towards him, showing him her unshed tears, "I'm going home...and you should too."

"What's wrong?"

"How could you even say that to me? What the hell is the matter with you?" Himeno yelled.

"Uh-oh there fighting again." Mannen shook his head as he, Takako and the other Leafé knights observed the unfolding fight between the couple.

"Yes, but they always fight. It's how they are with each other...I think it's cute." Takako smiled.

"Yeah, but," Goh stopped when he noticed Himeno pick up a giant rock and the angry expression on her face, "What is she doing?"

Himeno was about to hit Hayate with her giant rock...and possibly beat him to death, but was stopped when Sasame took it from her hand, "Hey!"

"Himeno what are you doing?" Kei sighed.

"Hayate what did you do this time?" Sasame pinched the bridge of his nose with irritation.

"I didn't do anything," Hayate yelled, "She's a crazy sociopath!"

Himeno clenched her fist as tears burned in the back of her eyes, "I'm not a sociopath...I'm pregnant!"

Everyone's eyes widened and Goh quickly sent the children off to go play.

"Himeno are you sure?" Takako asked seriously.

Himeno lowered her head, her angry dissipating and her face heating up, "Uh-huh. I took a test...it came back positive."

"Those home pregnancy tests sometimes come out negative." Takako argued, trying to reassure her.

"I know that...that's why I took four."

"I-Is it mine?" Hayate choked out.

Goh smacked his forehead with his head, "Dude..."

Anger returning, Himeno turned towards Sasame and held out her hand, "Give me my rock back!"

When Sasame shook his head Himeno turned back around facing Hayate and began screaming, "A-are you like mentally challenged? All along have you just been this stupid! of course it's yours dummy. Your the only person I've had sex with!"

"Himeno I-

"No, no, no, no! Just because you found out I'm pregnant you can't change your answer and decide that you want a baby because you'll always just think of it as some stupid burden, but don't worry about anything because I'll take care of everything...I'll get a job, I'll tell my parents, I'll drop out of school, I'll go to all of the doctor appointments by myself and I'll take care of the baby!" Himeno interrupted.

Hayate opened his mouth to say something.

"No really Hayate stay! Because you need to focus on being a Leafé knight. We're over, done, finished. Go back to Leafenia and just stay there...I never want to see you again Hayate...I mean it!" Himeno turned swiftly on her heals and ran away, before they could see her cry.

"You slept with her?" Kei asked, sort of angry.

Hayate rolled her eyes, "Whatever. She doesn't want me involved...it's her problem now."

"Hayate quit acting like a child and take responsibility! It's your child too. This isn't something that's going to go away...this is serious. I thought you loved her?" Takako yelled.

"I do, but now-

"But now that she's pregnant and because you don't want a baby right now your going to abandon her and your unborn child and leave her to fend for herself?" Takako finished for him.

"Hayate she's right...you need to talk to her. And this time without all the yelling." Sasame wrapped his arm around Takako's waist.

Suddenly they heard a piercing scream come from the mansion.

"That was Himeno!" Shin cried.

"No. You guys stay here, " Goh told the children gently, but firmly, "We're going right now to check on her...stay."

The older knights and Takako ran as fast as they could from the backyard garden and into the house and what they saw stopped them in their tracks...

Himeno was on the floor with a chair tipped over beside her. Tears were streaming down her face and a single hand was on her red cheek. Natsue and Karou were standing over her looking mad and furious with fire burning in their eyes, "I-I'm sorry!"

"You're sorry! You disgrace the family name by acting like this and your sorry?" Natsue shouted.

"We're you sexually stupid? I as well as your mother have talked to you countless times about this. God where did I go wrong with you? How could you do this to us Himeno?" Karou demanded.

"I-I'll have an abortion if you want me too." Himeno lied.

Natsue scoffed, "Do you know what will happen? The media will destroy us! God Himeno just go upstairs...I don't want to see your face or hear you for the rest of the day. Just looking at you disgusts me."

"What is the matter with you?"

"Are you alright?" Takako asked softly, kneeling down beside Himeno and helping her sit up.

Himeno sniffled and nodded and stood on shaky legs. Her parents glared at her and looked like they were about to strike again, "Ugh! Get out of our sight."

Himeno nodded a bitter smile on her face, "Good...fine. That's what you think of me? Say it...say it! I guess I'm just a slut!"

"Hey." Karou yelled, making Himeno go silent, "You don't talk to your mother like that."

"What? You know it's true? I'm nothing but a whore right?"

"I said knock it off!" Karou shoved Himeno towards the stairs.

"Woah!" Takako grabbed Himeno's arms before she hit her head on the corner of the banister.

Himeno wiped at her eyes.

"Come on Himeno. Come, come." Takako whispered as she ushered Himeno upstairs.

"How can you treat her like that?" Sasame asked, clearly disgusted.

Karou sighed as he began to calm down, "I'm sorry you had to see that. I just got angry."

"So that gives you the right to do that? She's carrying a child may I remind you. She could've been hurt." Kei hissed.

"Please excuse us," Natsue whispered kindly, "I'm sorry you had to witness that, but Mr. Awayuki and I have a lot to discuss as you can tell."

"He's never yelled at me like that before. I never thought that-

Himeno was cut off as she fit a new set of sobs escaped her mouth and she chucked her pillow across the room.

"Himeno you shouldn't be stressed out right now. It's not good." Mawata whispered.

"I don't want a baby!" Himeno cried, "I'm sixteen in my second term of a sophomore in high school. I wanted to go to college and make a living, get married and then in a few years maybe have a kid...not now!"

"I know." Mawata whispered.

"Just take what things you've packed and head over to Yayoi's. Her and her mother said you could stay for a little while until things cool down. I'll meet you over there as soon as I can okay?" she smiled.

Himeno nodded silently and pulled out her small suitcase from under hear bed.

"Call me on my cell phone if you need help with something. Make sure to lock your door a-and-

"Okay mom I get it." Himeno rolled her eyes playfully.

She gasped in surprise when Mawata hugged her tightly, "I love you."

Himeno smiled, "I love you too Mawata. I'm sorry if I'm being a burden."

"Don't worry...you will be for the next 9 months." Mawata giggled.

Himeno sighed and stretched when she stood, "I'm leaving. Tell Hayate to leave me alone...I can get through this pregnancy without him."

Mawata nodded uneasily and bit her lip as Himeno threw her bag and climbed slowly down the water pipe.

"Idiot." she whispered. She knew Himeno would need Hayate sooner or later and knowing Himeno...she'd choose later.