AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, this is a new story that I've been brainstorming on for a while. My OC is Adrienne Zabini, Blaise Zabini's twin sister. I know what you're thinking, and I normally dislike stories were there is a twin of a canon character, but since Blaise is a minor canon, I can do what I please with him and his family without messing up the story. So I've added this OC. Like the summary says, this story follows the sixth book and movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. However, it loosely follows the novel and movie, all the important things that make up the book and movie important in the series will be in this story. So enough of this note. I hope you enjoy my newest Harry Potter fic, Betrothed in Darkness.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT JKR -insert sad face here-, if it sounds familiar then it's JK's not mine.

Summer 1996

The Malfoy Manor

A man met her at the door of the Manor. He'd opened the door and looked down at the sixteen year old girl before him. Her skin was dark as hot cocoa and her eyes the same color. She stood at a solid five foot four inches, however, her posture made her look shorter. Her hair was pulled back into a low side ponytail and fell about an inch below her shoulder. She was dressed in all black, like all the others that had come to the door. After a moment, he allowed her to enter, and then guided her towards the hallway. The hallway he took her down was large, dimly lit, and decorated in a lavish manner. A lush carpet covered the stone floor that had disappeared when they exited the foyer. The eyes of the pale portraits on the wall followed the small group as they made their way to the drawing room. The man stopped a few feet away from the door and gestured to the heavy door. Assuming that meant she'd have to go alone the rest of the way. The girl pulled the bronze door handle, after a short pause.

The drawing room was silent. The room's usual furnishings were pushed against the wall without care. The people that sat in the room watched her from their places at the long table in the center of the room; their eyes followed her as she approached the pale figure sitting at the head of the table. She walked slowly allowing her eyes to adjust to the dim light admitted by the dying flame in the marble fireplace.

"That's close enough," a high, clear voice said from the head of the table.

The girl stopped and bowed to the owner of the voice. "Yes, My Lord."

"Miss. Zabini, I must admit that it's a surprise to see you here. I never thought that I'd see you kneeling before me," the pale white skinned man said quietly from his chair. Two of the younger people at the table exchanged looks. "However, I do admit that I am impressed with you. You will be a nice addition to the cause. Of course, if you meet my standards." One unnaturally long, thin finger point towards the door and it swung open quickly. "Flint, bring in Ms. Cuffe," he demanded in a high voice. A moment later, there was a middle aged brunette woman shoved into the room and the door slammed shut behind her. Flint held the woman's wrist as he guided her to a spot near the Dark Lord. The man released his hold on the woman, and she crumpled to the ground with a soft thud. "Thank you, Flint, you may take you seat next to the young Mr. Malfoy." The young man took his respective seat, and his eyes too fell on the girl.

"This is Mr. Claudia Cuffe, she's a writer for the Daily Prophet. She was one of the main writers that doubted my return," he allotted time for murmurs of disgust. "She said that there was 'no possible way that the Dark Lord could have returned'," he said quoting her directly. The pale skinned man pulled his wand from his robe and pointed at her. Without the Dark Lord uttering a word, the woman started to scream. Her cries were blood curling, and the girl flinched at the sound. The Dark Lord dropped the curse and spoke to the writer, "Do you doubt me now?" he hissed. The woman whimpered in response. "Ms. Zabini, I don't believe in letting nonbelievers live. Do you?"

"No, my Lord."

"Well, take your wand and do what needs to be done."

"Yes, my Lord," the girl said. As she pulled her wand from her robe pocket and started towards the woman, the Dark Lord snatched in from her hand, "Ebony with a Pogrebin hair core; rare indeed. This isn't an Olivander's wand."

"No, my Lord; it's from Alivan's in Whales." The Dark Lord handed her wand back to her and she took it, before continuing her journey to the woman. When she got close she could hear her whimpering softly. Her brown hair was matted with blood, and dried blood was on her face. Her nose was at a strange angle and her lips were swollen. She'd obviously been tortured.

"Do what you please with her," the Dark Lord said from behind the girl.

She nodded and pointed her wand at the woman before her. She thought angry thoughts, and then shouted, "Cruico." The woman screamed in pain again, squirming on the ground. The young Zabini dropped the curse and looked at the woman, and the woman stared back in utter surprise. She couldn't believe who her assassin was, a sixteen year old girl was sent to kill her. Behind her, from what seemed like a million miles away, the Dark Lord cackled, being her back to the task at hand. Feeling the tiniest bit of sympathy for the woman, the girl gathered the courage to say two fatal words: "Avada Kedavra." There was a blinding flash of green light that collided with the victim's body. The body was launched into the wall behind it and then fell to the ground, as limp as a rag doll. The girl lowered her wand.

"Very good, Ms. Zabini, you are one of the more powerful new recruits. No hesitation when killing, will save your life in a battle," the Dark Lord said coolly. "I'll accept you as a spy at Hogwarts. I've been told that Dumbledore is going to hire an old friend of mine, Horace Slughorn as a Professor. I'd like you to get close to him, as I did. He likes the intelligent ones. Do that for me?"

"Yes, my Lord."

"This meeting is dismissed, well will meet again at my call."

As the girl started away from the Dark Lord, her new master, he touched her shoulder. The young Zabini turned her dark brown eyes up to his cat-like slits. "Don't let me down, Ms. Zabini."

"I won't, my Lord."

He nodded to her and then dismissed her. As she walked out of the door, another hand brushed her shoulder, and another her palm. To her left, stood her brother, Blaise Zabini, his dark eyes were full of worry and panic. The girl rolled her dark eyes and looked to her left were a blond Draco Malfoy stood. His eyes were cold, as usual, but there was something hiding behind them. Maybe worry that he and her brother shared.

Before any of the three could speak, Draco's parents and the Zabini's had appeared before them. Her mother looked distraught and fearful; maybe because her daughter and son were now Death Eaters. His parents, as usual looked tired. Having the Dark Lord living in your home couldn't be easy. "May I have a word with you two?" Lucius Malfoy asked. The female Zabini pointed to herself and then Blaise did the same. Lucius shook his head. "No, her and my son," he corrected. "Come."

The two followed Lucius and his wife, and her parents to the Malfoy study. The door was mahogany with a bronze handle and heavy like the door that led to the Drawing Room. The group entered the messy study slowly. Mr. Malfoy took the seat behind the mahogany desk and his wife stood behind the tall black leather chair. Ms. Zabini and the young Malfoy took the two seats in front of the desk, also black leather. The girl's parents stood behind her, one hand on each shoulder.

"Adrienne," Lucius started. "Draco," he continued turned his eyes to his son. "We, your mother, Anna, Dante, and I, have come to an agreement. Adrienne, you know that your family is losing its stature in the Wizarding world. Draco, our family has lost some of its stature. However, both of the houses, still have more stature than any other pure-blood family in the Wizarding world. So in order to get more power, to keep our names in the mind of the Dark Lord, the two houses shall become one. Draco, you are now betrothed to Miss. Adrienne Zabini."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I didn't give Adrienne a mark because I read that only the people in the Dark Lord's inner circle are supposed to have the mark. I'm going to say that Draco has one, just because it's never specified in the novel, but is shown in the movie. So he'll have one, but I haven't decided if I want Adrienne to have one. So let me know what you think of it so far. I'm dying to know.