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A Friend in Need

Chapter 1: Staying the Night

Chris walked around the neighborhood, noting the similarities between the cities in Sonic's world compared to his world. The buildings all seemed like the ones back home, the cars and buses rolling by were similar, and the dark sky was just like the sky back on Earth. He noted that even the stars and moon shined brightly like on Earth. 'Wow. It's amazing that the world here is so much like Earth,' Chris thought to himself, suddenly seeing a large alligator running down the opposite side of the road, seemingly drunk. 'Of course, that's excluding the fact that most of the people here are animals, not humans.' Chris smirked slightly to himself and continued walking. While he walked, he remembered Earth and his decision to stay in Sonic's world. 'I know it'll take some getting used to,' Chris thought while slowing his pace, 'but at least Tails agreed to try to invent a way to allow him to transport between worlds easily.'

While Chris was thinking, a drop of rain hit his nose, causing him to focus on the drizzle that started. Chris reached over and pulled the hood of his hoodie over his head in order to keep his head dry. Sure enough, within seconds, rain started pouring really quickly. Chris started to quicken his pace, hoping to make it back to his apartment before it gets worse. 'It's a good thing Sonic and the others convinced me to get the apartment. Otherwise, who knows where I'd be living now.' Chris thought while remembering that day.


"I don't know about this, Sonic. Do you really think that I need an apartment?" Chris asked his blue friend. "Of course you do. You are staying here for a while, right?" Sonic asked the worried boy as they looked around the empty, abandoned building. "They offered to let you keep it for free as long as you furnish it and keep up with the expenses. Why not take it?" Chris thought it over for a moment, letting the words from his blue hedgehog friend sink in. "You're right, I guess. I'll fill out the papers in a little bit and accept their offer."

"That's what I thought," Sonic smiled at Chris, giving him his signature thumbs up.

End Flashback

Chris was running at full speed back to his apartment (he was no match for Sonic in the speed department, but he was still pretty fast for his size). While he ran, he noticed someone sitting on a porch step, being drenched by the falling rain. Without thinking about his apartment, he crossed the road after making sure there was no traffic and approached the figure sitting in the rain. Chris saw that the form was that of a girl, actually a girl hedgehog, with her head slumped in her arms. Chris saw the girl's signature red dress, white gloves, and pink quills and was sure of who it was. As he approached, he noticed she had a large red and yellow hammer by her side. After seeing this, he knew exactly who she was.

"Amy?" Chris asked the form, who looked up at Chris quickly. Chris saw a look he never imagined he'd see. He saw Amy with a droopy face, bloodshot eyes, shaking from the cold rain, and tear stains on her face. In short, she was a wreck.

"Hey, Chris. How are you?" Amy looked down as she practically whispered her question. "I'm alright, but I think you've seen better days." Chris sat down next to the sulking girl, hoping she wouldn't get mad and swing her hammer at him. "What's wrong?" Amy looked up again and saw Chris was looking at her, a serious but kind expression on his face. She sighed, knowing she'd have to tell him now. "Sonic turned me down again," Amy said, rubbing her hand on her arm. "I tried to get him to accept me and like me, but he told me that we'd never work. He said flat out that he didn't want a girlfriend because he'd put her in danger, whether because of Eggman or any other villain." Amy started to cry again. "And to make matters worse, I've accidently locked myself out of my house again. I called the locksmith, but he said he can't come to help now since its afterhours." Chris looked at his cell phone, noting the time. "8:36 p.m. I didn't even notice it got that late already." Amy looked over at her hammer. "I tried to hit my door down, but I forgot that my house has doors and walls with steel reinforcements. All I managed to do was tire myself out."

Chris looked at Amy and back at the door. He saw a few dents in the door, but it held firm. Chris noticed Amy was getting drenched by the rain, which had picked up while they were talking. Knowing he was gambling with Mother Nature on this, he reached down and pulled off his hoodie. "Here, Amy," Chris calmly stated while handing his hoodie over towards the pink hedgehog. "I think you may need this more than me right now." Amy looked over to the boy who, despite being soaked to the bone, offered her his hoodie. "Thanks, Chris. I'm sorry I'm making you waste your time here. You don't have to give me your jacket. I'll be alright."

"Amy, I offered it to you, and I'm not going back on it. Either take my hoodie, or we're both going to get drenched." Amy smiled slightly and took the hoodie. Slipping the hoodie on, she noticed it was wet on the outside, but completely dry on the inside. "How is it dry inside? Doesn't the rain seep through it?" Chris smiled and lifted the hood over Amy's head. "No, it was made so that if it got wet, the inside would stay dry and warm." Amy tucked the hoodie down a little more and looked at Chris. "Thanks, that's really sweet." Chris smiled a little more at the compliment. Standing up, he looked at his phone again for the time. "8:45 p.m. It's about time I get back to the apartment." Amy looked over at him, stunned. "You mean you're going to your apartment, in the rain, and leaving your hoodie with me here?" She asked him, surprised about this. Chris shook his head no, causing some rain to shake off his damp hair.

"Not really. After all, if you're willing to go with me to my apartment, I'll still have my hoodie with me, and we'll both be out of the rain quickly. It is only a couple blocks away." Chris replied, pointing down the street. Amy looked at him with a funny look for a few seconds, before she understood what he said. "Wait. You're asking me to go with you back to your apartment? Seriously?" Amy asked in disbelief. Chris was always nervous letting people into the apartment, aside from Sonic. She remembered he said before, "I don't want to risk any major damage. Sonic may be fast, but at least he's nimble and careful."

"The offer stands, Amy. You can come with me and dry off tonight, or you can stay here on the steps and mope all night in the rain. Your choice." Chris stepped off the bottom step and turned back towards the sitting girl. "Thanks, Chris. I'll accept your offer, if you're serious about it." Amy stood up and grabbed her hammer. She stepped down and started walking next to the soaked boy. "By the way," Amy looked at the boy with a concerned face. "What about you? Aren't you worried about getting sick from the rain?" Chris looked over to her and smiled slightly. "As long as my friends are safe, I'll let anything happen to me." Amy felt her face warm up from that comment and walked a little closer to Chris.

The two teens made it back to Chris's apartment around 9:00 p.m. The boy flipped the light on in the living room, illuminating the dark room. "Sorry if it's a little unfurnished. I try to keep it efficient, not flashy." Amy looked around and saw that Chris was right. Aside from a television, his laptop on a wooden desk, and a couch situated in front of the television, the living room was bare. Attached to the living room was a kitchen area. Like the living room, the kitchen didn't have much. Only a refrigerator, stove, freezer, and microwave were present. A sink was built into one of the two counters. A set of three chairs around one of the counters finished the kitchen's features.

"At least you find it comfortable, Chris. That's all that really matters." Amy looked back at where Chris was but found him to be gone. "Chris? Chris?" Amy called, wondering where he went. "Don't worry, Amy. I'm just changing out of my wet clothes." Amy saw a light down a small hallway and followed it. She saw a door slightly ajar, with a light on within. She opened up the door and saw Chris in the middle of changing. Luckily for both of them, Chris was already in his pajama pants and was putting a shirt on, so the two wouldn't have to worry about a situation that really would have made the night worse.

"Amy, if you need, you can use the bathroom right there to change. I think I have some clothes you can use until the locksmith opens your house up tomorrow." Chris reached into his dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers, a pair of shorts, and a large T-shirt. Chris threw the pile of clothes to Amy, who had just taken off the hoodie. Chris just noticed that the rain really did a number on her dress. The dress was clinging to her hourglass figure, allowing her curves to truly be seen. One detail that Chris accidently noticed was that Amy evidently was missing a certain article of clothing.

"Amy, you're not wearing a bra, are you?" Chris asked the wet girl, blushing and quickly turning around. "No, I usually don't when I wear my red dress. Why?" Amy explained and asked, also blushing at the surprise question. "Well, the rain is pointing out two, uh, points on you right now." Chris was still turned around, but he was tomato red. Amy didn't understand what he meant until she looked down and saw her dress was clinging to her figure, and her nipples were jutting out, clearly visible through the wet fabric. "Oops, sorry Chris." Amy blushed harder at the realization. She grabbed the pile of clothes Chris offered her and ran into the bathroom. Chris heard the door close and was able to calm down. With that, he started gathering up a pillow and a blanket.

"That was so embarrassing," Amy muttered to herself. She had managed to get the dress and her red panties off after a little effort, due to the clinging from the rain. She pulled on the boxers, shorts, and shirt quickly. Taking a minute to relax, she looked around the bathroom. Once again, it wasn't fancy, but it got the job done. A toilet, a sink in a counter, a bathtub with a shower head, and a laundry basket took up the bulk of the room. A couple mats were placed near the toilet and bathtub. Opening the door and shutting off the light, Amy walked back into the bedroom and took a good look around.

Like the rest of the apartment, the bedroom was minimally furnished. Aside from a large dresser, a closet in one corner, a desk and chair, and the bed, the room was practically bare. The only oddity about the room was the bed. It was a king sized bed with beautiful alternating scarlet and turquoise sheets and a scarlet/turquoise comforter. Three large pillows with scarlet/turquoise pillow cases laid on one end of the bed. "Odd. Of all things, why go over the top on a bed?" Amy wondered to herself as she walked back into the living room.

She looked around and saw Chris prepping something in a small closet at the end of the living room. As she got closer, she saw that the closet contained a combo washing machine/dryer and a small shelf that held laundry detergent and fabric softener. "Hey, what are you doing?" Amy asked him, as if she didn't know. Turning to look at her, Chris smiled. "Just prepping the washing machine. Go get your wet clothes and dump them in here." He said, tapping the washing machine. "They can get washed tonight and I can dry them for you tomorrow." Amy replied "ok" and went back to gather her wet clothes from the laundry basket. Returning and placing them in the machine, Chris set the machine and started it. Chris closed the door and walked towards the couch.

"Want to watch a movie? I have quite a selection from home here." Chris asked Amy, who didn't see any movies. She looked down and noticed the television was sitting atop a wide dresser. He opened up the top and showed a DVD player and VCR combo machine. Reaching down to open the bottom drawers, he showed Amy he had a large number of DVDs and VHS tapes of television series and movies available. "Wow. How did I miss that?" Amy asked aloud. "Probably because I didn't point it out." Chris smirked. Amy smirked back and looked at the selection. "How about this one?" Amy asked, pulling out a movie case for a comedian. Chris looked at the case that read "George Carlin: Life is Worth Losing." "Alright then. Pop it in and hit play."

The next two hours passed joyously for the hedgehog and the boy as they laughed at the comedian's jokes and talk of topics ranging from fat Americans to a Suicide channel on TV. When the movie ended, Chris replaced the disc back into the case and shut off the television. Chris looked at his phone again and saw it was 11:43 p.m. "Well, it's almost midnight, Amy. I think it's about time we turned in." Amy hopped up and agreed, yawning slightly. Chris reached over the edge of the couch and pulled out the blanket and pillow he gathered earlier, tossing the pillow carelessly to the edge of the couch and flinging the blanket near it. Amy walked over towards the edge of the couch and grabbed the blanket. "What do you think you're doing?" Chris asked Amy in a slightly stern tone. "I'm getting ready for bed. I thought you were letting me crash here for the night." Amy looked back at Chris, clearly confused. "Yes, but you're not at the right place. Follow me." Chris walked down the short hall, Amy having dropped the blanket on the couch and followed him. They returned into the bedroom and Chris flicked on the light, walking towards the bed.

"You sleep here, Amy." Chris calmly told the pink hedgehog as he pulled back the comforter and a sheet. Amy looked at Chris, surprised and utterly confused. "Wait. Why do you have a pillow and blanket on the couch then?" Amy asked the teen. Chris smiled and looked at her, then the bed. "You sleep here. I'm sleeping on the couch." Amy was shocked at what Chris just said. "But, Chris," Amy started. "No buts, Amy. It's made up." Chris shushed her quickly, letting her know it won't be changed. "Are you sure, Chris?" Amy asked the boy, who simply nodded. Amy sighed and laid down on the bed, with Chris tucking her in. "Good night, Amy. Pleasant dreams." Chris soothed towards the girl, kissing her lightly on the forehead before turning and leaving the room, making sure to hit the lights and close the door. The window in the room, only half closed off by cheap curtains, let in a little moonlight, showing two things. One, it showed the rain had finally stopped, and two, it showed a teenage girl laying in a large bed with a "What just happened?" look.

Chris returned to the living room, opening the door to check on the weather. Seeing the rain finally stopped, he locked the door and walked back to the couch. Picking up the dropped blanket, Chris laid on the couch and placed his head on the pillow, covering himself with the blanket. Soon after, Chris closed his eyes and was soon asleep, hoping his guest was doing the same.

Chris awoke to a strange whispering sound. Even with his eyes closed, he awoke to the sounds of someone saying in a hushed whisper, "Chris. Chris." Opening his eyes and giving them a few seconds to adjust, he saw the cause of the strange whispering noise. "Amy? What are you doing up? It's…" Chris checked his phone. "..3:15 a.m. Why are you… wait? 3:15 a.m.? What the heck?" Chris sat up, still slightly tired but fully aware now, slightly annoyed. When his eyes fully adjusted, he saw Amy was crying again, trying to hold back a sob. "Sorry, Amy. What's wrong?" Chris asked, calming down a lot.

"The rain started again and thunder boomed loudly, scaring me awake." Amy replied, still struggling to prevent a sob. Chris stood up and unlocked the door. Sure enough, the rain had picked up again, and lightning and thunder were flashing and booming. Closing and relocking the door, Chris returned to the couch. "What do you want me to do?" Chris asked, slightly confused about what he could do.

"Can y-you … um… sleep in the bed with m-me?" Amy asked, scared of the reaction. Chris slightly blushed, but realized that she wasn't going to get back to sleep without him there. Reluctantly, he agreed. Walking to the room with her in tow, he noticed the curtains were slightly open, casting a slight moonlight on the bed, where tears were shown to be on the pillow. Chris got onto the bed and let Amy return to her position. Thinking quickly, Chris swapped Amy's teary pillow with his dry one, flipping the teary pillow over and placing it down. Amy covered back up and looked at the boy laying next to her. Wiping the tears from her eyes, Amy reached over and kissed Chris on the forehead, like he did to her only a few hours before. Chris blushed slightly but relaxed soon after. "You know Amy, if you ever get locked out of your house at night again, you'll always be welcome here." Chris smiled when he saw her happy reaction. "Thanks, Chris. By the way, I didn't realize it until I was going to bed, but it was Friday when I called the locksmith. They're closed on the weekends." Amy looked down slightly, only for Chris to pick her head up by lifting her chin. "Don't worry. You can spend the weekend here if you want to. We'll just make sure to wash your clothes at night."

Amy reached over and gave Chris a huge hug. "Thank you so much! I can't believe you're being so nice!" Chris blushed again, but managed to stay calm. "It's alright. Okay, Amy. Once again, good night and pleasant dreams." Amy cuddled close to Chris, causing her to conform to the way he was laying, making Chris a little uncomfortable. However, Amy seemed content, even grabbing his hand and placing it over her side, just under her chest. Chris decided to let her sleep her way as long as she was happy. He spent the last few moments he was awake smelling the fragrance coming off her clean quills, falling into a content sleep as well.

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