(Everyone, minus Demon, is waiting)

Bliss: Where the hell is he?

GoodWriter: I thought he was working on a new LSLV chapter.

Skagui: That bastard better hurry up, or else…

Snivy: Or else what? You'll shoot him dead? Then who'll write the chapters?

Skagui: Uh… damn it. I hate logic.

(Demon walks in, carrying a clipboard and a stoic expression)

Demon: Welcome back to A Friend in Need.

Skagui: Alright, jackass. Why are we here now? You're supposed to be working on LSLV.

Demon: I know. I just decided to take a rain check on it. The new chapter will be done soon.

Skagui: Wrong answer, motherfucker!

(Skagui jumps at Demon; Snivy clotheslines him in time)

Demon: Sorry. Summer takes its toll sometimes. Besides, I have some good news and bad news.

GoodWriter: Spill. What's the good news?

Demon: I have outlined my next Sonic story, and will start on it sooner or later. I'll keep the pairing secret until it is uploaded.

Skagui: What's the bad news?

Demon: Well, since I try to keep only a few multi-chapter stories at once, I have to, well…

Bliss: Fuck. I think I know where this is going…

Demon: I'm sorry to report this will be the last chapter of A Friend In Need.

Skagui: WHAT!

Demon: I'm sorry, but this is the end of AFIN.

Skagui: You bastard!

(Skagui jumps Demon again, but Snivy clotheslines Skagui again)

GoodWriter: But, what about us?

Demon: Well, I'm going to have one or two other writers in the A.T. of that story, but you might be able to stay.

Snivy: And I thought you were my friend.

Demon: Come on, now. You guys knew this day would come.

Bliss: It still hurts.

Demon: Well, let's get to this final chapter.

All others: Okay.

Skagui: Glurgle, glurgle.

Chapter 20: Happy Couple and Heartwarming Moment

Six months passed for everyone, almost in the blink of an eye. After Chris and Amy's secret was revealed, not much of interest seemed to happen. Of course, considering the events that had taken place, not much could compare. We find Amy and Chris currently in their home, remodeling it. The door opened, where a large old mattress was jammed through the doorway, followed by a rusty frame. The couple wiped their foreheads, glad the hardest part of the renovation was finished.

"Damn, I've been wanting to throw that thing out for months!" Amy exclaimed, falling onto the couch, exhausted. Chris sat down next to her and agreed. "At least we're almost done with the changes. All that's left is the guest room." The human said, looking over to the door. Amy was about to respond when the mail slot opened slightly, followed by a few letters. The pink hedgehog walked over to collect the mail. As per usual, she threw the letters onto the table after seeing what the letters contained.

"Bill, bill, bill, Sonic Day celebration poster, wedding day invite, bill… wait a minute!" She exclaimed, digging through the letters again. Chris sighed and sat up. "Amy, you know Sonic Day happens the same way. You don't need to look at the flyer again." He said, slightly tired. "Not that, Chris. The wedding invite." Amy retorted, pulling a white envelope with brown stripes on the corners. The hedgehog took no time ripping the envelope open and pulling out the card.

"Let's see who's getting hitched now." Amy said as she opened the card.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Antoine and Bunnie, set to take place on the first Sunday of the month at three in the afternoon at Knothole. A celebratory party will occur the Friday before, so please schedule your arrival prior to then. Call to confirm your attendance.

"Son of a bitch…" Amy muttered as she held the card. Chris heard her comment and walked over. "What's wrong, Amy?" the human asked the hedgehog. Amy turned her head and chuckled. "Remember the lie we told Shadow and Rouge for why we got the dress and tux?" She asked. Chris nodded, confused. "Yeah, we lied and said we heard Bunnie and Antoine were getting married. What about it?" Amy handed him the card. "Take a moment for some irony." She answered, walking to the couch to relax. Chris looked over the card and his eyes widened. "Damn."


Three days later, Amy was standing in the living room, a duffel bag packed for the weekend she would spend with the others at Knothole. "Are you sure about this, Chris?" Amy asked nervously, the human next to her. "Don't worry, Amy. I'm not as close to them as you guys are, so I don't think I'd belong there. Besides, this way I can finish the guest room while you are gone. Don't worry about it." He said confidently, wrapping his arms around the girl. Amy sighed and hugged the human back. "Alright. I'll see you on Monday, then." She said as the X-Tornado touched down in the yard. The cockpit opened, revealing Cream, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, and Shadow. "Ready to go, Amy?" Sonic asked as the pink hedgehog walked to the plane. Nodding, Amy hopped into the plane, waving goodbye to her boyfriend, who she hoped would be alright for the weekend.

Chris smiled as the crew took off for Knothole. "Good, now I can get everything taken care of." Chris said, smirking as he closed the door to the house.


The party that night was in full swing. As the tradition went in Knothole, the groom and bride were not allowed to see each other. So, the girls took Bunnie into one room for the party, while the guys kept Antoine in another room. In Bunnie's room, everyone was enjoying the upbeat music playing through the speakers. All except for one, of course. Amy sat at the table at the end, sighing in worry. "Why didn't Chris want to come along with us? The guys didn't mind, and the plane had plenty of room." She said aloud, figuring nobody would hear her over the music.

"Don't worry about it, Amy." The pink hedgehog looked up to see Rouge walking over, smiling. Amy sighed and looked down. "How can I not worry, Rouge? Chris flat-out refused to come to the wedding. Even if he isn't as close to them as we are, he'd still be welcome here. Bunnie and Antoine even said they supported our being together." She said, tears forming in her eyes. Rouge sighed and gripped Amy's shoulder. "Amy, you need to remember that Chris is only trying to help you out."

Amy looked up to the bat, confused by the last remark. Rouge sighed and continued. "For the last six months, you two have done everything together, ranging from movies to sex. I think Chris wanted the two of you to be separated for a while so you can enjoy fun yourself. Remember, Chris is all alone back home. All of his friends are here, so he's probably just finishing the remodeling you guys were doing. He wants you to have fun and take a break, from the work and from him."

Amy looked at Rouge's sincere face and smiled. "I guess you're right, Rouge. I'll try to stay upbeat this weekend. You may have a good point." Amy hopped up and ran over to Bunnie, who was watching a Chippendales Chipmunk stripping and dancing on the stage. Rouge sighed. 'Good thing I kept the real reason secret. It was hard not telling her.' Rouge thought, looking at her engagement ring. 'Secrets are a lot harder to keep when they involve loved ones.'


Over in the guys' room, Antoine was trying desperately to avoid the strippers the others hired for the party. "Bunnie will kill me if she finds out about them." Antoine argued, which fell on deaf ears. Sonic chuckled. 'Well, you'd probably be pissed too if you knew she was watching a chipmunk strip.' He thought as he pulled the groom back to the stage. After forcing Antoine back on stage, he looked to Shadow, who was in deep thought, staring at his ring. "What's wrong, Shadow? You seem glum."

Shadow turned around. "It's nothing. I'm just fine." He said harshly, making Sonic step back a bit. "Okay, sorry. I just thought you were upset about something." The blue hedgehog began walking away, only to be stopped by the ebony one. "I'm just trying to keep quiet." Sonic turned back to Shadow, who was holding his ring finger. Sonic noticed and asked. "Is it about Rouge?" Shadow shook his head. "Actually, she knows the same thing. I need you to keep this quiet from everyone else." He said solemnly. Sonic nodded, and Shadow whispered something into the blue blur's ear. Sonic's eyes widened at the information. "Well, that makes sense. I hope it all goes well." Sonic said before walking away. Shadow sighed, staring at his ring. 'I hope so, too, Fak… Sonic. I hope so too.'


Back at the house, Chris wiped his brow, staring at the finished guest room. "It's all finished. Now, I just have to wait." Chris said happily before closing the door and heading to bed.


The rest of the party and wedding went off perfectly. Since Bunnie and Antoine decided to honeymoon in Australia, everyone decided to head back home. Amy was the first to be dropped off at her home. After waving farewell to her friends, she picked up her duffel bag and went to the door. "I hope Chris has been doing okay while I was gone." Amy said as she grabbed the door knob. "I wonder if Rouge was right about Chris wanting me to have a break."

She opened the door to find the living room completely cleaned. Everything was organized and was practically sparkling. Smiling, Amy placed her bag near the door and began looking for her boyfriend. Each room she checked was spotless, but also lacked the loving human. 'Kitchen, no. Bathroom, no. Bedroom, no.' She thought, growing more worried with each room. Eventually, she made it to the guest room, worried by this point that Chris may have left her. "Last chance." She muttered as she opened the door. When she looked inside, she gasped.

The room was beautifully done, with the furniture clean and the windows shining like a new penny. But, what she noticed most of all was on the ground. An arrangement of candles, pink in color and smelling of lavender, all lit and placed in the shape of a heart. Standing in the center of the heart was a figure dressed in a white tuxedo, white pants, white shoes, and a black tie. Lifting his head up, Amy recognized the figure as Chris, who sported a happy yet solemn expression. His eyes lit up as he began to speak.

"Amy, I have known you for only 6 years, and yet I am certain that I love you. We have been through thick and thin, helping Sonic and the others fight evil time and time again. I have watched out for everyone, but you were my first priority. Now, having been with you for six months, and seeing how compatible we are, I have one question left for you to answer." Chris dropped to one knee, pulling a satin box from his pocket. Opening the box, the human revealed a beautiful ring with a large diamond sitting on a golden band, with little emeralds circling the bottom of the diamond.

"Amy Rose, will you marry me?"

Amy was stunned by the events taking place before her. After a few seconds of stunned silence, a tear fell from her eyes as she nodded. "Yes, Christopher. I will marry you!" Amy jumped into the heart arrangement and met Chris in a loving kiss and hug that would put any other to shame. As they broke the kiss, Amy smiled. "My dream came true. Just like yours did." She happily said. Chris nodded. "Shadow and Rouge knew about this. That's why I didn't go with you to the wedding. I had sent a gift the day before you left to them in congratulations. I spent the weekend finishing the room and preparing the surprise."

Amy smiled as the two embraced one another. Amy looked down and laughed. "So, should we put out the flames before something catches fire?" She asked, causing both to erupt in laughter, happy to be together forever.

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