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A Call

It all started with a call.

"Mogami-san, you have a visitor."

It's a bit more difficult to say where it ended.

Regardless, it started with a call.

The President of LME was known throughout Japan (and in several other countries) as a powerful, if eccentric, man. But there was nothing he could do about this. He didn't blame Kyoko for this, although he did blame himself. He could have dealt with this a while ago. A few phone calls, some paperwork, and everything could be solved. But now it was too late. Who was he kidding…the woman was ruthless. There was nothing he could have done to change her mind.

Still, the look on the young girl's face when she opened the door ripped his heart. The poor girl looked like she was going to try to run, but Sebastian was standing behind her. "I'm so sorry Mogami-san."

The woman began to talk at the girl who made no response. She just stared at the President as if pleading for her life. 'Please.' Her expression called out to him. 'Please don't let this happen to me."

"Mogami-san…I'm going to have to terminate your employment here. Until you come of age or receive permission from a parent or legal guardian, I'm afraid that you may not work here. " He didn't say anything as the woman grabbed her daughter's arm and pulled her out of the building like an errant child. Instead, he dropped his head in his hands and sighed.

Yashiro was plotting. Ren was sure of it. "Ren, I need to stop by the Love Me room."

"You aren't going to make Mogami-san be your replacement again, are you?"

"Of course not! I just wanted to…" They halted outside the Love Me room. Someone was sobbing inside. Afraid it was Kyoko, Ren threw the door open.

"Kotonami-san!" Ren stared at the girl, stunned. Sitting beside her, he leaned over. "Kotonami-san, are you alright? Are you hurt?" He wondered where Kyoko was. This was Kyoko's thing, not his. He had very little experience comforting crying women. Yashiro shut the door behind him and pulled out his phone, prepared to call for help if she was hurt.

"She's gone." She managed.

Assuming that someone was dead, he touched her shoulder in concern. "I'm sorry. Who's gone."

"Kyoko!" Kanae stared up at the tall actor. "The President fired her! And now she's gone! She didn't even say goodbye to me!" The woman dropped her head back in her hands, embarrassed that she was so upset, but devastated at the same time. "She's my best friend and she didn't say anything to me." She whispered. Ren stood abruptly, storming out of the room, leaving Yashiro torn. Finally, he sighed and sat beside Kanae. Hopefully Ren would fill him in later.

"How could you!" Ren roared as he shoved the door to the President's office open with a loud slam. "She's been working so hard! She's finally found herself as an actress, and you fire her! What did she do!"

"She's a runaway, Ren." The President said tiredly.

Ren stopped and, placing his hands on the desk, leaned forward. "What do you mean?"

"She ran away from home to come to Tokyo. Her mother came and ordered me to terminate her daughter's employment here. Legally, there is nothing I can do. No consent forms were ever signed."

Ren's shoulders slumped. "Where is she?"

"I have no idea." He said quietly. "I called her in yesterday and her mother took her out of the building. I had to take her cellphone so I can't track her. She can rejoin the company when she is 18."

"Do you have any idea what her mother is like?" He asked quietly.

"From what I gather, a very cruel woman."

"She will hurt Kyoko." Ren stressed, discarding the honorific for the moment. "If not physically, then mentally. She is the reason for nearly every bad thing that has happened to that girl."

"There is nothing I can do Ren. If Kyoko is physically injured by her mother, then all we can do is hope that the poor girl gets to the police." Ren slid to his knees and dropped his head on the desk.

In the dimly lit room, Kyoko stared out of the window at the rain soaked landscape. She had no idea why her mother wanted her back, but she didn't like it. 'She's planning something.' Since laying eyes on her, Kyoko had refused to speak to the woman, which seemed fine since she was doing plenty of speaking of her own. They were in their old house, the one Kyoko barely remembered from before her time at the Fuwa Inn. 'Moko-san will never forgive me. Tsuruga-san, who I was getting close to, will forget all about me. There's no way she will let me go back to acting, not when she knows I love it.' Tears filled her eyes as she pulled out the hidden purse with her Corn stone and Princess Rosa. She had known that her mother would take them if she saw them, so Kyoko kept them on her at all times. Kyoko clutched the jewel that reminded her of her sempai. Determination filled her eyes as she stared at the red stone. "I won't stay here." She whispered. "I've run away once. I'll do it again."

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