A/N: So someone requested to see Sho's reaction to the news that Ren was Kuon, and I didn't have time to work on the next chapter of 'Turn Right'. I hope you enjoy :) (I am thinking about continuing either this or The Halloween Party...but I'm not too sure. I really like the current fic I am working on, though it doesn't seem to have as many fans, and it will not be that long.) Well, let me know if you like this.


"Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank you on behalf of LME and myself for coming today." Sho cocked and eyebrow and turned the volume up a little, setting his guitar to the side. He didn't have any pressing work to do, and he knew that Kyoko worked for that entertainment company. 'Maybe she'll be on TV.' "As you all know, Tsuruga Ren was the number on actor in Japan, and a close friend of my family." Sho's eyes widened and he leaned forward.

"No way." He mumbled, a strange feeling flooding through his chest. 'He's dead?' Worry for Kyoko was first, then he remembered. 'She's wasn't dating Tsuruga. She was dating the blonde guy from America. Still, they were friends. I'm sure she is heartbroken. I guess he wasn't such a horrible guy...' He leaned back again, about to change the channel and call Kyoko, when the 'blonde guy from America' appeared on the screen.

"I am here to lay to rest the man, Tsuruga Ren, and to introduce myself, Hizuri Kuon." Sho's jaw dropped all all good will toward the man on the screen vanished, replaced with fury. Not listening to anything else the man said, he grabbed his phone and dialed the familiar number.

"You have reached Mogami Kyoko. Please leave a…" With a cry of frustration, he slammed the phone shut and turned his attention back to the TV.

"…to my family. My father, Hizuri Kuu." Sho recognized the tall blonde man and woman from visiting Kyoko. "And my mother, Hizuri Julie." Suddenly, Kuon smiled softly at someone in the audience. "And my other surprise gift, my girlfriend, actress Kyoko." Sho glared at the TV as the blushing girl joined him on the stage and received a kiss on the cheek. The two spoke softly, words he couldn't make out, but then Kuon kissed her head and held her.

Shoko entered the room when she heard the crash. "Sho, are you..." The boy slammed into her, and she took a step back as he stormed past her. "Sho! What are you…." He whirled and fixed here with a heated glare.

"Tsuruga won!" He snarled, then stormed down the hallway. She flinched when she heard a door slam. Unsure of what he was talking about, Shoko entered the room and gasped. The flat screen TV was leaning against the wall crookedly, the screen reduced to shards of broken plastic.