The Story behind the Story

To judge, one first has to be judged. That is the saying most commonly heard amongst the whispering youths in Asgard. Without a doubt, the most terrifying event in any angel's life would be the Presentation.

It is true that grim angels where born form the bodies of the fallen gods, however, not all of them were worthy to bear the divine burden, the Diviner. Yet even among equals there would be exceptions. They who soared in the sky with wings as light as a breath, and stained in the darkest night. These were the chosen executors of the divine will of heaven. Distinguished by their hair like starlight and icy eyes, so cold, so piercing, their gaze is often likened to a steel blade.

They were the product of Ragnarok. Weapons fashioned by the magi when all hope was lost. They were meant to be a last resort, if the demons had penetrated the holy fortress of Asgard. These beings had indeed fulfilled their purpose, and salvaged everything they could from the wreckage left by the rampaging demons.

Those were the dark days. 777 lives were lost that day, before the new advent had taken place. The ravaged sprites could easily recover their way of life after the Ragnarok, however angels are far more complex. They were dying. And they knew it. Much of their sanctuary was destroyed, their history wiped clean. The magi decided to take action, salvaging carcasses and billowing feathers, melting down weapons into oricalhon. This was how they were born, from their fallen comrades.

Nothing can truly die in Asgard. Neither did any of the lives lost in the war merely disappear to another existence. Lives, bodies, weapons were salvaged and reborn in a new form. The Black Executors who guarded the heart of Asgard. They are Salvage.

However, some regained memories of past lives and were driven mad by ghosts that they never knew. They were defective and thus had to be terminated immediately. There always was a fear that they would escape and slaughter the innocents. To abate this problem, the Salvages were placed on leashes, with one placed under each of the seven magi. While they were docile, they were the most prestigious warriors and magicians.

Yet, if the magi pushed the bounds of his power too far…