It was just another peaceful day in the Valley of peace, since the defeat of Lord Shen, China's greatest heroes received extra training preparing for what may come to their way, but as far as one could remember there hasn't been any danger since then. This morning the Dragon warrior has asked permission to skip Morning Training in order to help his father in the noodle shop. Since he became the Dragon warrior, unfortunately he hasn't had much time to spend it with his father. With the Dragon warrior's absence, Master Shifu has informed his students to a sparring match.

" alright student's our first battle would be Crane and Tigress." he instructed, Tigress and Crane stood up from where they were sitting and walked over to the middle of the clearing getting in their fighting stances.

" Tigress easy on your claws alright?" Crane muttered as he remembered the last sparring match between Tigress. The feline chuckled and nodded.

" bet ya my whole jar of almond cookies, Tigress demolishes him!" Mantis cried out in confident.

" no way! I know for one Tigress is going to win, what's the point in betting?" Monkey groaned wrapping his arms across his chest.

" hey you never know, Crane might have it this time." Mantis encouraged. Monkey shook his head.

" alright if you believe he's got what it takes, you go for Crane and I get Tigress." Monkey grinned, Mantis groaned in annoyance.

" fine your on!" he said holding up his thingies, Monkey grinned and used his thumb and index finger to shake it. Viper rolled her eyes.

" must you always bet?" she snapped, the two warriors shrugged.

" it's a habit." Monkey grinned.

" yup besides it get's you free almond cookies." Mantis grinned. The snake rolled her eyes and sighed at their childish acts, she turned her attention to the sparring match that was happening between the feline and the bird.

Tigress threw a punch at Crane, which he easily dodged it and used his long legs to block her kick, Crane stood perfectly balanced as Tigress tried to scissor kick him, while he used his wings of justice to make her fly off in the air, Tigress recovered in the air and landed gracefully on her four legs and ran to tackle him, Crane blocked his face with his wings as he observed her ferocity punches and kicks, he tried to swing his long legs to make her collapse on the floor, but Tigress jumped in the air doing a back flip before his legs could even touch her. She landed behind his and used her tail to grab his legs and swung him into the air, Crane landed with a loud thud.

" Point Tigress." shifu announced. Mantis began to shake in fear, while Monkey grinned in confidence.

" Come on Crane! Knock her out!" Mantis shouted not wanting to loose his cookies. Crane recovered from the fall and flew with a tight speed to strike at the feline only for her to shield herself using her strength to maintain balance in her legs. Once Crane was on the floor he quickly tried to throw a kick at her, but Tigress took hold of his leg and swung him across in field.

" another point for Tigress." shifu announced.

" I take it back!" Mantis shrieked, Monkey shook his head.

" no way! You shook on it, so suck it up!" he grinned Mantis groaned and slumped his shoulders.

Soon Master Shifu snapped his fingers together, the match had ended and Tigress had won. Crane dusted himself and adjusted his hat, Tigress gave him a small grin.

" you were tougher this time Crane" she commented, Crane shrugged his shoulders with a grin.

" not tough enough yet though, but I will be." he grinned Tigress gave him a punch on the shoulder.

" sure you will." she smirked. Just then the other's walked over to them.

" that was a cool spar you guys!" Viper commented.

" aw man! Come on Crane you coulda had her!" Mantis complained, Crane shrugged.

" she's fast." he mumbled in his defense. Monkey grinned and held up his hand in front of Tigress, which she gladly smacked it giving him a high five.

" Can it Monkey!" Mantis said annoyed, Tigress rolled her eyes and looked at Viper.

" betting again?" the snake shrugged.

" as always." she smirked.

Down at Dragon warrior Noodles and Tofu.

" Po take these dumplings to tables 5 and 7." Mr. Ping ordered, as he tossed the 3 huge Dragon warrior sized dumplings. Po caught them and tried to keep his balance.

" alright Dad!" called from his shoulder. Po struggled with the Three large dumplings, Trying to walk around in the little space between the tables, trying not to cause that small accident he had with the family of bunnies, avoiding his tail to hit another customer's soup.

" excuse me, pardon me." he commented trying to shove his way through the running children, making kung fu noises while holding up small action figures of him and the furious five. Finally he reached table 5

" here ya go, two dragon warrior size dumplings." Po grinned and patted a little pigs head.

" Thank you Dragon warrior!" the pig shrieked.

" no problem buddy." the panda smirked and bumped fists with him. Then he walked away back to the kitchen to help his dad make some more soup.

" hey dad, need any help?" Mr. Ping was stirring the soup.

" Po, you can start chopping the vegetables I'll make the noodles." Mr. Ping grinned and woddled over to the counter of flower and began to make some noodles. Po stepped up to the blade and used some of his kung fu moves to chop the carrots and radishes a little faster. While he was doing this, he was unaware of his customers admiring his moves with wide eyes.

" Whoa! Momma look at the Dragon warrior!" a little bunny gasped. Po heard this and immediately turned his attention to the audience, they were all staring at him with awe, the panda blushed a little in embarrassment but grinned.

" uh hehe, sorry." he muttered, and returned to work on his chopping. After he was finished he quickly grabbed the vegetables and poured them into the boiling pot of hot water. Then Mr. Ping came in with his arms full of new made noodles. He too poured them in and stirred the soup, then he and Po took a sip out of the noodle soup and wiped their mouths.

" needs more garlic." commented Po as he used a noodle strand and grabbed the garlic can and handed it to his dad.

" excellent son." they tasted it again and Po gave it a thumbs up.

" it's perfect dad." he commented with a grin, Mr. Ping smiled happily and poured some soup into some bowls and handed them to some customers. Suddenly the gong rang, it was now noon, Po turned to his with an apologetic gaze.

" hey dad, sorry but I gotta go. Master Shifu will eat me alive if I'm late." Po muttered, shivering a little as he though about the awful punishments he could receive from his master. The goose smiled and nodded.

" of course son, but please do be careful when your training. I hope you don't burn yourself like you did the first time" the goose commented, Po winced at the memory of his first day of training…..well more like torment, since it wasn't exactly training.

" dad! I don't need to be reminded of that! My butt still burns from time to time!" Po whined rubbing his behind shivering a little, he can almost feel the sting.

" of course, well of you go! But be careful!"

" sure thing dad." Po called over his shoulder as he ran out of the restaurant and jogged up the stairs, unfortunately he still had trouble with these.

" I (pant) hate (pant) these!" he muttered to himself as he stopped and grasped on his knees trying to catch his breath.

" almost there!" he panted as he began to run up the palace stairs again.

10 minutes passed and Po finally managed to drag himself to the top of the stairs in front of the palace gates.

" yeah! I (pant) made it!" he panted, he slowly stood up and walked into the palace, he ran into the training area and found his friend sparring, Monkey and Viper were battling both leaping up into the air, Viper was ready to strike at the primate when Po's sudden shriek distracted her.

" hey guy's I'm back!" he called out, Viper looked down to gaze at the panda completely letting her guard down, Monkey grinned and took advantage of this and grabbed the tip of her tail and threw her down with all his strength, Viper shrieked, Monkey gasped as he she was heading towards Po.

" Po watch out!" Monkey called, but it was too late, Viper landed on the panda's belly causing him to collapse on the floor, but what neither of them were prepared for was that the sudden landing made Po and Viper smash their lips together!

Monkey ran over to see if they were okay along with the rest of the five, but only to find the two warriors lips together. Monkey gasped and covered his mouth, Master's shifu's right eye was twitching at the sight, Mantis jaw dropped, and Both Crane and Tigress had their eyes wide open, only Tigress looked…..furious. At this Point both Po and Viper immediately separated their lips and began to spit in disgust.

" blah! Oh man!" Po whined, Viper used the tip of her tail to wipe out her tongue.

" jeez, sorry Viper!" Po panicked rubbing his tongue.

" no it's alright but, GAH!. Excuse me I need to go wash my mouth!" she shrieked and immediately slithered over to the bathroom.

" I do too!" Po snapped, spitting in disgust again. He raced off behind her. Leaving a very furious Tiger, along with a Jealous Bird, a shocked Mantis, and giggling Monkey.

" Oh man! I can't believe I made them ki-" he was soon cut off by a small growl, and a death glare by Crane. Mantis composed himself and hopped on Monkey's shoulder.

" dude, I don't think it's a good idea to talk about that right now…. Unless you wanna die." he snickered gazing over at the angered Tigress and Crane. Master Shifu composed himself and cleared his throat.

" uh, well students you may take a few minutes of rest, Tigress, Crane would you mind checking up on-" as soon as he turned he saw that both Tigress and Crane were no where in sight.

" where did they go?" he blinked in confusion, both insect and the Primate shrugged.

" they left before you turned Master." Muttered the Primate.