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Not Every Wish Can Be

Part One - The Trejule

The bus was late, the bus was early. It always seemed like the bus had it out for Blaine Anderson. Of course maybe it was the universe that had it out for him because he wouldn't need a bus if someone hadn't backed into his car and totaled it. Twenty three and his options were to take a bus or walk. Or to miss work altogether, but Blaine was broke and had decided that wasn't an option.

One earbud tucked into his ear and the other resting on his collar as he walked, stepping around other people on the sidewalk and puddles that seemed to just spring out of nowhere. It had poured last night but thankfully it had stopped this morning. He had a hard enough time trying to get people to respect him at work since he held a higher job and yet was so young. He blamed that on his father. Jacob Anderson liked to throw his weight around and had made a phonecall when he found out that Blaine was applying for a managing position at the call center. To this day, Blaine wasn't sure if he appreciated the help or not.

A little girl was pulling against her mother's arm, hollering and pointing up the hill a little bit, but her mother ignored it and tried to pull her along faster. Blaine often passed by this particular pair, with the mother always having to drag her daughter to the bus stop a block away, but today looked different. The girl wasn't just trying to get away, although Blaine was certain she'd take her chance if she could, but she was trying to get to something. However the mother refused to let her daughter go and soon they turned a corner and he couldn't see them anymore.

A natural curiosity made him look up the hill where the girl had been pointing. Nothing out of the ordinary it seemed, a paper bag was stuck to a tree limb but in this town, that was kind of normal. Still walking, he kept his eyes on the hill until he spotted just what it was the girl must have gone loony for. There was an object, shining in the morning sun and dew, propped against the bench. No one was around and because of the angle of the bench, no one often sat there, so it seemed off.

It was as if something pulled him, made him ditch his normal route and make the trek up the hill, holding onto the bench for support as he crouched to look at the object. It was a circular container, which looked both gold and silver at the same time, only a few inches tall and wide. There was a top, a metal looking stopper, but when Blaine pulled on it, it didn't move. Realizing that he had to get to work, he slipped the container into his pocket and slid back down the hill, wincing at the dirt on his shoes.

Maybe he'd give the container to the girl when he saw he tomorrow morning. He'd talked to both her and her mother a few times, such permanent fixtures on this sidewalk in the mornings, so hopefully it wouldn't seem too creepy.

Blaine's day was slow, walking around the floor of the call center and helping employees with troublesome customers and urging people to sell products. It was an easy job, he hated feeling so idle all day, but it was better than being in their places. He hated the actual calling part of the job, even if he had excelled at it. His bosses had said it was his charm, Blaine just figured the people on the phone could hear his misery and felt bad.

While his coworkers gathered their things from their lockers at the end of the day, waving as they made their way out of the building, Blaine rested on one of the couches in the breakroom. The next shift used the second floor while this floor was being cleaned, so he knew he wouldn't be kicked out just yet. While he mentally prepared himself for the walk home, his fingers brushed against the container in his pocket. He'd almost forgotten it was there. Pulling it out, he examined it closely.

There were what looked like scratches around the top, as if someone had used tools to try to pull it open. Obviously to no avail. There wasn't much decoration to the container, a couple of grooves running around the entire thing, but that was all. Contemplating what it could be, whether or not it was appropriate to give it to the little girl, Blaine let his fingers rub up and down over the grooves.

The metal felt hot after the first few passes, and he jerked his hand away. The container fell onto his lap and his eyes grew as it shuddered against him. He pushed the thing off of his lap, feeling something sickly spread through his stomach as the container still shuddered, making a dull clanking sound from a few feet away. Blaine opened his mouth, ready to call for the Ghostbusters or Winchesters or anything because this wasn't supposed to happen in reality, but it stopped suddenly.

Without waiting for it to start up again, and Blaine felt like it wasn't done, he shot to the door but before he could open it, there was a sound and a light pressure against his foot. He glanced down and saw the container resting against his shoe, but something was different. The stopper was not pressed in the metal anymore. His hands shook as he turned the door, not entirely sure what he was expecting. What he saw, however, was definitely not it.

A man stood with his arms crossed over his chest, a chest that was a little too bare. He wore a black vest, attached in the middle with a gold button, and a pair of loose fitting tan pants, what looked like cloth material. He had a series of dark brown tattooed rings going up his left arm, starting just over his elbow. Then there was the fact that the man was... attractive. His features were soft but pointed, his eyes strikingly clear, his hair at the perfect point of dishevelment that Blaine could almost imagine him running his fingers through the-

"Ah, my new master." Blaine opened his mouth to say something, but instead he let out a little laugh and felt his body sag against the floor. He thought he was going to pass out, he thought he was going to faint right then and there, but he simply propped himself against the door and stared at the mysterious man infront of him. His voice was higher pitched, but fluid and a little careless. Fairly flippant for the words he had thrown out. Master... master...

Blaine's mind was supplying the word genie but he refused to acknowledge it. However when his eyes drifted up, the man had knelt down to be eye level with Blaine and turned his head to the side, as if he was listening to something. Blaine briefly wondered if he was reading his mind, but dismissed that.

"Well, this is awkward. I seemed underdressed. One moment." The man stood up, seemed to think about something for a second, before snapping his fingers. His clothes warped and Blaine swallowed his tongue for a second. When he looked back, he was wearing a white button up shirt with a simple black vest over it, a pair of dark jeans instead of the tan pants. When he tilted his head this time, again as if listening, Blaine noticed one small hoop earring. Like one that a pirate would wear... or a genie.

"Oh god, what are you?" The man turned to look at Blaine, smiling a bit as he bent down again.

"I think you've already guessed it master, but I'll just reiterate just in case. I am a genie. That container is my home. You are my master." Blaine shook his head, feeling a little sick, and tried to stand up. However before he could move, trying not to shake as he stood up, the man... genie?... grabbed his arm and helped him stand. Despite his wanting to pull away, Blaine let him lift him. Once they were standing though, he pulled away and moved to the other side of the room.

Which, granted, put him on the other side of the room from the door and that was a stupid decision, but it was what it was.

"I'm not... I'm not your master. I'm not anyone's master. I'm a manager at a stupid call center, not a master." The genie turned his head for a moment and then righted it, smiling as he did so. He was moving forward just a bit, making Blaine move backwards a bit more.

"Did you rub the trejule? The container?" Blaine had no idea what a trejule was, and when he opened his mouth to say that he did not rub the container, he bit his tongue. He had run his fingers over the ridges...

"Not on purpose!" The genie shrugged, turning around to grab the container where Blaine had hit it when he had fallen. For the first time, Blaine noticed that the man was holding the stopper in his hands, slipping it into the top very easily.

"Well then, that makes you my master. Perception over intention. You rubbed my trejule, it decided that you were worthy, and here I am." Blaine shook his head once and then again before slumping against the wall, however not dropping down this time. He let the wall support his weight for a moment.

"Can I... what... how does this work?"

The genie shrugged for a moment and cast a disinterested look around the room before focusing his attention back on Blaine. He had a feeling that the genie was putting on a show, trying to seem friendly for his sake. This was his master after all.

"Well, you get three wishes. I am your's until you make them." Blaine tried not to flush at the wording, because really it wasn't sexual at all, but then again... the genie was attractive and he hadn't been with anyone in a while. Ever since his promotion really.

"Are there any... rules or loopholes or whatever? My only experience with genies was with Aladdin and..." The genie laughed, an actual laugh, and shook his head.

"You humans and your movies. There are rules but, perhaps now is not the time to go over them? There is a man about to walk in here." Blaine glanced over the genie's shoulder and sure enough, he could see one of the janitors heading towards the door through the window. He went to his locker, grabbing his items and moving to where the genie was standing, just as the door opened.

"Ah, Blaine, didn't know you were still here. I need to clean up." The janitor, man named Red, glanced at the other man present but then set about to cleaning off the tables on the other side of the room. Blaine nodded, grabbing the genie's arm and pulling it lightly. He didn't want to offend him or anything.

"Goodnight Red. Tell your wife and little Rose I said hello." He tossed it over his shoulder quickly as they moved towards the front door, catching a glimpse of the genie's smile as he moved.

"What's that grin for?" The genie's smile fell and Blaine's heart stuttered as he looked... almost worried? Had he said something? Before he could think though, the genie spoke.

"You not only know the name of your company's servant, but you know his wife and child?"

Blaine furrowed his eyebrow, pulling the genie into the parking lot and glancing around. The sun had dropped but was still out, however it was hiding behind some nasty looking clouds.

"He's not a servant. He's an employee at a company that I hold a high position at, so of course I know his name. Besides that, he's one of the only people at work that remembered my birthday or anything about my life, so yes, I pay attention to him. He's a nice guy."

The genie bent his head and took a few steps more than Blaine, so that he was infront of him. Even dressed normally, or normally for Blaine, there was definitely something distracting about the man besides the fact that he was incredibly attractive. Maybe it was because Blaine could tell that there was something more to him. That would be the safe reason.

As they got closer to Blaine's apartment, he sped up so that he could grab the genie's attention and direct him the right way. The apartment complex looked nice, was nice really, if a little small. Blaine ushered the genie towards his door, climbing the two steps and turning his key in the lock. Once the door was open, the genie slinked through and glanced around a little confused at the space, tilting his head for a second before nodding.

"Would you like your first wish now?" Blaine blinked, tossing his keys and wallet onto the table.

"I asked you about rules and loopholes. I'd like that answered first."

The genie nodded, looking surprised, and stepped forward to hold out the little container that Blaine hadn't realized he was still holding. It took him a moment to understand what he was asking.

"It belongs to my master, as I do, until the three wishes are granted." He wanted to shake his head, but he found himself grasping the container, the trejule, before placing it lightly on the coffee table.

"Please don't call me master. It makes me a little uncomfortable." The genie raised an eyebrow and leaned forward a little bit.

"Is that a wish?"

Despite the fact that he had just met the genie, he was pretty sure he understood that tone. It was the genie's own loophole, trying to trick his masters into making menial wishes so that he could leave quicker. He shook his head.

"No, it's a friendly request." The shock that was clear on the genie's face in turn shocked Blaine. He wasn't sure if he had done or said something wrong. The genie shook his head lightly before speaking again.

"And what would you have me call you?" Blaine scratched the back of his neck.

"My name? Blaine. I guess we haven't been properly introduce. I am Blaine Anderson." He held his hand out and the genie stared at, his head cocked to the side, before straightening up and shaking his head.

"My kind do not shake hands in greeting. I shall call you Blaine as you've requested."

Blaine nodded, waiting for a quick moment before realizing that he wasn't offering anything else after that.

"And what do I call you?" The genie's eyes widened for a split second before he gestured openly with his hands.

"You may call me whatever you want, as I serve you." Blaine shook his head, moving to sit down on his couch. The genie stood in the middle of the room, making the room look both smaller and larger at the same time to Blaine. Smaller because the man demanded attention. Larger because it almost felt like he had been there before.

"But you must have a name. Don't you? I want to call you by your name." The genie's eyes widened again and he seemed to fumble with his words, like was speaking a word that he had forgotten. Finally though, a sound came out. A sound that was actually a word.

"Kurt." Blaine smiled and then gestured to his couch. The genie's eyes seemed permanently wide, permanently confused, but he moved around the coffee table to sit next to Blaine. He fidgeted for a second, as if he couldn't get comfortable, but then seemed to relax into the couch with a quick smile.

"Rules and loopholes then. Let's see. First is that you have three wishes, although you can't wish for more wishes. It gets confusing after a while. Second would be that free will of other's is open, while I cannot bend you. Such to say that I could make someone fall in love with you, but I cannot make you fall in love with them. There is also not the loophole that is usually imagined that if you say "I wish...", it will count. My kind requires physical contact of a mutual consent to seal the deal as it were. A handshake, most commonly."

"Ah, is that why you said your kind don't shake hands in greeting? So what do you usually do to greet others?" Kurt moved forward, seemingly without thought, and pressed his lips to the corner of Blaine's mouth and pulled back.

"That is how my kind greets one another. Now, other things that are usually out of the question. I cannot grant world peace or cure starvation. The wishes can affect many people, but not to such a grand scale that life will change. The world must continue to rotate as always, without my help."

Blaine nodded, glancing down at his hands. His mind was still reeling from the kiss, or the almost kiss. It was a kiss, but not... Blaine wanted more. It wasn't like his skin lit on fire where Kurt's lips had touched his, the pressure was so quick that he wasn't sure he counted it, but it happened. And he couldn't seem to force his mind to stop replaying the seconds over and over.

"So, do you have your wishes?" Blaine ran his hand over his arm, glancing from his hands to Kurt. The genie looked impatient, wanted to go away. But Blaine wanted to know more, more about the genies and in general just the man before him.

"Do I have to make them now?" Kurt paused and shook his head, glancing away from Blaine before looking back.

"No. As my master, you can keep me until whenever you decide to utilize the wishes. I cannot be separated from you, either in this form or in my trejule. If you leave the trejule behind, it will follow you until you make your wishes."

"Can someone steal it from me and void my wishes?" Kurt shuddered but his face remained blank.

"Yes and no. Someone may take the trejule and therefore have three wishes, but it will not void your wishes. As well, the trejule is very picky about who it opens itself to, so even if someone stole the trejule, it might not open for them and it would, subtly, return to you."

Blaine nodded and then looked down at his hands again. He had three wishes, three things that he could get without having to work for them, but he was not sure what he wanted to wish for. He could have (basically) anything in the world, simply by asking Kurt for it. However he would not rush into it, asking for riches or fame or whatever. He would be smart about it, think them over and go from there.

"Do you mind... I want to think about them. I don't want to make a mistake, I only get three and I want them to count. Do you mind waiting?" Kurt's eyes widened again, clearly surprised. Blaine wanted to ask about it, but he kept his mouth shut.

"I do not mind. If that is all, I should... return. If you need me, simply rub the trejule and I will come to you." He snapped, his body disappearing. The stopper uncorked before quickly corking back again, slipping into his trejule. Blaine wondered what it looked like in there, if it looked like anything.

He had so many things he wanted to know, so many questions to ask. Not only because he was now very interested in genies, but because he was interested in Kurt. Maybe not romantically, although he was definitely at least half infatuated with him already, but definitely personally. He wanted to get to know Kurt, and while the trejule was under his care and he had three wishes to be granted, he vowed that he would get to know the genie.

Those were definitely not words he ever expected to say.

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