"Where are my eggs?" the King Pig shouted. He snorted.

"Um, Your Majesty, I couldn't find any eggs in our mud house." the King Pig's slave replied. "I only found tuna fish." He gave the tuna fish to the King Pig.

Eggs were the King Pig's favorite food. For the past two weeks, his slaves couldn't find eggs in their foodhouse. All of the pigs called it "mud house" because there was a big puddle of mud in the center of the foodhouse.

"Who told you to give me tuna fish? I want eggs!" the King Pig screamed.

"But the only way to get eggs is from the Birds." his slave murmured.

The King Pig snorted. He looked out the window.

What he saw was eight birds staring at their eggs. They stared at it lovingly.

"Oh, um, Red, I think its time to take our nap," the girl bird said, also known as Girly.

"Oh, fine." Red replied.

Girly, Green, White, Black, Blue, and the Mighty Eagle nodded.

They slept.

"So, Your Majesty, thats the only way to get eggs." the slave said proudly.

"They are taking a nap right now. Lets go and steal their eggs!" King Pig said.

So, they walked quietly out of the King Pig's castle. They reached in the nest, grabbed the eggs, and went back to the castle.

"Take this to the mud house, and cook it!" King Pig demanded.

Just then, a flock of birds crashed in to the roof of the castle!