I prodded Red with my boot, frustrated by his silence.

"Red! Wake up, dammit!"
Red didn't wake up.

I rubbed the short hairs on the back of my neck like I always did when I was feeling frustrated- a habit I had been trying to break. I pulled my hand back and let it drop to my side, itching.

He lay on his side, only slightly quieter than usually, but much less enthusiastic. Red was usually a very upbeat, outgoing person- he had big dreams and profound ideas and he wanted you to know all about them. They way he moved and explained things with his hands and his body made his muteness irrelevant. When Red 'spoke,' you listened.

However, Red continued to lay still and silent on the cave floor, head propped up on a stone as he had for god knows how long. Hours. Days.

I had come up for the weekly visit yesterday, bringing a new blanket he wouldn't use and book he wouldn't read and food he wouldn't eat, and found him here, like this. Red.

I bent forward over my now crossed legs, resting my head on his cold (but everything was cold, it was so cold up here on this mountain) shoulder. Red failed to respond.

Pikachu had long since given up it's incessant wailing from earlier. It was tired, I was tired, and obviously Red was tired, he was sleeping for so long.

"Red, Red, you have to wake up... I brought you a new blanket, Daisy made it for you," I mumbled into his sleeve, my own breath warming the stitches against my cheeks, "and I brought you some of those cookies Leaf makes. They're not warm anymore, but if you wake up Charizard can heat them up so that they're all hot and melty and chocolatey again." Red didn't wake up, and he didn't call out Charizard.

I rocked my forehead gently, settling my arms in my lap, warm and insulated against my body.

Red trained so hard. He spent most of his time up on this frigid mountain, training against the strongest Pokemon in Kanto or Johto and probably the world. Of course he was tired. He worked so hard. He'll wake up soon, and we'll share soup and Leaf's cookies and I'll tell him all about my gym and Daisy and Leaf and his mother and Professor Oak and Gold and Kris and Silver and everyone else back home, and he'll show me how strong his Pokemon have gotten and he'll tell me all about the things he's thinking, because he thinks a lot up here, and he thinks a lot of really interesting things.

He'll wake up and it'll be just like every week.

He'll wake up and everything will be okay.

"Please, please, wake up, Red."

Red doesn't wake up.