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Frieza did drop Bardock. He blinked once, then again, and rubbed his eyes in bewilderment. Indeed, it does look as if the tyrant had his awkward moments. He muttered gibberish under his breath that not even Jr.'s sharp ears could pick up.

Jr. signaled with his finger for his men to depart and return to the ship, which they obliged willingly.

Frieza regained his posture soon enough. "You're that little brat I saw on the TV in HFIL!" he said.


Prince Vegeta Jr. wasn't sure if he had heard that sentence correctly. Wasn't HFIL a place for eternal damnation and endless torture and fire? Now, how does a television fit into this image, with the fact that Frieza was watching it? He wasn't too sure.

"Well, television or not, you're going down, freak," he replied. When said tyrant's face turned into an ugly shade of puce, he decided that Frieza definitely needed some anger management classes. He acted just like a brat, due to always having thousands of people bowing down to him ever since he was born.

Game on. He smirking as Frieza charged at him with fury in his crimson eyes. Jr. found that he was able to dodge the tyrant's moves even in this state, and was glad for that.

He attempted another hook kick and the saiyan, who retaliated by grabbing onto the ankle, bent down, and twisted. Jr. grinned even more. So this was the almighty Frieza? Ha! His fighting patterns were so predictable he was sure he could fight with his eyes closed!

Frieza back flipped and landed on the rubble. He wore a mask of annoyance. "Interesting, kid. Not bad for a youngster. But I haven't even started!" he said, and let out a war cry. Translucent white aura surrounded him as his power level skyrocketed like he had in the fight with Bardock.

The tyrant grinned, expecting to see a look of fear or something similar upon his opponent's face. But no, Jr. began laughing.

"HAHAHAHA! That's it?" he choked out, gasping for air, "Goodness me! After all those tales I heard from you! HAHAHAHA You're nothing compared to me!"

Frieza's left eye twitched. What's with these monkeys and their huge egos? But he didn't move and began to watch as Vegeta Jr.'s ki also began to rise.

Vegeta Jr's aura became gold, and his appearance changed into that of a super saiyan. Frieza laughed inwardly as he thought that that was all he could do. Bardock was able to do that, but had he defeated him? No!

That wasn't it. There was a huge explosion, nearly sending the tyrant flying from the force. Smoke rose up into the air, clouding his view. He presumed that this had to be some sort of trick, and he'll be taken off guard.


The smoke cleared, and Vegeta Jr. was standing there with electric sparks dancing around his aura. He had immediately jumped to the super saiyan two transformation.

Frieza's mouth dropped open. There… there was a second stage to that legendary transformation? What an outrage! He knew that he was completely outmatched now, by the feeling of the ki of Jr.

So, been the coward he is, he decided to flee.

"No you don't," Jr. muttered and fazed right in front of the tyrant, making him skid to a halt in mid air. He grinned once more when he saw the fear in Frieza's eyes.

Just what he though. Frieza, the feared tyrant throughout the entire galaxy, was nothing but a cowardly little white alien. He sent a punch to his face and heard a satisfying crack. Blood poured out Frieza's nose as he howled in pain, trying to stem the blood flow.

"C'mon, I was hoping for a challenge!" Jr. taunted. He wasn't too sure if it would work, but it always did before, so why not now?

The tyrant screamed in rage and rushed at him again. But been too blinded by rage, his attacks were always off target by several inches, which made Jr.'s work much easier. And the pattern became more predictable than ever. Hook kick, punch to the face, knee strike upwards, leg sweep, repeat.

Bardock watched with interest at the young saiyan's skill. Such power, he mused, they're just getting more powerful by every generation. He winced as he got on his feet, the shattered arm still hurting like HFIL. He clutched it painfully and shot a glance at Mirai. He was still unconscious, but he could tell the teen was starting to stir from the fluttering of the eyelashes and the twitching finger. Suddenly, he sat up bolt right and turned to Jr. and Frieza It would be best to leave the two to battle that lizard. Time for him to get healed and be off... And with that, Bardock sped away with a burst of aura, quick and silent as a shadow. No one noticed.

The battle continued as Jr. lashed out viciously at Frieza. The tyrant was noticeably faltering in all aspects, speed, strength, and skill.

He emitted a high-pitched scream when Vegeta Jr. punched him hard in the stomach and coughed up blood. Suddenly, he took a few steps backwards, leaving Frieza to be kneeling on the rubble.

In the piece of broken glass on the ground, Frieza saw in fear that Mirai was directly behind him, in super saiyan mode with his sword unsheathed and raised, wearing a determined expression and very much awake now. The demi-saiyan slashed downwards.

The same event that happened ten years ago was replaying. Frieza had a horrified expression on his face as that happened, and Mirai continued to slash as the tyrant was reduced into blocks of flesh. "HA!" Mirai yelled and let out a bright yellow ki blast with his free hand, completely disintegrating him.

"Woohoo!" Jr. cheered as he watched. The demi-saiyan, however, ignored him coldly and turned around to walk back to Bardock.

But, said saiyan was strangely missing from his previous resting place. All that was left were a few shards of his broken armor and a large blood stain.

"Where did he go?" Mirai said in bewilderment. He was sure that the man was just there awhile ago.

"I think he left while I was fighting Frieza," Jr. replied and shrugged. "But your sword attack was awesome! I want to do that some time!"

Mirai raised an eyebrow at Jr.'s excited expression. "Sure, if you ever get one, I'll teach you," he said. Maybe this was how Jr. was always like. So very different than his dad, though they shared the same name.

And somewhere far away but still on Planet Zorrei, the third, youngest demi-saiyan was battling his enemy…

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