"Alright, one more time!" Flame cheered.

"OH NO YOU DON'T, FLAME! Enough, I had enough!" Wind yelled. "No more, no more!"

"All in favor of one more time?" Lightning cut into their argument. Only he and Flame raised their hand.

"Ahem…" Gohan decided to finally disrupt them. Really, it was rather hard to endure two long hours of weird poses. He was just… tired of the entire ordeal. The force acted like a bunch of silly high school kids who fooled around a lot.

"Oh hello!" Gaea turned to them with a pleasant smile.

"Ummmm… so…" the demi-saiyan said, "are we going to fight or not?"

Sea shrieked and covered her mouth in horror. "Oh my gosh! We forgot!"

Their opponents fell over anime-style, rendered speechless by their behavior. There was a great thud as they all ended up on the floor in disbelief. The mighty Elementary Force was like this? So much of the worrying they had, all for nothing. Gohan, though, always been the polite one, kept his gentlemen stance. That is to say, he was the only one that was still standing up. He rubbed his head and laughed nervously. "Can we begin then?" The entire situation was getting awkward because they were supposed to be great enemies. However, Gohan just didn't want to fight them that much. They seemed so much like the everyday-ordinary kids…

"Wait, I got a question first!" he yelled. They were just about to turn and huddle into a circle, which he presumed would take a lot of time (AGAIN!).

The squad turned to him. "Yes?" Lightning asked.

"What are you guys? Like, what planet? What race?" Weird question? Definitely.

Gaea cleared her throat and placed her hands behind her back, stepping forward like one would when delivering a long speech. "A long time ago," she began, "there was a planet in the north quadrant of the universe. There lived people who had extraordinary abilities. Everyone was born with something mystical, something unique. Some people could transform into animals, or make things levitate. Some people, the more powerful ones, could lift up huge stones hundreds of times their size and weight.

This planet was named Ariah. The people lived peacefully, until one day came a powerful alien. He was called Kuriza, and he formed a treaty with the leader. Every century, Ariah would deliver her five strongest people for his army. The treaty was still young, and Kuriza gave them time to seek out the most powerful ones. Coincidentally, five kids were born. They had powers unlike others, so much more potent than any others. They had the power to control the five elements of the universe, fire, water, air, earth, and thunder. The five kids were named after their corresponding elements.

So, they grew up together, until they were 16, in which they were sent to the army to work…"

She finished with a happy grin on her face. Dead silence met her. It didn't take much brains to figure out that the five kids in the story were referring to the five of them.

Gohan first felt sympathy for them. How were they treated? Did they even like their position? Do they hate their families for sending them into this brutal world? Then he felt a cold chill running down his spine when he realized the extent of their powers. The five of them combined could control this planet to their will and liking. They could do whatever they want, and Gohan and the others would be ragdolls, tossed around.

"Okay…" he replied slowly, "So, who's going to fight now?"

The five turned back to their circle. They all placed their right hands in front of their chest, chanting, "Hei… bai… Pei!" They stretched their arms towards the middle. Some had their palms up, while others had palms down.

"Who's got up?" Lightning asked excitedly. It was just him and Wind. "Alright, now rock paper and scissors!"

The other male grimaced. "I pass. You could have the first battle."

The controller of thunder pouted comically. "Fine." He turned to Gohan. "So, let's get started, shall we?"

The demi-saiyan said nothing, just nodded solemnly and got into the Turtle fighting stance. Lightning crossed his arms and tilted his head to the left, observing his cool demeanor. He had a large smirk on his face.

"THUNDER, I CALL THEE!" he yelled, raising his left arm toward the sky, hand formed into a fist. The groups watched in awe as dark storm clouds began to gather swiftly, churning. They shifted and twisted, forming one gigantic thunderhead. There was a flash, and thunder boomed. The entire sky was covered, turned to night. Then all of a sudden, there was a bright flare that appeared around Lightning. His shining golden aura lit up the area, much like super saiyan. His entire body buzzed with electricity, random sparks leaping off and sizzling grasses.

"Whoa…" Gohan heard someone mutter behind him. He couldn't identify the voice, because he was simply too busy concentrating on what was in front of him.

Lightning smirked. He held his arms out. "This, my friend, is how my power is used."

Gohan ignored him. He squeezed his eyes shut, taking a long, deep breath. Alright… let's do this…

*Flashback Sequence*

He was in the Hyperbolic Chamber.

"Don't you get it? C'mon! Concentrate, Gohan! Concentrate!" Bardock snapped, yelling at his grandson.

"Can't you see I'm trying?" Gohan screamed back at him. His power was at its limits. He just simply can't reach out to the second level… not just yet.

"No, I can't," the cursed warrior replied sarcastically, "I know you're trying, but it's not enough! Can't you see that if you don't master your power, you could never save Videl."

The demi-saiyan gritted his teeth. Of course, his grandfather just had to bring that up.

Bardock continued. "Kami knows the extent of Vegeta Jr.'s power. Look, you have to listen to me. This may be the only way. You have to unlock your power."

"I told you, it's not a good idea," Gohan shot back. "We've been over this already. YOU WEREN'T FREAKING THERE WHEN I TRANSFORMED! YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE MONSTER I BECAME!"

The warrior met his glare calmly. "You're right, I don't," he responded, "but I know the feeling. I've been there. Do you honestly think it was a piece of cake for me to master the power of just the first level of super saiyan? Do you know I even tried to kill my own mate at a certain point? Not that she could die a second time, but that's not my point.

The thing is, this hidden power of yours, you always utilize it when you're more or less mentally unstable. If this goes on, who knows what can happen. You might lose complete control over yourself and become berserk. That's why you have to first reach into it, then we'll go from there."

And from there, Bardock gave Gohan clear instructions, telling him of how he was to unlock those hidden reserves.

*Flashback Sequence Ends*

He could feel it now. That tiny spark beginning in the depths of his body, the tip of the iceberg of the massive reserves he had always possessed. He tapped into it, letting the warmth fill up his body. Nice and easy. And slowly. And like pouring water, he felt it flowing throughout his body as he opened up more. Let it flow… The heat increased. He was dimly aware of the massive hurricane-like aura that was beginning to form around him, or the flashing of his hair as it strained to stay permanently in its upright golden form.

Let it flow…

Now, he had reached the first super saiyan form. Did he notice? No.

It's not over. More.

And now there was lightning. His hair stood up straighter.

Let it flow…

His power peaked, becoming greater than he had ever achieved.

Keep your mind steady.

Then it all stopped. Gohan opened his now-emerald eyes and surveyed his audience. They were in shock, Lightning included.

And from the heavens (more specifically, Grand Kai's planet), his father and grandfather watched.

"He did it…"