Chapter 1: Halloween Plans

Everyone in Salem knew the story of the Sanderson sisters. They probably don't know that the witches came back for one Halloween night. Since Max, Dani, and Allison defeated the witches everything in Salem had become quiet, Halloween came and went, the old Sanderson house was up for demolition by the end of the year. Teenagers passed by the property wondering if the legend was actually true, very few were actually brave enough to want to find out.

"Halloween is coming up very quick." Ms. Collins told her 12th grade Literature class. "What is everyone planning on doing?"

A few students said they were going to parties, some said they were just staying home for the night. After she heard her class' plans she told them to break up into their reading groups and start going over their latest reading assignment. Taylor and her best friend Michelle grouped their desks together and waited for their other 2 members to join them. "So it looks like I'm going to be sitting at home with a box of Fudge Rounds on Halloween." Michelle sighed opening her book.

"Wow, we are so exciting," Taylor laughed pushing her blonde hair behind her ear.

"Hey guys," Alek smirked pulling up a chair beside Michelle's desk. The curly haired girl smiled sitting up straight looking at her crush since the 5th grade.

"I gotta admit, I haven't read a single chapter of this book." Jayden laughed sitting across from Taylor.

"We know, you get Taylor to explain the chapters to you." Alek said punching his best friend in the shoulder.

Consider it good luck that Taylor and Michelle both good friends were put in the same group for the whole school year but what made it even better was the fact that their crushes were put in the same group. Alek and Jayden were neighbors, they became friends when Jayden moved to Massachusetts from Florida when he was 14. Taylor had a class with him freshman year and she had liked him since then, maybe it had something to do with the fact that he changed his shirt right in front of her during Algebra.

"So...what are y'all doing for Halloween?" Taylor asked looking down at her book of 'Frankenstein.'

"I was going to Brandon's party but that didn't work out." Alek sighed.

Jayden looked around at the other groups. "How about we do something actually exciting? I'm sick of stupid parties with the same people."

"Like what?" Michelle asked.

Taylor smiled. "How about we go to the Sanderson house?" She was actually joking but she saw the way the guys' eyes lit up.

"That's perfect," Jayden laughed.

"Yeah, why not, its not like the witches are going to get us or anything." Alek smirked.

Taylor glanced over at Michelle. "Ok, I'm in, but I'm not lighting any candles."

"So its set, we'll meet in front of the house at 7, check the place out then go out to eat or something." Taylor explained.

"Its a date." Jayden smiled just as the bell rang.

"Ok, I'm wondering if you're crazy or a genius." Michelle laughed as they walked through the halls to their lockers.

"I'm starting to think that myself. Its good we're hanging out with them but what if the house caves in on us or something?"

"We're going to a house that was inhabited by witches in the 1600's and you're worried about the house caving in?"

Taylor shot her friend the evil eye opening her locker. "Come on, witches only exist in fairy tales and legends that parents tell their kids when they eat too much candy on Halloween."

"I keep forgetting you're not from here." Michelle sighed grabbing her backpack. "Everyone here pretty much believes the legend and if they say they don't they're lying."

"Hey guys," Their other best friend Lynne smiled joining them at their lockers. "So what's going on?"

"Oh, we're just going to the Sanderson house on Halloween." Michelle shrugged.

"What? Since when?"

"Since we kind of agreed to go with Alek and Jayden." Taylor chuckled.

"I want to go! That's like one of the many Salem right's of passage." Lynne cried throwing her arms up.

"I thought you were spending Halloween with Bryan anyway." Michelle said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I do that almost every weekend, I never get to go to the Sanderson house."

"Well how about you and Bryan come with us." Taylor smiled grabbing a notebook out of her locker.

"I'll ask, but I don't know if he'll go for it. All I know is if he gets scared and runs off without me this relationship is doomed."

The girls walked to Taylor's house a couple blocks away from school. A one story brick house with a blue car in the driveway. Since it was so close to the school the girls found themselves sitting in Taylor's living room most of the time after school, doing homework or talking about anything and everything. "Mom?" Taylor called as they stepped through the front door.

"In the kitchen." They heard.

Taylor's family recently had their kitchen renovated, since everything had been finished Taylor's mom could be found there 97% of the time. "Hey girls, how was school?" She asked cutting coupons from the newspaper.

"Fine, old Ms. Collins talked about Halloween." Lynne chuckled tossing her bag on the bar.

"She always does that, especially since Halloween is only a couple days away. I remember your older brother talking about her."

"Did he ever tell you her eyebrows don't move?" Taylor asked grabbing three glasses out of the cupboard.

"No...I don't remember him ever saying anything about that."

Taylor laughed pouring the glasses full of Coca Cola. "So me and your dad are going to his friends' party. What are y'all planning on doing?"

"Oh we're..." Michelle was interrupted by a elbow to her ribs.

"We're just gonna order pizzas and veg out." Taylor smiled handing her friends their glasses.

"Oh, I thought you might be going to a party or something."

"Nah, just gonna have a chill night." Lynne sighed taking a drink of Coke.

"We'll be in my room," Taylor said quickly guiding her friends out of the room. They took their bags and drinks to Taylor's tiny bedroom at the back of the house. Her full sized bed took up most of the room with a green beanbag chair in a corner, a dresser on one side and a bookcase on the other. "You can't tell anyone about the Sanderson house."

"Sorry, it just almost slipped out." Michelle exclaimed throwing her arms up.

"If anyone knew we were going they would either want to have a party there or tell other people and it would end up us getting arrested for trespassing!"

"Lynne, breathe!" Taylor commanded throwing a small pillow at her friend.

"Sorry, I just really want to avoid jail time during my senior year."

The days passed quickly and finally it was Halloween. By 5 o' clock kids were already out trick or treating. Ghosts, vampires, and of course in Salem there were plenty of witches. Taylor showered and waited for her friends to show up, they decided to meet at her house before walking over to the Sanderson house. As she was brushing her teeth she saw a gray head at her door. "Oh my God!" She yelled jumping in the air.

"Happy Halloween, doll!" Her dad smiled taking the long gray beard and wig off.

"Dad, what are you even being?" Taylor mumbled walking back into her bathroom.

"Jerry Garcia, I thought your mom told you about that." He explained. "Where are you going?"

"No where, Michelle and Lynne are coming over and we're gonna have a lazy night."

"Then why are you getting dressed up?"

"No reason." She said quickly hoping he would drop the subject.

A couple hours later her parents left all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, her mom had decided to dress up as a male rockstar. She wore a huge black wig, a tattooed undershirt, with a white tank top with safety pins in it. She looked like a member of KISS without the face paint. Taylor grabbed her navy cardigan out of her cramped closet. Looking in the mirror she thought she looked pretty cute for Halloween, a white tank top under her cardigan, dark wash blue jeans with plain white Converse. Her dirty blonde hair was straight with a side braid keeping her bangs out of her eyes. Hearing a knock at the front door she ran out her bedroom.

Michelle stood in skinny jeans with black and white Converse, a white see through T-shirt with a light green tank top underneath. "Hey, Lynne's not here yet." Taylor said opening the door to let her friend in.

"Ok, can I borrow a jacket? All mine are in the wash."

"Sure go ahead." Taylor sighed pointing down the hall to her room.

Ten minutes later Lynne arrived. Her dark brown hair was curled, she finally got her new glasses so she was excited to see the world clearly. The three girls stood in Taylor's room waiting for her to find her phone. "You always lose your phone." Lynne laughed pulling down her dark red and black tank top.

"I don't lose it, I just misplace it." She sighed bending down to look under her bed. "Found it! Ok, let's go."

The girls followed Taylor out of her house, waited for her to lock the door and they were off. Lynne texted Bryan telling him they were on their way to the Sanderson house. Taylor and Michelle were anxious to hang out with Jayden and Alek, it would be the first time they are hanging out with them outside of Literature class. They had heard stories about the guys but as far as they knew both of them were single, hadn't been arrested, and seemed cool outside of class. "I think we're almost there." Lynne said looking up the street buttoning the bottom buttons of her black sweater.

"I see the guys." Michelle pointed seeing 3 figures in the distance.

As they got closer to the house Michelle spotted Alek, his dark hair hidden by his flat bill black hat. "There they are." She heard seeing him point to them approach.

"Hey, sorry it took us so long, Taylor held us up." Lynne laughed hugging her new boyfriend.

Jayden shot her an amused look as Taylor stood beside him. "My phone disappeared." She said shyly running a hand through her hair.

She heard him laugh at her. "Ok, I'll climb over and unlock the gate to let you guys in."

"Ok, just don't hurt yourself." Michelle laughed.

Alek lifted his friend over the steel iron gate. Jayden jumped down on the other side into a pile of dead leaves. The gate was rusted and looked like it could fall at any second, it screeched as he pushed it open for the others.

"How do we know if the doors are even unlocked?" Taylor whispered to Lynne as they walked up the small path, leaves blowing around them.

"Then we'll see if there's an open window or something, I don't know," She said. "Why are you whispering?"

Taylor bumped her friend with her hip, the wind blowing their hair in their faces. Jayden walked up the wooden steps to the front door. "You guys ready?" He asked looking back at the group.

Everyone nodded and looked at the door. Jayden took a deep breath grabbing the handle and turning it. Surprisingly it opened without a problem. Michelle grabbed Taylor's arm as they stepped through the doorframe. The house looked like it was going to fall apart, cobwebs everywhere, whenever they took a step it seemed like dust blew. "So what's so scary about this place?" Bryan asked.

"Have you not heard the legend?" Taylor asked surprised.

"Nah, my parents never told me about it, all I know some old ladies lived here and were hanged in the yard."

"Well they weren't exactly old ladies." Alek said pulling down his royal blue Under Armor sweatshirt.

"They sold their souls." Lynne explained taking a look around the room.

"Oh, so they were witches."

"Yeah, they said Winifred's spell book is here." Taylor smiled walking around the exhibits.

"Well it used to be here." Jayden said standing at a certain glass case that had been shattered.

"Whoa, where could a 600 year spell book be?" Taylor asked walking towards Jayden.

"Spell book? They were legit witches? I just thought they were women accused during the Salem witch trials." Bryan said looking down at Lynne.

"Well thanks to the spell book the Sanderson sisters were going to use a spell to suck the life out of innocent children to keep themselves young and beautiful forever." Michelle explained crossing her arms. "But after they took the life of one child, I think her name was Emily, they were stopped by the people of Salem, put on trial and hung for their crimes."

"Damn, you know all this?" Bryan asked.

"Well my teachers told my classes the story every year for Halloween. It's said that the witches could come back to life though."

"Oh yeah, the black flame candle." Alek smirked. "A virgin has to light it for the witches to ever come back to life."

"Right, where is the candle anyway?" Lynne asked.

"Over here, there's not that much left though." Taylor said looked at the small wax candle. "It looks like its been lit before."

"Well, you know Taylor, a virgin has to light it." Michelle smirked wrapping an arm around her friends' shoulder.

Taylor blushed, looping her fingers through her belt loops. "I got a lighter, lets try this thing out." Bryan laughed walking over to the candle. When he brought the flame to the wick it never even caught fire.

"Well we all know what that means." Lynne snickered.

"Ok, someone else try it." Bryan said holding out the lighter.

"I only agreed to come if I didn't have to light any candles." Michelle warned. "Tay, you try it."

"Why me?"

"Cause one guy tried it, now its a girls turn." Alek smirked handing the lighter to the blonde.

Taylor looked at her friends to Jayden to the candle. "Fine...I hate you guys sometimes." She grumbled taking the lighter. Holding the flame to the wick it instantly caught fire.

Taylor blushed as she heard exclaims from the group. After a couple seconds the whole house seemed to shake. "What's going on?" She yelled dropping the lighter.

"Earthquake!"Jayden exclaimed.

Just as quick as it started everything came to a stand still and the whole house grew quiet. "Ok enough haunted house for me, I'm out." Michelle gasped walking towards the door but before she could reach it the wooden door swung open.

Everyone let out a silent gasp before hiding in different spots around the house. A fog seemed to enter the house before 3 pairs of footsteps came through the threshold. Michelle put a hand to her mouth seeing women in old clothes, a red head in green, a brunette in red, and finally a bleach blonde wearing a mixture of purple and pink. Lynne buried her face in Bryan's shoulder who bit his lip watching the women walk around the house. "Sisters, we're back, after all these years." Winifred exclaimed throwing her arms in the air.

"But Winnie, I thought you said it was impossible." Mary said walking to her oldest sister.

Winnie looked around the small room before her eyes locked on one item in particular. "The candle, there was just enough wax for us to come back. For one more time."

Taylor started to shake hearing the voices so close to where she was hiding. Winifred was standing almost right behind her. Jayden looked out from behind a stack of boxes, his eyes widened seeing the witches so close to Taylor, they were bound to see her any minute. He looked over beside him where Alek sat, he looked like he was looking for Michelle. Bryan and Lynne were behind the desk holding a cash register and a few smaller boxes. Lynne had still refused to look at the witches, she kept whispering 'If you don't pay any attention they will just go away.' Her fingernails digging into Bryan's arm.

"Winnie, look!" Sarah exclaimed standing at the broken glass case.

Winnie cried out. "My book! It should be right here!"

"Don't worry, Winnie, we'll find it." Mary smiled.

"You fool! How are we going to find it? Its been years since we were last here, its long gone by now. We came back to life just to die again!"

Mary started sniffing. She looked around the room a few times before whispering. "Winnie...I smell children."

"Where are they?" Winnie asked going over to her sister.

Mary started walking around, first to where Alek and Jayden hid but she walked past. Her eyes landed on a white Converse behind where the black flame candle sat. She pointed it out to her sisters. Taylor let out a squeal as a long finernailed hand grabbed her shoulder. "You!" Winnie smiled. "You were the one that lit the candle."

"Uhhh, it was an accident, you see this room is quite dark and I thought it was just a regular candle." Taylor laughed nervously. "I-I can blow it out."

"Noo, now why would we want that?" Winnie smirked running a fingernail down the girls face. "Maybe you can tell me where my book is?"

Jayden and Alek glanced up from their hiding spot. Jaydens' fist clenched watching the witches gather around Taylor. "Uh, well you see, the book..." Taylor stammered.

"Where is it?" Winnie yelled shocking Taylor to the back wall.

"Hey!" Jayden exclaimed jumping out of hiding. "Leave her alone." Alek stood up beside his friend.

"And just who are you two?"

"Boys," Sarah giggled. "Winnie, can I keep them?"

Michelle and Lynne made their way over to their friend. "You ok?" Lynne asked as they helped her up.

"I'm fine, we need to get out of here." She whispered dusting herself off.

The sisters looked around at the group of teenagers. 3 girls and 3 boys, "Oh how adorable, all of you together." Winnie snickered. "Let me just say, no harm will come to you if you just tell me where my book is."

The girls carefully walked over to the boys. Bryan pushed Lynne behind him. "We don't know where the hell your book is." He growled.

Taylor gently grabbed onto Jayden's arm. He looked down at her before looking back the sisters. Michelle stepped behind Alek and kept a hand on his back. Alek held out one of his arms shielding her from the witches sight. "Don't get snippy with me, didn't your parents ever teach you to mind your elders." Sarah giggled casually playing with her dress.

"They must have my book, give it to me!" Winnie yelled at the group.

Everyone started to smell smoke. A fire had broken out from where Taylor had dropped the lighter. "Fire, fire!" Winnie exclaimed running away, her sisters right behind her.

"Let's get out of here!" Alek yelled grabbing Michelle's hand as they ran for the emergency exit the rest of the group right behind them.

The teens ran into the woods behind the Sanderson house. They didn't stop til the house was completely out of sight. After minutes of running the teens stopped to catch their breath. "I thought it was a legend!" Lynne exclaimed leaning on a tree.

"Well a legend just scared me with an inch of my life!" Taylor sighed placing her hands on her hips.

"It was your idea to go to the house in the first place!" Michelle said pointing to Taylor.

"Well if y'all hadn't pushed me to light the candle we wouldn't be in this mess."

"Guys calm down." Alek said stepping towards Michelle.

"They think we have their book." Jayden yelled. "What are we going to do?"

Everyone looked around. "Well we can't just sit here. We're sitting ducks." Bryan stated running a hand through his dark hair.

"Then we better start walking." Alek sighed placing his hand on the small of Michelle's back.

Taylor hung back from the rest of the group. She felt a leather jacket being placed around her shoulders. She smiled at Jayden. "Thanks," She whispered.

He walked a little closer to her. "You ok?"

She looked ahead at everyone else. "This is my fault, I shouldn't have lit the candle."

He nodded his head. "Well, just like you said, you were kind of pushed into it. Don't blame yourself." He grabbed her hand. "Everything will be ok, I mean how are they going to survive in the 21st century?"