Before anyone gets confused the beginning of this chapter is Taylor and Bryan's point of view when they were left in the bedroom. Enjoy.

Chapter 5: It Ends Here

After Jayden and Alek left the room Bryan pushed the book aside. "I don't see what the big deal is, its going to be morning soon anyway."

Taylor shook her head tying her shoes back on. "That's not the point, even if its going to be morning soon the witches are still out there."

Bryan mumbled something standing up from his spot on the stairs. A loud bang from the roof caught his attention. "What was that?" He asked.

Taylor grabbed her cardigan from the foot of the bed. "I don't know."

A loud boom came from above them. Bryan ran over to Taylor, "Let's get out of here." She whispered but they heard a louder bang crash through the ceiling making them fall to the floor.

"Hello there," Winifred smirked lowering the hood of her cloak. "Mary, my book."

"Yes, Winnie, right away." Mary stammered hurrying over to the staircase where Bryan left the spell book.

"Ahh, marvelous," Winnie smiled. "Hello, my sweet, I missed you." She said running her hands over the book.

Bryan grabbed Taylor's arm running over to the door. When they had their backs turned Winnie shot them with a ball of energy from her book making them fall to the floor. "Still affective after all these years." Winnie cackled. "Get them."

Sarah and Mary ran over to the fallen teens, picking them up on their brooms. The witches hid behind Winnie as she put a camouflage spell around them. "The others should be here any second." Winnie whispered.

Sarah and Mary nodded just as the door burst open, the 2 boys along with an older woman ran through looking around the room. "It was right there!" Alek exclaimed pointing to where they found the book.

The two other girls came in right behind them. "What's going on?" One asked.

Winnie had an evil gleam in her eye raising her book again shooting the whole group across the room. Coming out of hiding she smiled. "Looking for these two?" She asked directing her attention to their friends still unconscious. "Or this?" She asked holding up her precious book.

Seeing them in pain almost made her laugh. As they started to sit up the curly haired one, Michelle, said. "Let them go."

The witches giggled. "I cannot do that," Holding her book close, Winnie smiled. "You see I do not have enough time to lure children. I need these 2 for my spell. Come sisters, we fly." She yelled flying through the hole in the ceiling, taking Taylor and Bryan with them.

Sarah flew next to Winnie, her hand hanging onto Bryan's shirt tight. "Do you need me to sing?" She asked.

"Not yet, we will use these two first then the rest of Salem's children will be mine!" She laughed as they flew back to their house.

Alek helped Michelle and Lynne stand up, all of them in disbelief. Jayden ran over to where the witches were standing. "They're gone." He whispered running a hand through his hair.

Binx looked down at his paws. Dani looked around at the group. "Well what are you waiting for?" She asked standing up placing her hands on her hips.

"What if we don't make it in time?" Lynne frowned.

"Don't be like that, we're going to save them." Alek said. "And I have a plan."

Taylor groaned, feeling like she got hit by a bus she realized she couldn't move, opening her eyes she took in her surroundings. Beside her was Bryan, tied to a wooden chair. She was very much awake now realizing she was in the same situation. They were back in the Sanderson house, and the witches were standing around their huge caldron. Looking around she saw another guy in a cage. "Brandon?" She whispered.

Hearing a groan from beside her she saw Bryan coming to. "Nice of you two to join us." Winifred smiled walking over to them.

Taylor narrowed her eyes. "You do know our friends are going to come after us."

"Oh, don't worry dear, you will be long gone by the time they get here. The potion is almost complete." She snarled walking back to her sisters.

"You just had to open the book, didn't you?" Taylor growled sending an evil look to Bryan.

"It was almost morning, I didn't think it would cause any harm."

"Well look how that worked out." She sighed struggling against her ropes. "Couldn't you just wait a couple hours to open the damn thing?"

"Your boyfriend is going to save you so just relax."

"They're going to save both of us, even if one of us is a dumbass who doesn't listen to instructions." Taylor scoffed. "Did they just put a human toe in that thing?"

"I think so." Bryan groaned. "Ok, there's no way in hell I'm drinking that, they better hurry up."

Dani drove as fast as she could through the empty streets of Salem. Everyone was on edge, hoping they were going to make it in time to rescue their friends. She stopped the car a little bit away from the Sanderson house. "Ok, go, I'll keep the car going." She explained putting the car in park.

"Let's do this." Jayden said opening his door.

"All right girl, open up your mouth." Winnie growled holding a giant wooden spoon to Taylor's mouth.

Taylor shut her mouth tight trying to turn her head away but felt someone's hand on her head trying to hold her in place. Everything stopped as they heard a siren come from outside the house. "You are trespassing on private property. Come out with your hands up." A booming voice came from right outside the door. Bryan looked outside one of the windows in the front of the house, all he saw was a red flashing light. Looking back around the room he saw Lynne and Michelle at the emergency exit in the back of the room. He gave his girlfriend a small smile, she smiled at him in return but put a finger to her lips telling him to stay quiet.

"Fine," Winnie growled, directing her sisters to follow her out of the house.

As quietly as they could Michelle and Lynne went over to their friends to untie them. "You got the cops involved in this?" Taylor asked.

"Not exactly." Michelle whispered. "Come on, we gotta hurry."

"Wait," Bryan said running over to the caldron. Looking around he poured the potion out onto the floor, the steam rising up into their faces. "Ok, now we can go."

"Hey, wait, what about me?" Brandon cried reaching through the cages' bars.

"We'll come back for you later." Michelle said quickly looping her arm through Taylor's.

Bryan grabbed his girlfriend's hand as they made their way out of the emergency exit. Standing on the other side of the house they watched as the sisters looked around trying to find where the siren was coming from. "This way." Michelle said leading them down to the woods.

"Curses, we were interrupted for nothing." Winnie exclaimed throwing her arms up. "Come, we have business to attend to." Walking back up the steps to the house with her sisters right behind her.

"Winnie, where did they go?" Mary asked seeing the two chairs now empty, the ropes on the floor.

"Those rotten brats," Winnie growled. "My potion! Not again! There's still some left, Sarah grab some bottles, those kids haven't seen the last of us."

The four teens ran through the woods until they were safe distance away from the house. Finding their way back to the road they saw Alek and Jayden running towards them. Taylor smiled as Jayden wrapped his arms around her waist. "You ok?" He whispered in her ear.

"I'm fine, how did you guys...?" She looked down at a megaphone in his hand.

"We got into my dad's cop car and 'borrowed' some stuff." Alek smirked holding a red light in his hand.

"Come on, Dani's keeping the car warm." Lynne smiled hugging onto Bryan tight.

The group hurried over to where Dani had her car parked. Climbing in the backseat, everyone felt a little more relaxed since they were all back together. "Where can we go now?" Michelle asked.

"Wait it out on hallowed ground?" Dani asked. "We have an hour til dawn."

"I think that's our best bet." Jayden said.

"Marvelous." Winnie smiled filling two glass bottles full of the green potion. "This should be enough for all those brats. Come, we fly."

"Winnie, I see lights." Mary said looking out the window.

"Its them, hurry, we must follow them!" Winnie yelled grabbing her broom, her sisters doing the same.

"Anything behind us?" Binx asked looking at the group.

"Nothing." Jayden answered looking through the window.

"Good." Dani sighed gripping the wheel.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief but unfortunately it was too soon because Winnie flew up next to one side of the car with Mary on the other. "Pull over, you're going too fast." Winnie cackled.

Dani swerved to the left hitting Mary then went to the right to try and hit Winnie who flew out of the way. "Now your definitely getting a ticket!" Winnie said trying to reach into the car.

Dani slammed on her brakes causing Winnie to fly across the road into a bush on the side of the road. "We're almost there," Dani sighed.

"The sooner the better, at least they won't be able to touch us." Lynne said pulling her hair up into a ponytail.

"What about the zombies?" Jayden asked.

"We'll worry about them when we run into them." Binx answered.

Dani put the car in park in front of the cemetery. Everyone opened their doors and ran towards the gates. Alek opened them and waited for everyone to pass through before closing them back. "Any sign of them?" Alek asked as they ran through the graveyard.

"Not yet, but I don't want to chance it." Dani answered looking down at Binx running in front of her.

"Wait, guys stop," Michelle yelled. "Do you hear that?"

The whole group froze, the girls looked nervous, the guys stood their ground ready to protect their girlfriends if something were to happen. Low moaning and muffled voices caught their attention. Towards the entrance of the cemetery they saw the zombies making their way towards them. "Run!" Binx yelled but Dani stopped him.

"Wait, Binx, don't you remember?" She asked. "The last time Winnie said that spell the zombie was Billy, and he was good and hated the witches as much as we did."

"Dani, I do not know who's graves they came from."

"Wait, I saw her perform the spell, I can show you." Taylor pointed out leading the group to where Winifred performed the spell. "This is it, these graves."

Binx examined the tombstones. "I know these people." He whispered.

"Uh, Binx, could you be more specific? There is a group of brain eating zombies after us." Lynne stammered digging her nails into Bryan's arm.

"These were the witches victims for numerous spells. Before they went after children they put a hex on anyone who tried to prove them to be witches."

"So all those zombies could just be trying to get our attention?" Jayden asked.

"Maybe, or they are under some mind control from the spell and really want to kill us." Alek suggested.

"How about you guys find out and we hide somewhere?" Michelle asked looping her arms through Taylor's and Lynne's.

The whole group turned to Michelle, giving her an evil look. "It was just a suggestion!" She laughed nervously.

"The salt doesn't happen to work on zombies does it?" Taylor asked as Dani pulled a can of salt out of her bag.

"I don't know, there's no label on here." She sighed.

Hearing the footsteps getting closer they decided to hide until the zombies passed. Hearing one of them grunt the zombies stalked to another side of the cemetery. Popping their heads out of hiding the teens watched them hobble off. "Ok, how do we even find out if they are friendly?" Lynne asked. "And another thing, since when are zombies friendly?"

Binx shook his head. "Calm down, I know it doesn't seem possible..."

"Uh, I think this whole night doesn't seem possible." Taylor chuckled.

"Good point." Dani shrugged. "Ok, when I was a kid there was only one zombie chasing us."

"Billy?" Bryan asked rubbing Lynne's back trying to keep her calm.

"Yes, he was Winnie's old boyfriend but when she found him with her sister Sarah she poisoned him and sewn his mouth shut, and it looks like those zombies are the same way."

"Damn, I guess girls always took break ups hard." Bryan snickered earning a punch from his girlfriend.

"Ok, so maybe they are good...zombies." Michelle said. "How do we found out?"

"Well, Billy took Max's knife the last time and cut his mouth open."

The girls' eyes widened. "Well you guys can handle that right?" Lynne chuckled.

"I got my hunting knife." Bryan said pulling his knife out of his pocket.

"I don't hunt," Jayden sighed. "Alek doesn't either."

"Wait!" Michelle gasped. "I have one." She smiled holding up a pocket knife.

"Whoa, how long have you had that thing?" Taylor asked her friend.

"Uh, since I started driving, my dad couldn't get me pepper spray so he thought this would work in case of emergencies."

"Well, I know who I'm bringing to a knife fight." Lynne smirked looking at the knife in Michelle's hand. "Ok, I don't know about them but I can't cut open a zombie's mouth."

"Don't look at me, I can't even watch 'Saw' movies." Taylor said holding her hands up.

Michelle handed her knife to her boyfriend. "Do you think two knives can do the job?"

Binx looked around the graveyard for the zombies. "It's worth a shot. Be careful boys."

The girls each gave their boyfriends a kiss on the cheek before following Dani and Binx to a hiding spot. "Why does it feel like we're going into battle?" Jayden asked as they walked around searching for their targets.

"Cause we kinda are." Alek whispered. "Just think of it like Modern Warfare, zombie edition."

"I see them, sneak attack?" Bryan asked looking at the two boys behind him.

Nodding at him they crouched down waiting for the zombies to pass them. The girls and Binx looked up from their hiding spot to watch the boys. "Look at my baby, he looks like a ninja." Lynne smiled.

"You always did have a thing for ninjas." Taylor chuckled.

"Here they come." Michelle whispered covering her eyes. "I can't watch."

It happened so quickly, first Bryan jumped up and grabbed one zombie quickly cutting its mouth open before tossing his knife to Jayden who did them same. Each one of the zombies fell to the ground coughing, after all these years their mouths finally were open. The girls ran up to their boyfriends, looking down at the zombies who still hadn't stood up. "Are they ok?" Taylor asked hanging onto Jayden's arm.

"I don't know, did this happen before?" Alek said looking down at Dani.

Before she could answer one stood up, he fixed his neck tie before looking at the teenagers. "You!" He yelled pointing to the boys.

"Oh boy, get ready to run." Lynne whispered digging her nails into Bryan's arm.

The zombie hobbled in front of Alek, grabbing his shoulders. The group started to back up, not knowing what was going to happen. To Alek's surprise, the zombie kissed his cheeks. "Thank you! Thank you so much!" He laughed.

Alek chuckled nervously, the zombies breath making his eyes water. "Uh, you're welcome, why are you thanking me?"

Laughing again the zombie wrapped his arm around Alek's shoulders, the rest of the zombies standing up behind him. "You see, years ago I saw with my own eyes Winifred Sanderson curse someone. She saw me too, that night my life ended." He explained. "My name is Byron."

"Hi, Byron." Michelle chuckled.

"The same thing happened to everyone here." Byron explained looking behind him at the rest of the zombies.

"So, Binx was right, y'all were just trying to get our attention." Taylor said.

Byron nodded. "But thee kept running, I apologize for our appearance."

Lynne laughed. "We're talking to zombies, we're actually talking to zombies. If everything else hadn't happened tonight I would swear I was dreaming."

"There they are!" Winnie cackled her sisters flying over the trees towards the group.

"Duck!" Alek yelled grabbing Michelle's shoulders.

"You! You evil wretch from the depths of hell!" Byron cursed pointing up to the red headed witch.

"Byron? Is that you?" Winnie smiled. "Still wearing that tie I see."

"For 600 years now, now its time for you and your sisters to return to where you belong!"

"You first!" Winnie yelled swooping down towards him, kicking his head clear off his shoulders.

"Ah, now I know I've seen that before." Dani groaned seeing the head roll across the ground.

Taylor and Lynne shuddered seeing the head roll towards them. "You give it back to him." Taylor said nudging Lynne's shoulder.

"Are you crazy?" Lynne shrieked. "You pick it up."

Taylor cringed crawling over to the head. "Don't worry, Byron, I'll get you back to your body." She whispered picking it up.

Hurrying over to the headless body searching on its hands and knees for its head Taylor gently placed it in Byron's hands. "Here ya go, you headless zombie." Taylor nervously chuckled.

"Tay, look out!" Michelle called out seeing Sarah flying towards her friend.

Dani rolled the salt over to Jayden. "Throw some at Sarah." She commanded.

Jayden grabbed the salt before running over to his girlfriend. She gave him a confused look as he poured some in his hand. As Sarah came towards them he threw the salt in the air at the witch causing her to turn a complete flip. "Wow, it really works." Jayden laughed.

"We were saved by seasoning." Taylor smiled.

"Everyone spread out!" Binx yelled.

Michelle reluctantly ran away from her friends and Alek. She heard a whizzing sound come from behind her, glancing back all she saw was red. Mary was coming towards her. Not being able to run fast enough she felt someone pull the hood of her jacket. "Hey! Let me go!" Michelle yelled as she was lifted off the ground by her hood.

"Use the potion, Mary!" Winnie yelled.

"Yes, Winnie, right away." Mary smiled lifting Michelle higher. "This is going to hurt you more than its going to hurt me." She chuckled pulling the bottle from her cloak.

"Don't drink it, Michelle!" Dani yelled from the ground.

Michelle closed her mouth, trying to turn her head from Mary as she lifted the bottle. Just as she lifted it to Michelle's mouth the bottle shattered. "What the...?" She asked looking down at the ground.

"Put my girlfriend down!" Alek yelled throwing another rock at the witch.

"As you wish." Mary chuckled letting go of Michelle's jacket.

Michelle let out a terrified scream as she felt herself falling. Closing her eyes she braced herself for impact. Instead she felt herself crash into someone. "Hey," She whispered rubbing Alek's chest. "You broke my fall."

"I could say you're really falling for me but that's way too cheesy right now." Alek chuckled his breath knocked out of him. "I hope the rest of our relationship can live up to tonight's standards."

Sitting on her knees, Michelle chuckled. "Yeah, if this was our first date I can't wait to see how everything else goes."

Lynne searched the ground for some kind of weapon she could use on the witches. "Oh come on, this whole place is surrounded by woods and I can't even find a freakin' stick." She grumbled hearing someone around her she quickly found a huge stick laying beside a tombstone.

"Hello there, my pretty." Winnie chuckled swooping down towards Lynne.

"Batter up." She whispered taking a swing at the red headed witch sending her flying backwards. "Ha, maybe I should have tried out for the softball team."

Taylor and Jayden had taken cover in a patch of trees, "What time is it?" Jayden asked looking down at his girlfriend.

Pulling her phone out of her pocket she said. "We have ten minutes til sunrise."

Lynne ran to where she last saw Bryan, "Where did he...?"

"Lynne, over here!" Taylor called waving her hand in the air.

Just as Lynne started to run over to her friends she felt someone grab the back of her sweater. "You will do." Sarah smiled picking her up.

"No! Put me down!" Lynne yelled swinging back and forth.

"Lynne!" Taylor yelled seeing her friend getting picked up by the witch. "Put her down!" Jayden grabbed his girlfriend's arm as they ran after Sarah and Lynne.

Michelle and Alek were behind them as they saw Sarah fly over to Winnie. "Winnie, I got one of them." She smiled.

Lynne was still struggling trying to get Sarah to let her go. 'How is she this strong?' She thought.

"Bring her to me." Winnie commanded.

Bryan ran over to Alek. "Where's Lynne?" He asked.

Alek couldn't answer him, instead he pointed to where Sarah handed over Lynne to Winnie. "Lynne!" Bryan yelled running over to the witches.

"Open up your mouth." Winnie hissed holding the bottle to Lynne who was trying to turn her head away from the red head.

Bryan climbed a tree closest to the three. Snapping a limb he took a swing at Winnie knocking her off her broom, along with Lynne. Both screamed as they fell to the ground, thankfully in a soft patch of dirt and grass. "Thanks Bryan," Lynne grumbled sitting up but her eyes widened seeing Winnie laying right beside her.

Bryan hurried down the tree to his girlfriend. "You." He heard someone grabbing his shoulder. "You ruined it, I will..." Winnie growled but felt herself sizzling. "Oh no, not again." She whispered seeing smoke around her.

"Guys the sun is rising!" Michelle yelled looking over the horizon.

"They're done." Alek said watching Winnie turn to stone.

"Winnie! It's happening again!" Mary yelled as she disappeared.

Sarah sighed, waved to the teens on the ground. "Good-bye." She whispered as she also disappeared.

All the teens watched as Winnie was the last one to disappear. Bryan covered Lynne as the dust flew around them. "Are you ok?" He whispered helping her stand.

"Yeah, but next time how about you find me something softer to land on." She mumbled brushing the dirt off her jeans.

"I'll keep that in mind." He laughed bending down so she could get on his back.

"Lynne are you ok?" Taylor asked as they ran over to them

"Yeah, I'm fine...wait where's Dani and Binx?"

The teens shook their head looking around for Dani and the black cat. With no sign of them they started to walk around. They found her at a tree silent tears running down her face. "He's gone...again." She whispered.

"What? Where?" Jayden asked.

Before anyone could answer they heard Binx's voice. "I'm right here." At the back gate of the cemetery was a teenage boy in a white loose shirt and brown pants, well almost, the group realized they could see through him.

"Wow, Binx is human." Michelle smiled.

"Well, almost human." Binx laughed raising his arms. "Dani, what's wrong?"

"It's just hard." Dani sighed. "I have to say good-bye to you all over again."

"Dani, I know, but remember I'm always with you. I'm never truly gone."

Dani nodded placing her hand in his. "I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." He whispered. "I have to go, my family will want an explanation as to why I was gone."

"Bye Binx, thank you for all your help." Taylor smiled as Jayden wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"My pleasure, just don't light anymore candles for me."

Everyone let out a soft laugh and nodded. As they watched Binx walk away they saw a little girl meet him in the middle of the path. "Is that Emily?" Michelle asked Dani who nodded her head.

The two figures seemed to disappear right in front of them. "Well this had to be one of the most interesting Halloween nights I've had in a long time." Alek laughed as they walked through the cemetery gates, Michelle's hand in his who leaned on him.

"I don't know how we're going to top it." Jayden smirked.

"We need to do something to remember tonight by." Bryan said looking at Lynne who had her head on his shoulder.

"You take my picture right now I'm kicking your freakin' ass." She grumbled.

"Well Dani, I don't think we could have done all this without you." Taylor smiled at Dani who shook her head.

"No problem, I'm glad I can help." Dani sighed. "The sisters are officially gone, so this won't ever happen to anyone again."

"Good, I don't think I could do this for another night." Michelle chuckled.

"Hey, why does it feel like we're forgetting something?" Alek asked looking down at Michelle.

Back at the Sanderson house. "Hey! Come on, someone let me out." Brandon yelled hoping someone would hear and let him out of the cage that he had been stuck in for the past 4 hours.

A month later the Sanderson house was destroyed. The only way to find where it stood was to know where it originally sat. Winnie's spell book vanished along with the witches, never to be seen again.