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Based on the 2010 XBOX Game.

Rated M for Explicit Adult Content.

Special warning – rape, torture, and possibly incest.

The Princess and Major Swift are prisoners in the Castle's Dungeons. Can they find comfort and solace with each other, and more importantly, escape? Does Logan even know his sister is in captivity?

Jealousy and Possession

Chapter 7

"What King Logan desires is selfish to an extreme that...displeases me. I shall exact a price from him, and yes, Princess Sarie, it will be a punishment. Of sorts." The goddess smiled enigmatically.

"Must you do such?" Sarie pleaded, her fists clenching the simple white cotton of the simple dress she realised she was wearing in the presence of the goddess. "I don't want him hurt, please! I just don't want to be forced to marry him and love him as he wishes me to."

Venora's eyes narrowed and her mysterious smile eerily and instantly morphed into a fearsome frown. "Your desires regarding him are of no concern to me, nor shall my decision be swayed. Now, I asked you once, but I shall not ask again; what are you willing to sacrifice for your Jack Swift?"

Sarie swallowed nervously. Venora was offering her an escape; she could yet take back her promise to give anything of herself that the goddess would accept from her. Would she ask something so horrible that even if she were allowed to survive and return to her own Reality that Jack could no longer love her? No, that would make no sense. The goddess had just asked her what she would sacrifice, so plainly she would allow her to be with Jack if her sacrifice was pleasing enough.

At first, Sarie had not been frightened of Venora, but now she was. This goddess exuded neither goodness nor evil, but rather an unnerving changeability that Sarie had never experienced in the presence of Avo or Skorm. She knew with absolute certainty, with knowledge that Venora infused in her, that she was a deity unlike any other. She was only a certainty in that calling upon her would never have a 'certain' or 'reliable' outcome!

Sarie squeezed her eyes closed and willed her heart to slow its furious pounding. To stop perspiring so profusely would also be nice, not to mention stilling the uncontrollable quivering of her lips and trembling of her body. The terrifying realisation that Logan may have made the worst possible choice in deities to call upon made her skin grow cold and her bones chill.

"Anything I can give, Goddess Venora," Sarie whispered, her voice wobbling like a frightened child's. Tears she did not realise she was shedding were suddenly slipping down her flushed cheeks and onto her neck and bosom. "But I do not know what you want! What can I give you?" Her mind raced desperately, trying to think of something, anything, such a goddess would find valuable.

"Do you want my youth? My lands?" And then something occurred to her that was so clear and obvious that she wondered that she had not thought of it at once. She could offer this goddess something that perhaps she may have no practical use for, but something that no other mortal in Albion could give.

"Goddess Venora, will you accept the powers of my Hero's Blood?"

Venora's face brightened and an unmistakable look of kindness illuminated her eyes. Sarie felt a measure of calm suffuse her and she sucked in a deep and grateful breath of relief.

"Your love is great indeed, Princess Sarie. Would you truly sacrifice your Heroism, despite the fact that all of Albion could suffer?"

"I...I do not wish Albion to suffer, and I refuse to allow that!" Sarie replied, unconsciously wringing her hands. "I have knowledge, skills, and allies. Even without my Hero's Blood I am determined with every ounce of strength and ability I have to save Albion! Take my Hero's powers if you wish, for I can, and shall, succeed without them."

She looked down at her clenching hands and forced them to still. She resolutely clasped them before her in a gesture of supplication to the goddess.

"Please, Goddess Venora, I'll give you anything for Jack!" Sarie closed her eyes for a moment to compose herself once more. She was extremely uncomfortable and uncertain of what more she could say. Still, she spoke on, hoping she could appease the powerful deity before her, as Venora appeared kind for now, but not yet satisfied.

"Even...even if you decide that I cannot be with Jack, take my powers regardless. All I truly wish, now that I am before you for good or ill, is for Jack to survive all this and be happy. And...and if you've a mind, please reconsider whatever decision you have made concerning Logan. He cannot help himself, I fear. Being King has...has changed him."

Sarie looked back into Venora's eyes. "I want Logan to find love and happiness. I just don't know how he can!"

"Quiet your fears, for I am satisfied, Princess Sarie. Your offer is generous and more than sufficient. Your heart is pure and your motives are good. Fare thee well and live your life; do not waste it. Do not make the same mistakes I made when I was mortal."

Sarie watched as the goddess turned away and begin to fade from sight. Panic washed over her. What was going to happen? Was Jack all right; and what of Logan?

"Goddess, please!" she cried out, rising to her feet. "What has happened? What is your decision?"

There was no response and Sarie's surroundings completely whisked away in a swath of bright white light.

"What you are willing to sacrifice, Jack Swift, is most impressive." Venora smiled at the kneeling man and held out her hand. Between her thumb and forefinger was a golden ring with a heart-shaped gem. The stone was bright red, but was not a ruby. Jack intuitively knew that the stone represented true love as well as pain and sacrifice.

He tentatively accepted the ring from her outstretched hand.

"Take this, Jack Swift, for you have earned it. You love truly and are willing to make great sacrifices. However, I shall give you the opportunity to reconsider your offerings to me."

Jack looked directly into the goddess' eyes. "Thank you, but no. My offers stand."

"You would sacrifice more years from your life? You would sacrifice your skills as a soldier? You would even sacrifice any possibility of ever having a child with Princess Sarie, or any woman for that matter?"

For a moment anger surged through Jack. How dare she suggest that he would ever lay with another! However, he knew that anger was not something he should exhibit before a deity. He swallowed it back and resolved to keep his countenance perfectly calm.

"I do," he said firmly. But then he could not stop himself from adding, "However, I shall never lay with nor love another. If Sarie will have me as an even older man, with no skills, and whose wick is spent, then yes, take it all! Take all I have to give!"

"And what are your feelings regarding King Logan?"

He could not help but grit his teeth. He could only hope that the goddess did not see any change in his expression.

"I am sure you know that I no longer concern myself with his welfare. He has become a tyrant and his tyranny now extends to selfish personal desires in attempting to force Sarie to love him against her will." Despite the sickness he felt at the truth of his words, he found himself pausing and pondering his feelings.

Something within him was suddenly but decidedly softening. The desire he had, only moments before, of wanting to see Logan punished was lessening. Sarie's visage appeared in his mind's eye and he knew that he no longer wished for Logan to suffer too terrible a fate, if the goddess was even contemplating such a thing. He knew that despite everything, Sarie loved him. He was her brother; how could she help but love and feel compassion for him?

"I...I must amend my statement," he said, gazing intently at the beautiful ring he held. It would soon grace Sarie's finger if she would still have him after all was resolved with the goddess. "I cannot say it for myself, but for Sarie's sake, I do not wish him grievous harm." He drew a deep breath and continued. "I also want to add that, should you decide that Sarie will no longer love me, please allow her to survive and find happiness! Take my years, take my skills, take all that I have, but I beg of you, spare her!"

Venora laughed lightly. The tone of her laughter was not mocking, but a distinct air of malicious amusement suffused it and Jack felt an icy shudder run down his spine.

"So, you would not only sacrifice so very much of yourself, which, in essence, is almost everything that makes you a man at all, but you would also request mercy for one such as King Logan?"

Jack resolutely kept himself from gritting his teeth in both fear and dread.

"I am and I do."

"Very well. I am pleased, Jack Swift. My 'negotiations' with you and Princess Sarie have been most illuminating. I will take my leave of you now. Fare thee well and live your life to its fullest, Jack Swift. Do not squander what I have deigned to grant you."

Princess Sarie and Jack Swift abruptly found themselves free of the goddess, and, as they looked around themselves, King Logan as well.

The two were fully dressed; Sarie in a high-quality but comfortable gown and Jack in trousers and a loose work shirt. In unison they looked around, desirous of wanting to know where they were.

Sarie recognised the place almost at once. They were at Serenity Farm, her mother's private farm behind the Demon Door in Oakfield! Nobody had access to the place save for the owner of the farm and his or her family. No enemies could enter nor even that blasted Blind Seeress, Theresa.

"Jack?" Sarie whispered, turning to him. As soon as took in his appearance she gasped.

"Sarie, my love, what is it?" he burst out, his hands flying to his face. "Am I old? Ugly? What's wrong? I..."

"Shush," Sarie soothed, pulling at his hands until he relaxed and allowed her to hold them to her heart. She smiled gently. "First of all, I love you, Jack! I love you forever and ever, and I don't care that I am no longer a Hero! I just asked her to please allow you to live and be happy!"


She hurried on, as she had almost forgotten his frantic questions in her haste to assure him of her love. "Jack, you are...so young! I mean, you are as handsome as ever, but you are younger!"

"Younger?" he blurted out, "but that's impossible! I offered the goddess all the years of my life she cared to take, all the fighting skills I possess, and even the..." He paused to cough in embarrassment. "I even..."

"Go on, Jack," Sarie whispered with a smile. She began to have more than just an inkling that the goddess Venora had been extremely kind to them!

"I...I even offered her my...ah...fertility."

Sarie's eyes widened. "You did all that for...for me?"

"Yes, you silly woman!" he blustered, standing up from what they just realised was a bed in the upstairs bedroom of the lovely farmhouse and rushing to the dresser to see himself in the mirror. "I told her to take it all, if only you could live and be happy!"

Sarie's eyes welled with happy tears and she rushed to his side. Jack was thunderstruck at his youth and vigour. He then murmured out loud as if he thought that she couldn't hear him that he was indeed not only young and strong but quite 'fertile' as well!

"I...I must only be about twenty or so! I can scarce believe it!"

Sarie closed her eyes and hoped that the goddess would make the truth known to her. Venora did not fail her.

"Jack," she began wonderingly, "she did not accept our sacrifices. She decided that we were worthy of her gifts and she took little in return. You are my age, you still have your skills and, ah...fertility, and we have this place for our own. I, however..."

Sarie stopped as the new realisations flooded her. She was pleased, sad, deliriously happy, frightened, horrified, and relieved all at once.

Jack whirled round and took her in his arms. "What is it, my love? You look exactly the same! Are you otherwise injured somehow?"

"No," Sarie whispered, "but I am different. I am no longer a Hero. She took my offering to strip me of the power in my Hero's Blood."

Jack sighed in heart-felt relief and pressed a kiss to her lips. What began as a kiss of reassurance quickly escalated to one of intense passion and longing. Soon they were kissing each other with open mouths, their hands were roaming over each other's bodies, and suddenly they found themselves tumbling onto the bed.

Sarie reluctantly broke the kiss and looked urgently into Jack's face. "I have to tell you the rest, first!" she gasped, panting and flushed.

"Ah, yes, you must, I suppose," he said. "But don't think you'll escape me for long. I have yet to make you completely and utterly my own, Sarie-mine!"

She smiled and they lay snuggled together. "Well, it is all coming to me now, Jack. I am no longer the Hero, and things have changed. But not everything. I am still the Princess, you are Major Jack Swift, but retired with honours and a generous pension, and everybody knows your restored youth is a favour from a god, and believe it to be Avo. And, let me see...ah, yes. We have this wondrous place known as 'Serenity Farm' as an inherited gift from my mother, Amrit Sparrow. My brother, Rutger, is King of Albion, and is a Hero. And Logan..."

Suddenly it was all there, and Sarie knew what Venora had decided to do to Logan. Or for him; it was a matter of perspective.

Sarie looked across the room at the bookshelves and saw atop them the Snowglobe their mother had purchased so long ago from Murgo the Trader. It was the infamous 'Cursed Snowglobe' - but her mother had defeated the curse and released the spirits of the villagers of Oakvale who were trapped inside. So...

She leapt up from the bed and ran to the bookshelf, snatching the Snowglobe from it and peering into it intently. To her horror, yet fascination and relief, she saw Logan and...herself. They were strolling arm in arm along a small rural road in the ancient village of Oakvale. The two figures approached a house and stood for a moment in the doorway. Logan clasped the woman who was an alternate version of herself to him and kissed her passionately. The couple happily passed several moments in loving bliss before entering the house and closing the door.

"Sarie?" Jack whispered into her ear. "Did I see what I think I did?"

Sarie felt as if an icy dagger had pierced her abdomen. However, at the same time, she felt a warmth surround her heart.

"Jack, the goddess gave me to Logan. She took a tiny portion of my soul; only a fragment, one that would never be missed or injure me in any way, and used it to fashion another 'me' from it. That particular 'me' is deeply in love with Logan and living with him quite happily in this Alternate Reality."

She carefully replaced the Snowglobe on the bookshelf. "And it doesn't matter if the globe is ever smashed or destroyed. It is merely a mirror into that other Reality. She took Logan from our Reality and gave him his heart's desire. She gave me to him to love, but a separate me who loves him in return and will be with him forever."

"So you and I are all right? We are well and young and healthy, and you have a brother who is King and we don't have to save Albion?" Jack ran his hand over his hair where his white streak had once been. "Or...is that all yet to come?"

"I do not know why Venora did not tell you," Sarie replied slowly, still trying to process all the new information the goddess had gifted her, "but everything is indeed over. Albion has been saved by Rutger. He is a good King and a good man. I remember him and know him, but it seems so silly!" She burst into laughter. "I somehow remember everything! Venora did not take away my memory or yours, but that one change; that one new brother, has already saved Albion!"

"Thank Venora," Jack gasped in relief, than laughed boisterously. "I can barely believe I said that! But truly, I do thank her, for she has saved us and given us the life we deserve. The life we want. The best of all possible worlds..." He broke off, caught up in the wonder of it all.

"Together?" Sarie could barely believe that Jack still loved her. After all, he had been through the proverbial hells for her, endured beatings and torture, and...

"Sarie, if you ever ask me something so foolish again, I swear by all that is holy that I'll make love to you so thoroughly that you'll be constantly begging me for my favours day in and day out!" He cupped a breast in one hand and ran his palm over her nipple until it hardened. "You'll marry me in the Temple tomorrow and if I have my way, by Venora, you'll be carrying our babe as we speak our vows!"

Sarie giggled. "So, what shall we name this babe of ours? I've been pondering names, believe it or not, and I thought that we could combine your name with my mother's."

Jack replaced his palm with his mouth and suckled her nipple through the cloth of her gown until Sarie began to fear that her drawers would be wet before they could remove their clothing.

"And what would that name be?" he mumbled, only half caring as he nipped her pebble-hard bud. Sarie gasped and wound her fingers into his thick lustrous black hair.

"Jack Sparrow," she panted. She squirmed as his mouth worked its wonders. "Goodness, Jack! Please, let us be rid of our clothes at once! I'll wet my own and our bed if we don't hurry!"

Jack stilled her heaving body with one hand and slipped the other between her thighs as he nipped her tight little bud once more.

"Jack Sparrow?" he asked absently. "I do not know, Sarie-mine. There is something both pompous and...piratical...about that name!"

"Oh, very well!" Sarie gasped, pushing at his shirt, then becoming frustrated and tugging at it. "Just remove those blasted garments of yours and I'll agree to anything you say!"

Jack lifted his head only long enough to reply.

"My darling Sarie, that is the best offer I have ever had!"

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