Summary: 'Leaf Style Shinobi, Uzumaki Naruto!' So he had introduced himself. What about if that became a little bit more... literal?

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Chapter 1: Midori no Ha, The Green Leaves

Naruto sighed as he took off his orange jumpsuit and layed it on a chair, no use cleaning right now, too late, too tired to care.

Too darn proud and happy to care either!

He had just become a shinobi! After three years of failing and ridicule, he had done it!

And all it took was sneaking into the Hokage Tower, stealing a scroll and learning a jutsu from it!

Which brings him to his current thoughts.

Namely that 'Jutsu are awesome'. Of course, who would thing anything else?

But, the problem is that... he doesn't know that many. Sure, he has the Kawarimi and Henge, just now got the Kage Bunshin too, but that's not enough. How can it be enough?

First order of business is getting more in his arsenal. It would only be fair too; everyone else had their families teaching them taijutsu and ninjutsu and all kinds of jutsu.

Naruto had no one. He was all alone. So he had no one to teach him or show him or just tell him it would all be fine when he got scared.

But now he had the old man and Iruka-sensei, so it was better, but still...

He needed more jutsu. Because he planned to have a family, with many children. And what father would let their child go without as much cool teachings as possible?

"New jutsu huh... I gotta get me some of those..." He mumbled to himself.

Easier said than done though when you're the scapegoat of the entire village, for no good reason at that either!

So where could he get some new jutsu? The old man was probably busy, he was the darn Hokage after all. And Iruka-sensei was injured.

Asking the Kyuubi no Kitsune would be an eternity too early no matter when he did it.

But there was no one else to ask. So what could he do?

He thought some more on it but decided that it hurt his mind when he overthought things and went to sleep.

Just as his sleep took him however, he remembered something from Iruka's lectures, one of the few he had ever bothered to listen to. "All the Hokages made their own special techniques that gave them an edge over every other enemy. These same techniques we use today as proud Konoha Shinobi!"

So, since he was going to be a Hokage... He needed his own techniques!

That was about the first thought that came to his mind when he woke up. But what to do?

What kind of super-awesome-cool technique could he make that no one else had ever made?

It would have to be original, cool and easy to use, strong as well but hard to copy or imitate...

So... So he did the one thing he thought he'd never have to do...

Go to... The Library.

You see, most people think that Naruto is an idiot and completely inept. That is a mistaken perception. He is actually quite smart and quick of wit.

However, he lacks 'knowledge' and 'understanding', the two things that actually turn intellect and wisdom into a usable force. Which is why every time any teacher actually bothered to sit down with Naruto to teach him something, he seemed to pick it up at light speed. Too bad nobody ever cared about the orphan enough to actually look at him away from their preconceptions and own expectations.

But Naruto knew that, he knew he wasn't an idiot, he just didn't know about stuff. Mostly because nobody ever told him anything, they just took things for granted. Therefore, since he couldn't depend on anyone any more, he was a ninja now, he had to do it on his own.

And that meant... *shiver* studying...

Which in turn meaning having to go to the Library.

Getting in was hard, or annoying more like it, but after showing off his headband, and suffering nearly an hour of authenticity checking, he managed to get in.

Now to find books on jutsu theory, chakra manipulation theory, jutsu creation theory, jutsu analysis theory...

Well, any kind of 'theory' that had to do with chakra, techniques and jutsu.

Aaaand... Bingo! 'Steps to Jutsu Alteration and Creation for Beginners by A.R.'

Whoever that A.R. guy was, he was a godsend to Naruto!

So, the blonde took the book and went to a corner to study.

"Jutsu creation is neither harder than it is speculated but neither is it easier than hoped to be. It is an artform where one understands himself first and the world around them second. For that to be done, a unique kind of mind is necessary; one that both accepts one's self but also seeks to further understand, a natural-born inquisitive."

"Most commonly jutsu are separated in several categories, further separated by elements or effects; Ninjutsu, (split into General, also known as Ninpo, Katon, Fuuton, Suiton, Raiton and Doton, in no particular order), Iryo-jutsu, Fuinjutsu (Barriers and Seals), Genjutsu (Visual and Emotional) and Taijutsu (Weapons, Barehanded, Enhanced). However those distinctions are wrong."

"There are only two types of jutsu, who combine in a third. These two types are 'Emit' type jutsu and 'Reinforce' type jutsu."

"Emit types create something from nothing, such as fire or electricity, to give a rather vulgar example, but also include Barriers and almost all types of Genjutsu. Its greatest advantage is that it requires little setup to initiate; usually just the handseals and chakra used. However, due to its nature of creating things out of nothing, it also has a great chakra cost and requires great control lest the technique goes berserk and backfires."

"Reinforce type instead alters and/or augments a substances natural abilities. Examples are most Doton jutsu, almost all forms of Taijutsu and several types of emotional or sense-altering Genjutsu as well as all types of Iryo-jutsu. It has the advantage of requiring less chakra and control as they rarely go berserk, instead they simply burn out the medium of use (with the notable exception of Iryo-jutsu who instead burn out the target and are therefore extremely dangerous and so will not be discussed further to avoid accidents). However, as a disadvantage, they require a setup before being used, the medium through which they will be channeled, be it water or earth."

"The third type is 'Combine' and it is made out of combining the principles of Emit and Reinforce types. However, it is extremely rare to find someone even capable of using such a jutsu, much less someone who can actually make a new Combine type jutsu. However, they are the strongest type of jutsu as they have very few to no weaknesses apart from their humongous chakra cost and general lack of people who can use them."

"For one to create their own technique, it isn't as easy as using several handseals in order and willing something to happen."

"The prospective creator must keep the following rules in mind."

"The First Rule; What type of jutsu it is. Emit, Reinforce or the, extremely rare, Combine type? As the latter is the rarest, and most dangerous, the prospective creator should focus on creating a technique using one of the first two archetypes. Do not stray from the chosen type, do not try to crossover and keep a clear mind on what you want your jutsu to do. For starters, choose a relatively simple concept, such as reinforcing the hardness of a fragile item or creating a small gust of wind. This process determines the first handseal of a jutsu if any are used.

"The Second Rule; What is its expression. How does the jutsu do what you wish it to do. Simply throwing chakra cannot accomplish anything; you have to shape it, change it and alter it to your needs. Does the jutsu create a gust of flame or does it toughen your armor? Does it create the illusion of fire or does it enhance your arm muscles? Again, keeping a clear focus on what you intend to do is extremely important. This process determines the last handseal of a jutsu if any are used."

"The Third Rule; How and why does it occur. How does your jutsu perform what it is needed to do? It may be as simple as a gout of flame or as complex as a dragon shaped manifestation of lightning. It may be merely enhancing the muscles by improving their endurance or it could be shifting the entirety of the body's humours to certain locations for either defence or offence. This process finalizes the intermitent handseals of the jutsu if any are used and makes it stable."

"The Golden, and final Rule; Know your limits. Do not attempt an untested jutsu in harsh conditions (read; combat, stress, lack of rest, sickness) or unaided. If possible use clones (ideally Kage Bunshin for their ability to copy the user's knowledge, memories and skills as well as transfer any gained information back to the user upon dispelling) and have an ally standing by to provide help or a superior to supervise. Test the technique extensively to make sure no instability is noted and that it can be performed easily and without need of much focus; add more handseals to the sequence if it needs further stability or remove if they are not necessary."

"If you are able to keep these simple rules in mind, then you can create (or recreate) almost any type of jutsu. Read on the next chapter as to hints on what type of ninjutsu would best suit the starting creator. Good luck."

After that was a list of chapters on anything related to jutsu construction. Unfortunately, it also took some things for certain; namely that the reader have understood several chakra theories and completed various chakra control excercises.

"Eeeeh..." Naruto sighed dissapointed. "I'll have to study even more? Can't be helped I guess..."

But throughoug his reading, he thought about one thing constantly; what kind of jutsu should he make? What could he make that would be original enough to actually suit him?

What? What could he make?

Katon, raiton, suiton, doton, fuuton... they were all so common, everyone knew them. Anything he would think up, someone else must have already thought about.

Genjutsu... he sucked, he couldn't even make a bunshin, now he just knew he had waaaay too much chakra to ever use right.

Taijutsu... he had no idea of it; Mizuki-teme never taught him even the basics, something he'd have to fix as soon as possible.

Fuinjutsu? Nuh-uh, not good with calligraphy and again, no teaching prior. And best leave Iryo-jutsu out of it as well...

What to do, what to do...

Then he remembered the previous night: "Who am I? I'm Leaf-Style shinobi, Uzumaki Naruto-dattebayo!"

Leaf-style shinobi huh?

The seed of an idea planted itself into Naruto's mind and he grinned like never before.

Oh yes, he could do this, he would do this!

"Leaf-style indeed..."

But for now, he had more studying to do.

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