Chapter 13: Chishio Konoha (Bloodied Leaf)

"Woohoo! Get'im, Sasuke!" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs, seeing his best friend charge the Suna jinchuuriki. Next to him, Sakura and Ino provided just as vocal support, though Kakashi remained silent, though proud and smug as well, if you knew where to look.

That's when things went wrong. White feathers seemed to start falling, bringing with them a feeling of drowsiness that addled thhe mind.

Seeing one of them land so close to his nose, Naruto blew air at it, but when it didn't move, he cursed. "Shit... It's a..." But, unfortunately for him, he still sucked at that particular area of shinobi combat and he was already going to sleep.

An instant later he was jerked awake, Sakura's cool fingers on his forehead. "Wake up, Naruto! We're under attack! Kakashi-sensei is already going down to Sasuke-kun!"

Chaos all around him. Ninja leaping to and fro, weapons thrown, jutsu shouted...

Damn it... Damn it all...

Why? Why does it have to be this way? Why do they have to attack, to kill? Can't they all just get along?

Fine! Fine then! If that's their choice, if they don't rise above the muck of death they willingly entrench themselves into, if they can't get past their fear, their hate, their inability to understand...

Then... then he had to... he had to... to defend everyone. Because, as much as hates killing, as much as he despises and dreads that day that his hands will no longer be white, but red... He is a guardian. A protector. And sometimes, when no other choice is given, when one cannot hold back any longer, then, in order to protect, in order to safeguard that to which he swore his life for... then, even the benevolent protector must take up arms.

"If you wish for peace, prepare for war... That's an ancient saying... and a load of crap..." A grizzled ninja, disabled by his lack of right leg and arm, had told him.

"Sasuke, Sakura, wait." Naruto stopped the two from going off, taking something from his ninja pouch on his back. "Jiji's in trouble, I have to stay... But, take these." He handed them a few weird fruit. "The violet grapes are for chakra, don't eat them unless you're almost out, you hear me?" He snapped at them. "They have about as much as I do at full-power, don't mess with them! And the red one's for you, Sasuke, it'll boost your Katon, hopefully, but it'll last for only a few seconds, so make'em count!" Then he pushed the three gennin through a wall, ignoring Shikamaru's 'troublesome' whine and turned around, leaves already forming a shield to block others from pursuing them. "Good luck." Even though he knew they hadn't heard him, he knew they felt his words, and he felt their own benedictions as well.

But within, his thoughts swarmed elsewhere... 'I am Jinchuuriki, the strongest guardian of my village, their trump card... It might be a destiny thrust upon me, but I take it up of my own free will. I might not have any skill in using Kyuubi's power, but I will make up with my own. I am Uzumaki Naruto, Jinchuuiki of the Kyuubi no Yoko, and meanest motherfucker these invaders will have the bad luck of coming across!'

And in his deepest of depths, in a place in his psyche that he had yet to find, something awoke, something ancient and evil, a sleeping force of Nature. It grinned as it saw its host, witnessed his heart. And finally, it spoke, intentionally letting him hear it.

"So... a guardian you are? Kukukuku! Fine, boy! Show me your strength! Weather the Hate! Quench the Fury! Control the Rage! Show me your convictions!"

Because, in all his hosts, he had yet to meet one who did not want his power, no matter the circumstances. Mito wanted his power to protect her husband. Kushina wanted his power to protect her home.

But Uzumaki Naruto, did not want his power. He turned away from it, not in fear nor revulsion, but because he did not want it. Because, quite simply, he was Uzumaki Fuckin' Naruto, Future Hokage of Konoha, and he would make his own path in the world.

So the Kyuubi respected him, the one who was unaffected by the lure of his power. He respected the boy, just as the boy respected the demon who took his family, his humanity, away. But it wasn't enough, not not enough, not yet. The child had to be tested, he had to be carefully witnessed, to the depths of his soul, if he was truly worthy of his great power, to become the only being since the Rikudo Sennin to wield the power of a God.

So tempt the child, the Kyuubi did. Tempt him, show him hate, fury, fear and ultimate, undeniable, unrivaled power. And if he could resist them... if he could take all the worst the Kyuubi could possibly throw at him...

"ALL! BETA-OMEGA THREE ON UZUMAKI! NOW!" Kakashi's cry came as he dashed at him and Uzumaki Naruto dove into his abundant chakra.

Beta-Omega, a maximum-priority battlefield command to initiate a maneuvre; In the alloted time (Three) if you can get within the target location (Uzumaki) go there and stay, otherwise, hunker down and pray for the Kamis to have mercy on your soul. Admittedly, most made a double-take, but knowing Kakashi, and how laid-back the man normally was, every single Konoha ninja within range, ran to the blonde, the others taking refuge under anything they had at hand.

Enemy ninja all around smiled, at least those not familiar with Konoha's combat tactics; everyone had gathered around a single point, just asking for a single, big attack to take them all out!

Naruto's chakra seemed to seep into him from the world around him, perfectly, completely still. Not even breathing, barely heart beating, he called all his power to come to him.

The haze of chakra that surrounded him, didn't only cover his body, but it was large enough to create a bonfire surrounding all five dozen ninja that had landed next to him.

Then, with absolute rage in his voice, he passed judgement. "Konoha ninpou... Ougi... SEN HA-KEN!"

In an instant, all the leaves, that had been so conveniently ignored until then, became sharp, flying blades, whipping around a single point, tearing everything inside the techniques range to shreds like a single, large blender.

In seconds, there was no more green leaves around him.

There were red, fluttering and sticky leaves, a mist of blood and severed human pieces that spun around him.

Then the technique ended, letting the winds drop the mangled pieces of former people, now nothing more than minced meat.

"N-no w-way..."


"W-what a jutsu..."

"G-gods... this is..."

"Naruto's most dangerous techniques." 'Shi's cold voice informed them. Kakashi couldn't take the vision of crimson death that had surrounded him, especially with his Sharingan activated. He had immidiately passed over to his alter ego. "Leaf ninja art, one thousand heaf blades... Naruto, can you continue?"

"Y-yeah, just gimme a moment and I'll be fine."

It was harder than it looked to even stand up, but he was fine, just not used to channeling this much power at once. But, as they say, there is no rest for the wicked, as a scream of terror drew his attention. "KYAAAAH!"

Hyuuga Hanabi had been looking forward to the Chuunin Exams, the last few times they had been held she had been forbidden from seeing them, but this time she had con(vi)n(c)ed hed father to take her along.

And what a show it had been! The blonde 'nobody' that her cousin mocked and despised, proved to be an extremely skilled ninja that Hanabi herself hoped to one day emulate or rival in power. He defeated, no, he humilated, her entire clan's style and showed the numerous weaknesses inside. As the future Head of Clan, she was supposed to learn that stuff, but no one ever taught her. Then there was the Suna vs. Konoha fight, where she saw tangible proof of how intellect can far outstrip power, so much unlike the spiel thrown at her by her Clan. Even the Uchiha, as much as she had been raised to hate his clan, was a sight to behold, strong, fast, talented and with great power in his hands.

Then things... degenerated. Thanks to her knocking out her father and elders like that, she was left alone in the stands. It wasn't a bad thing, in fact it was great, she could stretch out as much as she wanted, smile, look around and eat ice-cream.

The problem is, that Konoha had been betrayed. In an instant, a genjutsu came upon her, but she easily broke it, more an annoyance than anything.

Then... "ALL! BETA-OMEGA THREE ON UZUMAKI! NOW!" As the heir to Konoha's strongest and most noble clan, Hanabi was well aware of the most important protocols, she had known before even starting the Academy.

So, like a good little girl she was, she rolled under her seat until the danger would pass.

It was only thanks to her unique eyes that she realized just how powerful that Uzumaki was. She saw chakra spill outwards, endlessly churned by him, as if he had no end, no limit! She saw it infuse leaves around him and extend outwards, lethal blades longer than her hand! She saw chakra flow along the ground, rise up and surround her in a protective dome! She saw the deluge of leaves, the whirlwind of blades, the destruction brought forth by the ninjutsu and she was in breathtaken awe as she beheld the lethal green weapons flood the place, and yet flow around her own little dome, sparing her their biting edge!

Shyly she dared poke her head out when it had ended, look down at the Hero who had brought down heavenly judgement with her own eyes...

Then a shadow fell and she turned to see a large man get up from behind cover.

"Kukuku... an unmarked Hyuuga... You'll fetch a good price, girlie, once I break you!" And he made to catch her.

Hyuuga Hanabi might have been the next Clan Head... but she was first and foremost a little girl and reacted just like how all little girls would react. "KYAAAAH!" She screamed.

The man laughed and approached her slowly as she scrambled back and away from him, as if he had all the time in the world, a large, prowling, deadly predator sure in his victory.

That is what Naruto saw and his blood inflamed with fury. There were few things he held sacred, Ramen, Orange and Log at the top, but children were pretty darn high up that list, he had suffered enough for everyone else to live comfortably. His chakra reacted to his will alone and activated his Kawarimi no Jutsu, bringing next to the man, mid-air.

Right kick to elbow, break the joint. Left kick to the temple, concussion. Right kick to the nose, broken and blinded. Flip and left heel drop on the top, nighty-night jackass!

Hanabi was still reeling back when the man attacking her was knocked out and she would have continued, had a somewhat familiar voice not shaken her out of her fear. "Hey, you alright there, Chibi-chan?"

Indignation, and gratitude, but mostly indignation, a reaction hammered into her reflexes. "I am not a chibi-chan! I'm Hyuuga Hanabi, heir to the Hyuuga Clan!" She replied angrily before she even realized she had, or more importantly to who she had replied this way.

Naruto grinned at her cheek. So familiar. "Alright then, Chibi-jou-chan," He lightly teased her, grinning as she scowled at him, while he kneeled in front of her. "That creep didn't touch you did he? Good, care to catch a ride?" He turned his back to her to allow her to climb on him.

So she did. If anything, he was a genin of Konoha and he would be able to take care of her much better than she could protect herself. 'Hmm... this is definitely... different... from my clan...' She mulled as her hands caught strong, rough flesh, so much unlike her clan's own. She could feel the muscles clench and ripple under her fingers as she grabbed his shirt. 'Intriguing...' Well, she had head some Hyuuga branch maidens speak highly of 'strong, hard muscles' when used in bed. Well, why would one use muscles in bed? After all, beds are a place of rest, not exertion so what use could they possibly have...

Soon however she had ducked her head behind the blond spiky mop on her savior's head to avoid the stinging wind as he leapt over the edge higher than she had ever gone. Then she grabbed him even tightly and squeaked in fear as several chuunin seemed to fall around them on the sand.

Naruto for his part was not that worried. No, he was both excited, he was saving a princess darn it!, and angry, he hadn't had time to repay that other bastard for his words.

"Die! Konoha ninja!" The ninja charged Naruto and his ward, kunai drawn.

But the Uzumaki wouldn't stop, nor would he so easily comply to their commands. Instead, he went through quick handseals, thanking the gods for Ero-sennin removing Oro-teme's seal, and channeled chakra to the seals in his hands.

Hanabi's eyes widened as she saw the moulded chakra cover his hands and unleash leaves from the little symbols in the wide sleeves, leaves that flowed over his forearms and extended outwards, enhanced with the blonde's favourite chakra blades. Then she felt her breath leave her lungs in a gasp as she looked downwards, at his feet and saw the layer of chakra between his feet and the ground.

"Konoha Ninpo: Haken!" Naruto declared before spreading his arms, one level with his head and the other with his knees (though it was a rather short distance still). "And!" He made the layer of chakra under his feet, so much like water-walking but also like the destructive chakra-pulse he had taught Sasuke, only more sustained. These two abilities together actually nullified the friction between his sandals and the earth. 'I hope this works like I indend to, or I'm gonna look like an idiot...' Then he followed it with his 'evasive' jutsu, spinning himself like a top. "Konoha Kenpuu (Leaf Bladed Wind)!"

Hanabi fought to keep her stomach down, the spin had been wild, strong and fast, round and round they had gone, moving forward, like a moving tornado. 'If that's how the Kaiten feels like, I won't be learning it, thank you.'

Kakashi had seen his student surrounded by nearly half-a-dozen ninja and had moved to help, but he soon stopped that in favour of gaping. What was it with his student stealing everyone's jutsu and turning it to new avenues? No, seriously! That's annoying, why doesn't his blonde student leave something for him to adapt! His sharingan easily showed how the chakra flowed, the leaf swords extending to their full whip-length and then him spinning, the cut wind making a deep, repeating sound, as he lashed all around him, causing blood to fly around.

"Wahoo-ttebayo!" Naruto hollered, euphoric from the endorphins that had flooded his system. "Oh shit!" He dodged to the right quickly, seeing a large fist come his way. A fist covered in a thick layer of mud, belonging to a man that made Geji-mayu-sensei look tiny in comparison. "Err... Kakashi-sensei? Some help?"

"Kinda busy here, Naruto! Stay away from him!" Kakashi replied, cursing at the uncanny cooperation these ninja seemed to have, or just their plain tenacity at wanting to kill him. They didn't even think about it; they just tried to tackle him to the ground! No witty banter, no women in short skirts, no declarations of eternal enmity over a stolen bowl of rice, where's the shinobi world going to?

But Naruto was never known to be one to respect orders. Especially when orders seem, to him, stupid or pointless. So, instead of backing away, like any sane person would, he broke one Haken down and threw the leaf blades at his enemy. When the man laughed, that's when he realized the purpose of that heavy mud armor; it protected him from attacks so, unless he could hit the eyes, the man was pretty damn near invulnerable as Earth didn't have a weakness over Wind.

"Hah! Your pathetic leaves cannot hurt me! My jutsu renders me immune to weak attacks like yours, puny genin!"

Dodging back from a powerful if slow fist, Naruto grinned as an idea hit him. Well, more like remembered the old adage 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall'. And like all things, the blonde nutcase decided to take it literally. "Pity there ain't no jutsu to actually make you smarter, baaaka!" He poked his tongue out as he re-activated his spent Haken. The man scowled and charged him, just as planned, for at the last instant, he replaced himself with one of the leaves he had attacked him with and, before the earth-covered nin had time to turn around, he had attacked with both leaf whips.

"Is that the best you can do?" The man mocked as he somehow managed to turn enough to raise one hand in defence, grinning as his armor didn't even seem scratched. "I ain't scared of some lil' tree hugger like you, boy! Once this fight's over, I'm gonna watch this whole damn forest burn!"

If anything, that just solidified Naruto's desire to kick his ass. "That's why you're a baka; this ain't over yet! Konoha Ninpo: Haken: Konoha Shibari (Leaf Ninja Art: Leaf Sword: Leaf Restraint)!" He shouted, unleashing more and more leaves from his seals and having them flow from his arms to his whips and then over his enemy, wrapping him in a coccoon of leaves.

"Wh-what?" This was asked by both the ninja and Hanabi, though for different reasons. The ninja was surprised by the leaves but the Hyuuga princess was more surprised by the chakra she saw Naruto send to the ground. 'This looks like roots... Anchoring? He's anchoring himself but why... Unless... No! Not even he could-!' "T-That's impossible!" She cried out, only barely catching his smirk. "No matter how strong you are, you can't possibly be thinking you could-!"

"Hah! This Uzumaki Naruto knows not the meaning of the word 'impossible', dattebayo!" He grinned in his obnoxious way and then, as the ninja asked him what he was going to do, he pulled. Muscles that had coursed with Kyuubi's power since his birth were flooded by human chakra, instinctively using it to copy the feats demonic chakra would allow them to and Naruto... Naruto pulled. "Gn... Gnn!" He grunted, but slowly at first and then faster, the man was pulled off his feet. "GNNNN!" The chakra anchoring kept his feet firmly on the ground, but that didn't go for the other ninja.

'No... no way! He's... That man must weigh a ton and he's...'

"Round and round it goes, and it's fate nobody knows!" Naruto whooped as he spun, faster and faster, still grunting occasionally as he strained, both chakra and body, to keep it up. "Take a HIKE!" He commanded, letting go of the Hakken, launching the man upwards, flying over several battles. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Strained hands quickly made the cross-seal, creating a dozen clones to appear and almost instantly poof away, leaving floating leaves behind.

The mud-ninja was trying to break free of the restraint; it was weakening but not letting up just yet. Still, he would be fine, even if he fell head first, his armor would take the brunt of the attack.

That's when a dozen shadows fell over him and he saw just as many clones making a single hand-seal; Dragon. The hands then touched his body and, as one, the clones called out a single jutsu; "Fuuton: SHOU (Wind Style: Push)!"

Fuuton: Shou isn't a strong ninjutsu. In fact, it is so weak that it's not even considered a proper fuuton, all it does is shove something, one of the lowest D-rank jutsu, more used to fan oneself during heatstrokes or knock that annoying cookie jar off the shelf. But, when it is used a dozen times with enough chakra each to overpower even a C-rank jutsu, then even something as weak as that can become dangerous.

Twelve thrusts, all directed in one point, straight down. "Returned to sender, dattebayo!" The clones cried as they thrusted their target down at break-neck speeds, reaching and breaking through terminal velocity in an instant.


The meteor impacted on the hard earth, the shockwave and dust throwing a smokescreen over half the arena and, when it cleared, a man laid broken inside a crater, twelve puffs of smoke only signifying that his fall had taken less than a second to come down from almost thirty feet in the air.

Kakashi sighed and shook his head. That's seriously just like his blonde student... Trust Naruto to overpower a simple D-rank enough to make it lethal; the man's armor might be tough, but concussive force is transferred through contact. With it being in contact with his skin meant that, even if the mud absorbed a lot of the force, it was still enough to break his spine from the fall.

Up in the arena, several genin and chuunin were defending a small area, improptu set up to defend noncombatants. Expectedly, Ino was already there, trying (and failing) to hide her shakes and look threatening. "N-Naruto!" She cried out instead of a greeting. "Come here, quickly, take cover!"

"No can do, Ino-chan." Even in the heat of battle, the affectionate suffix almost made her blush, but she quickly overcame that urge. "Take care of Chibi-jou-chan for me, please." He said, handing over a pouting Hanabi.

"No! I am Hyuuga Hanabi, heir to the noble Clan of Hyuuga! I wish to fight!" All her seriousness however vanished when Ino squeed at the little girl and glomped her.

"So cuute!" She squealed. "Stay here with me and Narut- hey, Naruto!" But the blonde had already gone from the safety and landed back into the blood-spattered sand.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto called out as he ran next to his teacher in a lull of the fight. Apparently, people actually could learn not to approach a man who killed their friends with a handkerchief and a smile on (what they could see of) his face. "Anything I can do to help?" He offered, knowing how to defer to his superior.

Kakashi actually grinned at his student, but he wiped a bit of sweat off his forehead as well. "Not that much I'm afraid. We've almost cleared the arena, the civilians have left, there's only the matter of the village." He paused to point out, towards the gates, to show the smoke rising from there. "They've breached the walls. Saw a few giant snakes, summons more than likely, and many others have just barged in... There's war going on in every single street of Konoha, but there's not-"

"I'll do it." Naruto interrupted his sensei. "I'll do it, Kakashi-sensei. I'll protect them, I'll protect everyone." He gave a grin to his stunned teacher, ignoring all the ninja that were now looking at him too. "After all, I'm gonna be the Hokage, right? Can't let anyone hurt my village!" So he crossed his fingers and pulled out every single last dredge of chakra his body could produce. "Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Hundreds, maybe even thousands of clones spaned from the roiling mass of smoke, leaping on everything they could find. Walls, poles, wires, seats, windows, ceilings, everywhere was covered by a veritable sea of blonde hair, blue eyes and camouflage-green.

"Kakashi-sensei... Take care of everyone for me, alright?"

"Naruto what are you-" He made to say, his Kakashi persona coming out for a second, before retreating. One look at the boy's eyes had been enough. "Do it. Good luck, soldier. Genma! Aoba! Defencive formation Delta-Two around Uzumaki!"

Naruto sent one hand behind his back and into his ninja tool pouch, pulling out a large, grape-like fruit. In one movement, sudden and sharp, so he couldn't regret it, he ate it, chewing quickly and gulping it down.

The change was instant; Naruto's eyes dilated, his breathing peaked and his skin reddened as veins popped.

"Konoha ninpou... Ougi... Mori Yuurei Guntai(Leaf Ninja Final Art: Forest Ghost Army)!"

A pulse of chakra rushed outwards, covering the entire village.

In every house, in every garden and every park, in every tree and every flower... Leaves, long and short, slender and thick, fresh-green or old-brown, all responded at once at Naruto's call to arms.

A deluge of leaves, flowed through every street, stopping all fights in an instant. Combatants, intruders and defenders alike, looked around for a reason to this event.

In the arena, the clones vanished.

Before an ANBU, three clones leapt onto his target, punching with a speed he could barely follow as they popped from side to side.

In the Academy, leaves turned to ropes and pulled the intruders out, where they were beaten repeatedly.

A running civilian tripped and fell, looking back in terror to see the murdering psychopath leap at him... Only to be tackled by a dozen people, all identical, before being beaten to a bloody pulp.

Everywhere in the village, Naruto's clones fought tooth and nail, vanishing and appearing, hitting their enemies upwards where they would appear on their backs for a heeldrop, then appearing on their faces for an uppercut, then right over them for a downwards kick, hitting them over and over again in an unbreakable chain of violence.

One invader in particular chose to attack nothing more than a small ramen stand. Well, there was that cute waitress and her grizzled old father. To the victor go the spoils huh? Besides, Orochimaru-sama did promise them their choice of gains, if they won it. So he tore down the entrance with a small wind jutsu, a pre-emptive strike to let them know just who they were messing with.

Unfortunately for him, neither Ayame nor Teuchi were the stereotypical cowardly civilians he had been expecting. The older man had served shinobi for generations, he had learned to handle his butcher knife better than most chuunin. And the girl, she was like a demon possessed! Her steel ladle blocked, parried and struck like it were a snake! So, he got serious; no matter how skilled a civilian is, they are no match for a trained ninja!

Ayame collided with the fridge and fell on her father, the kick had felt like it bruised some bones. Teuchi on the other hand just cursed as he tried to get up. "I'm getting too old for this shit... Hey!" Suddenly he seemed hostile. "Leave the ramen alone!" The ninja had kicked aside the soup pot, spilling the wonderful ramen broth to the ground, but most importantly, he was taking Naruto's 'Uzumaki-style, Kage-Level, Super-Ultra Ramen of Deliciousness'! Ramen specifically prepared to honor The Ramen after Naruto won in the exams! To touch that bowl was sacrilege!

"Hah, or what? You're gonna hit me, civilian?" The man mocked and then laughed at Teuchi's comment that The Ramen would repay his heathen actions.

"Put... the Ramen... down... slowly..." A very hostile voice came from the entrance, the figure concealed by the light, making a large shadow fall inside and the Ichiraku's smile at their saviour. "In the name of the Trinity, I shall punish you!"

It was a midget. A midget in weird brown-green colored clothes. "Psch, you? Right, I'm scared. But if you want them so much, here, catch!" And the ninja tossed the ramen to the side!

"NO!" Came Naruto's voice as he dove, desperately, trying with all his might to catch the divine ramen bowl before it hit the ground but-! "NOOO! MY RAMEEEEN!" It slipped his fingers, falling to the ground and... shattering... the sound echoing many times over like the sound of his own broken heart and dreams, the world itself now falling apart as the Heavenly Ramen were defiled and destroyed... "No... Not my Ramen... No... please... please come back to me... No... NoOOOooo!"

"What are you, an idiot, blondie?" The man mocked, not quite aware of the crazy look that now was on Naruto's face. "So what's about the ramen, it's just crap anyway, too salty, too tasteless! I think, I think I'm going to burn this place to the ground, actually! Mwahaha!"

"You... destroyed... my... ramen... You... defiled their name..." Now Naruto had gotten up off the ground and turned a baleful glare at the man, blue eyes alight with malice. "I'm going to make you pay!" Chakra spilled out as Naruto took a peculiar stance, one that put all his muscles to display, a mighty flex. "GALAXY... ENEMAAAAA!"

There was a bright flash of light, blinding Teuchi and Ayame, but they could still hear the pained shouts, the calls for mercy as they prayed to the Ramen to be spared judgement for failing to protect its Glory.


"AND INDEED IT DOES!" Naruto's voice was positively filled with joyous malice. "By the time I'm done with you, I'll have redifined the limits of anatomy! TAKE THIS! SENNEN GOROSHI- EXPLODING KUNAI VERSIOOON!"

A clone however was selected for a very particular job. Instead of running, he chained many replacements together, all to get him to a specific place as fast as possible. Slingshoting on a house, he vanished again and again, appearing for only an instant, on a pole, a cart, over a kunai, on a hedge and over a wooden wall that seemed to barricade a place near the Wall.

Even after landing, he didn't stop, instead immidiately launching on a fast run, until he came to a clearing. Across him, a woman, dark skinned with hair and eyes as black as night and a long, silk, semi-transparent gown was sitting on a throne made of a large, deep red, flower.

"My King... You come. Not in person though... Why? What goes one behind our kind's walls?" She asked in a calm though authoritative voice.

"Bereth en Taure, my Queen of Thorns," He spoke as he landed, smiling at her just like he did every time he laid eyes on her. "Konoha, my village, is under attack, foreign shinobi are attacking, killing and destroying!" He took a few moments to re-center himself. "I... you can interfere, go, defend our forests, but do not be seen! Attack them while they get ready to attack, they... you can do with them what you will, but remain unseen! Titania-chan, could you help?"

The small fairy popped up from under his spiky locks, somehow having snuck in there. "Sure! Can I mess with Konoha ninja too, if they don't see me? I'll be nice!" Her grin was not all that reassuring though.

"No, not now. Wait until the fight's over and then... then as long as it doesn't hurt them, you're free to do whatever you want, as long as you remain hidden! All of you, must remain hidden, until I can... until people won't hate you, you must hide! I... If they try to hurt you, I don't know what I'd do..."

The Queen's arms embraced him, having moved with inhuman grace before he even realized it, and she held him tight. "Do not worry for us, my King, we can protect ourselves. Now, go, do your duty. We will handle this."

And so the dryads did. Assembling their Thornstrikers, they left their grove to fight, to protect their home, a home that would hate them had they known of their existence, but their home nonetheless. Dryads, wearing light armor made of wood that covered their limbs and torso, bearing silver tiaras made out of special flowers, gathered their weapons. Thornswords they could extend to become whips. Vinebows with sharp, pointy ends they could use as a staff or spear. Light, wooden shields they carried on their backs, able to deflect even Naruto's own cutting leaves. Spores and seeds of dangerous plants they could have take root and grow within moments. At their head, their Queen herself, the oldest, strongest dryad of them all, Bereth en Taure, whose silver flower trimmings on her gown had grown to armor, bracers and greaves, her hand holding her thorny whip tightly.

The dryad grove moved out, some slinking into trees and others melding into the shadows of their groves, moving with a grace that kunoichi would give their right arms for, eyes and ears not their only senses into the Forest, where the Life's Heartbeat beat ever stronger.

Ninja, Suna and Oto together, sat in a circle, scrolls in their hands and symbols on the ground. They were on 'summoning duty', they would use the scrolls provided to them by the being known as Orochimaru to change the battle.

They never got the chance.

Three guards fell to fleet arrows, streaking from above with nary a sound, deep into their flesh and bone, collapsing with the merest gasp of pain.

Bereth en Taure led the charge, in front of her dryad sisters, and she moved like a ghost. A strong jump brought her between two unsuspecting summoners and her whip slashed the first one's eyes in a seamless motion, all the while her long legs wrapped around the other one in a suffocation hold. A hand touched the ground and grass came alive wrapping the two men in hard coccoons, keeping them down and ready for transport. Her rosethorn whip slithered as if alive, wrapping the legs and arms of two other men that tried to recover and, with a strength her slight frame easily hid, she flipped them over, once again calling on the living grass to contain them. A ninja came from behind her, short sword at the ready to stab at her, but she flowed with unearthly grace around his strike and flush onto his body. "If you wanted to impale me so hard, you should at least wear less clothing." She teased and, in the moment of surprise, blew some air at him, air that carried a powerful anaesthetic, knocking him out in a second.

All around the queen, the fight was already over, the thornstrikers had abstained from killing as much as they could, but there was still some blood staining the clearing. The Queen smiled, they would eat well tonight. If they restrained themselves, the flesh would sustain them for a few months, definitely lighten the load on her poor King's meager resources. "Wrap them and take them with us. We have protected our home. Our duty is done, now we feast!" Female cheers came from the assembled dryads. While they were not what one would call avid meat-eaters, they did require it, and their Maker was running low on his resources. Why he never allowed them to harvest some of the people in the village that hated him, she would never understand.

With the summoners unable to assist the attack and other intruders falling to many of the Greenborn's traps, it quickly became obvious that Konoha stood stronger than Suna and Oto had believed. When the last loyal member of the legendary Sannin, an old pervert named Jiraiya, arrived atop a group of three larger-than-life, pissed-off, toads, the fight was taken right out of any enemy of Konoha.

Konoha's invasion had ended in a crushing victory for those who wore the Leaf. It was not bloodless, it was not painless, but it was also not a pyrrhic victory.

In fact, if anyone had a say, they would state that it was all due to the actions of a single boy, a boy that almost all of Konoha had isolated out of fear and hate. But now, not even the most jaded merchant, not even the most terrified parent could say that the boy was nothing but the beast inside him, not when many had their lives saved, literally torn from the teeth of the Shinigami in many cases, by the blonde. No, no one who would fight tooth and nail for people he didn't know, could be a mindless, evil monster. Maybe, just maybe, he wasn't the monster he kept inside, maybe, just maybe, he had suffered, just like them. Maybe, just maybe, they should actually start treating him like a human being.

None were more surprised to look at him than a pair of recently reconciliated Hyuuga's. Hinata had been still sobbing into her cousin's chest when ninja entered the infirmary.

Both Hyuuga clanspeople were quite surprised, to say the least; Neji was supposed to still be recovering and Hinata had told her watchers to leave her. That and the door wasn't opened, it was kicked open, and a pair of ninja entered the room, weapons drtawn.

Seeing her cousin was unable to fight, Hinata got off him and quickly placed herself between the intruders and him, shaking in the inside but calm on the outside. "A-ano... Wh-what do you w-want?" She cursed her stutter once more, how could she project confidence when she stutters like that? Well, not that she was confident, but she couldn't even fake it.

"Oh? What do we have here? A Hyuuga, unsealed too! Heh, you'll be a good gift to Orochimaru-sama. I mean, that jerk Kagutsuchi, he always breaks them before we get any experimenting done... Then again, young and weak is his weakness, kukuku... Me, I prefer more full ones!" The musical note on his forehead glinted but Hinata paid it no heed.

"Little on- No! Hanabi-chan!" She gasped, terrified. Then, something within her awoke, the protective instinct that prevented her from ever attacking anyone before. "You won't touch Hanabi-chan!" Three quick steps forward brought her between the two men before they even realized she had even moved, such was the fluidity of her motion that it seemed like she floated rather than walk.

Her next instant had Neji gaping at his cousin, he had never seen her attack anyone, much less in such a way! In the blink of an eye, she had spin on the balls of her right foot and, with a movement that spoke of undeniable grace, managed to land her right palm on the throat of the man on the left and her left heel slam on the forehead of the man on the right. 'Since when Hinata was that flexible? No wonder she can't use the traditional Jyuken form, it is obviously too rigid for her body...'

As if that wasn't enough however, Neji was forced to quickly throw off his covers and move to his cousin. He would be too slow, he knew, but he had to save her. Because there were another two attackers coming.

Hinata was already face to face with the second one, an Oto kunoichi with a vicious scar on her face and a pair of gauntlets with many tubes on them. The woman snarled viciously at the girl in front of her. "You little bitch! Take this: Ninpo: Kuran (Ninja Art: Kunai Storm)!" She said, putting both hands in front of her so that her gauntlets made a circular shape, tubes pointing at Hinata.

Only they were no normal tubes, but kunai launchers, which were swiftly activated, sending a bunch of steel-black weapons, all linked with ninja wires, both together and with the launchers themselves, straight at Hinata.

But the meek girl did not waver, her eyes having predicted what would happen and her body's reflexes moving her before the weapons were even out. Hinata moved with such grace that she seemed to leave afterimages behind her as she stood on one leg, hands moving like a windmill, then falling almost horizontal to the ground, well under the line of fire, before getting back up on the other side of the stream of the weapons, which had long since gone over her. Hinata did not stop there, however. She kept on her movement, wrapping her arms around the wires, bunching them all together and then spinning, wrapping them around her body, diagonally over her chest, around her waist and, raising a leg far higher than a kimono should allow to, around her calf and thigh, pulling the surprised kunoichi towards her.

A chakra-charged palm ended the movement in an instant, followed closely by the dull 'thud' of a falling body and the wet coughs of a chocking Hinata, who had overexerted herself too much already.

Neji was next to her already though and, with a single hand, stopped the attacker's kunai in place. He glared at the attacker, feeling the shame at his betrayal of his own family turn into fury guided to the defence of the same. "Rest now, Hinata-sama. I shall take out the trash." And with that, he sent a pulse of chakra to his hand and into the man's arm, guiding it through the chakra circulation system and into the man's lungs, causing them to seize up and knock him unconscious in mere seconds.

The two reconciled Hyuuga walked, or rather limped, out of the infirmary, just in time to witness Naruto spinning like a top, whips made of green leaves in his hand, with a precious, so precious, cargo on his back. Moments later, Neji would laugh loudly, wondering how the hell he had thought he could defeat a person with village-wide ninjutsu and the chakra to actually use them without dieing of exhaustion.

Tenten did indeed hear something that sounded as improbable as Neji laughing, but she thought little of it, busy as she was to avoid blades of wind, distorting sound waves, kunai, fireballs, explosive tags and fists that were seeking her out. Weapons on her hands, she was fighting as best as she could, taking potshots as often as the ANBU team around her allowed her to, but she was getting fed up. "Alright! That's it! You want to throw kunai, lemme show you how it's done!" Eyes alight with dangerous fury, she leapt straight up and over the battlefield, over the roofs that the attackers had entrenched themselves. Three scrolls were removed from their holsters and unfolded, making three complete circles around the floating girl before they began spinning and rotating all around her, meshing with each other only to separate an instant later. "Zanryuu Kokukou (Blade Dragon Black Cry)!" She cried out before it started raining pointy, edged or smashing weapons of war.

Kunai, senbon, kama, kusari-gama, ninjatou, long swords, broad swords, hammers, tetsubo, even just randomly shaped masses of metal, all rained down with great force, ripping through the hasty-put defences and opening up the way for the ANBU to finally move in and take care of the stragglers.

"Nice going there, girl, but now you're useless, it would take too long to reseal them, better sit the rest out." An ANBU in bear mask told her, but Tenten would have none of that foolishness.

"Oh yeah? How about you take another look!" She snapped, rather put out by everyone looking down on her for being a weapons user and a kunoichi. Her hands had already been placed on a specific part of each scroll, activating the seal placed there. Poofs of smoke littered the battlefield and suddenly the sealing scroll was being filled. "What? It takes so long to reseal them manually that I wouldn't have had any time to practice! I just invested in sympathy-linking seals to connect the scroll with all my weapons. It takes a bit of chakra, but it sure saves me time, do you know how much of a bitch it is to gather three hundred weapons and sort them out properly?" Tenten sighed sadly however, how she wished that Jiraiya-sama would have spent some more time teaching her about seals. She could feel her breakthrough approaching, just a little bit more and she could have completed her Shuukei: Senjo (Endscape: Battlefield) technique.

Ah well, she could always track him down afterwards, he did, after all, give her a bunch of books and scrolls to read on magnetic and connection seals. Maybe it was in there somewhere, the secret she was looking for.

But for now she would be content in actually managing to hit that annoying girl! Seriously, how can she bend that way? If she could bend that way then... Tenten stopped that train of thought before she developed a nosebleed. Instead she chose to abandon the twin wakizashi she was using in favour of a less orthodox weapon.

She called it 'Mangetsu Shiken', meaning 'Four Blades of the Full Moon', and it was one of her newer toys, courtesy of the mad weaponsmith Ioh. It was made of a long chain ending in a bladed head. The head itself was round with a hole in the middle where the chain connected, as well as a pair of handles in case she needed to hold it in hand. Around the circular head, there were four, large, curved blades. The chain's other side ended in a spiked brass knuckle that could also double as a weight, having a small release with a spike on the other end of the grip.

The Mangetsu Shiken, or Mangetsu for short, was definitely an oddball of a weapon, used much like how one fought with a kusari-gama, but also very, very different, as Tenten utilized her own body to create leverage and change its movements sharply and unpredictably. "Take this!" She cried out spinning it first over head and then launching Mangetsu out, taking note when the woman leapt up and to the side, already having taken a few steps forward and spinning herself so as to wrap it around, abruptly changing the blade's direction.

And yet again, however, her adversary managed to dodge, if by the skin of her teeth, and a little bit of fabric too Tenten noticed. Over and over Tenten spun, winding and unwinding her chained weapon, lashing out with kicks on the chain, deflecting thrown weapons at the same time as preparing for an attack, steadily pushing back but still unable to land a decisive blow.

To the ANBU that had the awareness to see the fight, the chain seemed to flow with a snake-like quality, snapping angrily, coiling defencively and flowing swiftly, as a gennin, a gennin, danced against a chuunin. Sure, it was an Oto chuunin so she couldn't be expected to be at the level of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, but it was still damn impressive, especially considering the fact that the intruder was also focused in her taijutsu.

Finally, a chance, Tenten grinned as she drew her weapon back for another attack, her target having ended up under a large balcony. Spinning quickly, with the chain wrapped around her right arm like a twisting bandana, she quickly went through the few handseals of the single jutsu Naruto managed to fully teach her the month previous. Then, before the technique's result was apparent, she lashed out with Mangetsu, the bladed head making a bee-line for her target.

Predictably, she dodged. Just as predictably, Tenten's grin became predatorial. "Gotcha, bitch! Ninpo: Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)!" Though a derivative of the Shadow Clone, the B-rank jutsu can be lethal in proper hands, as demonstrated by Tenten. Just as the blade snapped at the edge, a few meters away from her intended target, several copies of the shuriken-like head phased into existence, continuing the arc of the flight.

"And that should teach you not to look down on weapon users." Tenten finished, looking rather smug, standing over her defeating, bleeding enemy. The shuriken clones had almost cut the woman apart, as she had been too surprised by the fact that the weapon reached outside its maximum established 'reach zone', too late to react and avoid getting slashed.

Konoha's upcoming Weapons Mistress looked at the nearby ANBU unit, basking in the concealed respect she could feel coming from them, and leapt off, away from the Arena. The roar of a demon sounded over Konoha and her greatest warrior was locked in single combat with an unknown assailant, the deluge of leaves, and its following clones, having done much to lighten the load of Konoha's defenders, but it wasn't over. The fight was far from over.

In a clearing, just outside the village, Sasuke stared down the demon, now free. "Damn you... Let her free, you bastard!" He cried out, chakra swirling like flames around him, glaring impotently at the red-headed psychopath. A mark in the shape of three tomoes pulsed and the raven-haired boy ground his teeth as he tried to suppress his rage.

A/N: As I did in Proto-Naruto, the Invasion will take place in two, separate chapters. This chapter is focused mostly on Naruto and the early parts of Sarutobi's fight. The next one will be on Sasuke and the rest of the old man's fight.

To those who took notice of the Kyuubi's thoughts on Mito and Kushina; the two women were not evil or corrupted. But, they took his power and they used it. Admittedly, it was for a good cause, but they fell to the lure of his great power, much easier to gain than any other. Because of that, while Kyuubi respected them as Kunoichi and as warriors, he did not respect them as 'beings', he did not see them as equals because they took power he did not offer them. That is why neither of them really synchronized with him, really cooperated with him. But Naruto is different; he knows he has Kyuubi's power, he knows it's there, he knows he can call on it. But he refuses to, he refuses to take the easy way out. And even when he did call on this power, and Kyuubi is quite well aware it was unintentional and unwanted, therefore it is not hypocritical of Naruto to deny Kyuubi's power now, he still did not succumb to the demon's hate, he still took no life and was able to show compassion even to those who , by all claims, deserved death. That is why the Kyuubi respects the blonde and sees that maybe, just maybe, there is some hope for humans out there. And before anyone starts screaming; no Kushina was never implied to have gained Kyuubi's power, only the 'red shroud' as it were, she never gained the level of control canon!Naruto now has. I've read all chapters and it is never stated. In fact, if anything, Naruto is the only one to have gained full control over Kyuubi.

Anyway, on Hanabi; she's a little girl, for crying out loud. She doesn't know about sex, she just knows that 'two people that are married make children (somehow) that have traits from both parents' and 'arranged marriages can be used to broker peace or treaties and gain advantages over rivals'. She might sound like she has a plan, but, like she wondered in this chapter; she still believes that beds are a place of rest only. Cut the girl some slack, she even said that it could be either her or Hinata to enter the marriage contract, but Hinata is still the Hyuuga Heir, they can't give her up.

Also, I know that Naruto might seem overpowered in this chapter, but he's really not; he made two thousand clones to fight Gaara, after getting beaten around and having his entire chakra system shut down. He then had enough chakra left to summon Gamabunta. I don't think I made him that much more chakra-spending than he is in cannon, just using his reserves better. Finally, as you can see, the Greenborn are not appearing just yet. It will come later, but for now, no one knows about them (except Jiraiya and that's in Omake only, not the 'canon' fic). Sandaime doesn't know of them, neither does Kakashi or Danzo or anyone else. They will be revealed in time. But we did get to see the Queen in action :D

Jutsu Descriptions:

Konoha Kenpuu (Leaf Bladed Wind)

Cost: C, Control: C, Rank: C, Classification: Taijutsu/Ninjutsu, Alignment: Wind (basic)

A rather simple technique, despite its quite devastating effects. The user creates a 'disc' of chakra between his feet and the ground, nullifying friction, and expels chakra from his calves, allowing him to spin. Weapons are not provided by the technique, so one must draw or create them from before. In this version, the user's spinning movements are coupled with two weapons held at different heights to minimize the chances of dodging. However, due to inertia, weapon length is reduced to less than 75%, or even 50% if it is a flexible weapon.

Konoha Ninpou Ougi: Mori Yuurei Guntai (Leaf Ninja Final Art: Forest Ghost Army)

Cost: A to S, Control: B, Rank: A to S, Classification: Ninjutsu (Forbidden), Alignment: Wind (basic)

The upgraded, more devastating form of Mori Yuurei, upgraded to work on a village-wide or battlefield-wide scale. The user first utilizes the Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (an A ranked jutsu on its own) to create a large amount of clones. Then, using the Kawarimi no Jutsu in conjunction with a much larger than usual Konohagakure no Jutsu, the clones attack, using leaves as replacements to avoid damage and attack from better positions. The strain of the jutsu is so great that the user has to stay immobile and completely defenceless to focus on maintaining the technique, and even then it lacks the grace of the usual Mori Yuurei, as the leaves and clones are simply so many that the user cannot coordinate them as well; he must create patterns through which the clones will move, as it is impossible for the brain to simultaneously calculate for thousands of clones and tens of thousands of leaves and their possible combinations. Use of this jutsu for more than a few moments can and will lead to brain damage from the strain.

Fuuton: Shou (Wind Style: Push)

Cost: D, Control: D, Rank: D, Classification: Ninjutsu, Alignment: Wind (basic)

One of the lowest possible wind jutsu one can learn, it is so useless that few ever think of using it in combat, at best it can push a shuriken to reach maximum velocity faster. The jutsu does nothing more than project a wind blast to push something like a hand, but having little actual accuracy in doing that even, usually requiring a target bigger than a shuriken to be at least partially accurate. It is so weak that Suna children often use it to push cookie jars off the shelves or ruffle each other in hot days.

Ninpo: Kuran (Ninja Art: Kunai Storm)

Cost: D, Control: D, Rank: C, Classification: Bukijutsu, Alignment: None

A simple, yet very dangerous in close range, technique, the Kuran utilizes specially prepared kunai launchers and simultaneously activates them when the target is in close range. Even a tough opponent will take serious damage when hit by more than three dozen kunai. Additionally, all kunai are lined with ninja wires, both to the launchers and to each other, creating a web-like pattern that can entrap an enemy who managed to survive the attack, lining them up for following techniques.

Zanryuu Kokukou (Blade Dragon Black Cry)

Cost: C, Control: C, Rank: C, Classification: Bukijutsu, Alignment: None

When it comes to sheer number of attacks per second, few techniques come close to the Soushouryuu, but this one overcomes even that one. Three scrolls filled to the brim with weapons of all types, the user spins and rotates the scrolls around herself in all axis', creating a full field of attack, in all three dimensions. Thanks to upgraded seals, the weapons can be launched with great force, without requiring manual help to throw (though that can be cancelled at will for precision strikes). The technique's accuracy is low, only able to attack in relative cones, but the weapons are simply so many, that there is no chance of evasion. All weapons are linked to the user's hands with special ninja wires as well as special seals to instantly restore them back into their storage scroll. The jutsu serves as the basis of Shuukei: Senjo (Endscape: Battlefield).

Ninpo: Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Ninja Art: Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique)

Cost: C, Control: C, Rank: C, Classification: Ninjutsu, Alignment: None

A derivative of the Shadow Clone technique, this one is much easier to use, but also far more straightforward. Instead of a clone of the user, this technique clones a thrown weapon, also allowing the clones to move with the same speed, in the same direction as well, though experienced or skilled users can also alter not only the direction of the thrown clones, but also their velocity as well as initial location, making it ideal for a user who wants to either corral an enemy to a single location or finish a fight with a swarm of otherwise nonlethal weaponry.


Visiting Naruto's Greenhouse Scene Four

Suna and Oto shinobi broke down the doors to the warehouse. It was big, therefore it had lots to pillage and plunder.

However, no crates of goods or stacked precious items greeted them. Instead, at the very center of the building, as if in a place to be seen by all, stood the most beautiful plant any mortal could ever see. Its flowers were like roses, with numerous petals surrounding a precious core, yet the petals themselves were longer and sleeker, seemingly possessing of unearthly grace. Its colors were vibrant and passionate, red that reminded of love, blue that brought back memories of free running, pink like the blush of your first crush and white so pure it seemed to be solid light. Its leaves moved to the wind and filled the place with a hauntingly beautiful melody, a song that made life seem so much more innocent and happy. The flowers that moved sounded like silver tinkling bells, the giggle of a happy child.

But the hearts of these intruders had no room for light; there was nothing to pillage and plunder, so they became angry. A simple jutsu torched the tree and a wind followup tore it apart.

While the intruders raged and raved for there was nothing to pillage and plunder, something awoke in the plants of that warehouse.

The Rainbow, as it was often called by them, was like their goddess, their mother, it was their hope, what they all aspired to be. So beautiful, so pure, so... perfect.

The plants became angry. Their friend, their most precious friend beside The Maker was gone.

The Rainbow would never shine again or sing again or help them grow.

But of all the plants, the fungi were the most angry of them all. They, the lowly, ugly, fungi were the most angered. They knew they would never be as beautiful. They knew it, but they felt no envy to the magnificent Rainbow. They had only felt happiness it was there, with them.

And now it was gone. Burned and killed.

Some of the fungi decided to take things into their own hands.

Burning red dots, reminiscent of eyes, glared from the shadows.

As the intruding ninja began to file out of the building dissapointed, they heard several heavy footsteps come from behind them.

They didn't make it to the exit, they only managed to scream in terror and pain.

Moments later, green-skinned humanoids marched out of the warehouse, gardening tools fashioned into crude weaponry. They saw the destruction around them and more of the intruding, Rainbow-killing, ninja.

Their arms rose into the air and they bellowed their first word, or battle cry.


Summoning Attempt No. 1:

"Just watch Ero-sennin! I'll find a way to summon my pretties even without your help!"

"Oh yeah, I'd love to see that brat!" The older man snarked at his student, amused.

"Behold! The Flute of Signs!" Naruto cried out as he retrieved a long flute from... somewhere. "Behold the awesome power of the Hand of Flora!" He raised it high in the air, making a slash! "Green!" Another slash! "Green!" And yet again! "GREEN!" And a final high raising, both hands into the air as the Flute of Signs glowed with power! "GREENBORN! HOOOOO!"

A spotlight fell on Naruto...

The two ninja waited, and waited and waited some more.

"Aww, damn, they sold me an imitation!" Naruto tossed the flute away, where a mummified hand grabbed it greedily.

"Mine... mine! My precious Flute of Signs! It's all mine, all mine,gwihihihi!"

Summoning Attempt No. 2:

"Just watch Ero-sennin! I'll find a way to summon my pretties even without your help!"

"Oh yeah, I'd love to see that brat!" The older man snarked at his student, amused.

"Behold! The Stick of Power!" Naruto cried out as he retrieved a long stick again from... somewhere. "By the power of the Grove of Redflower, I am GREEN-MAN!"

"Sigh... Someone must really stop giving him all that stuff he smokes..." Sighed Jiraiya as he watched Naruto undress himself to a metal-lined boxer and wear a leather harness no straight man should come within a hundred feet of. Sometimes, it really sucked being that brat's teacher.

Summoning Attempt No. 3:

"Just watch Ero-sennin! I'll find a way to summon my pretties even without your help!"

"Oh yeah, I'd love to see that brat!" The older man snarked at his student, amused.

"Oh spirits of the world! Spread open the Weave and breach the void of Worlds! Bestow upon me my servant due! Grant me the power to devastate all opposition!" Naruto chanted as a black hole opened in front of him, mystic sigils burning into the air and... something seemed to come forth from the abyss...


Well, it certainly did have the power to devastate all opposition...

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