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I sat in my cubicle, trying to read a report about a sighting of Sirius Black. I'm still just a newbie, so I don't really get to do anything - just analyzing the reports. Boring as hell, I tell you. I was sleepy and couldn't focus, and I just wanted to get home and into bed

I saw Fudge come into the office. He disappeared into Scrimgeour's room and then they both came out, Scrimgeour yelling at all of us to get out.
We all stood in the hallway, outside the doors of our cubicles, and Fudge spoke.

"You all know what happened with Harry Potter last night. He made his aunt swell up and took the Knight Bus to Diagon Alley. You also know what a big risk that was for him. I figured that the safest thing for him actually would be to live with someone trained to protect and fight. I know this is very fast and surprising, but we need someone as fast as possible. Someone who hasn't got family or kids, that might be easier. Is anyone here intrested in adoptng Harry Potter?"

Adopting Harry Potter. Hm. I didn t have family or kids, and my flat would have plenty of space for him, if I just cleaned up a bit.

I put my hand in the air. Mum would freak, but who cares?

Cornelius Fudge pointed at me. "Excellent! What's your name?"

"Nymphadora Tonks, sir."

"The metamorphmagus? That's good, Harry would need a good laugh. No offence. With who and where do you live?"

"I live alone in a London flat, not far from Diagon Alley."

Fudge beamed at me. "Excellent! Come with me, please."

I followed him into his office.

"Fill in these papers, Nympha - "

"Just call me Tonks, please." I filled the papers (most of it was about when and where I was born) and gave them back. Fudge examined them.

"Very well now, please come with me. We need to do this fast, since he's by himself in Diagon Alley. You have the rest of the week off to make him feel like home."

"Okay, sir."

We apparated to the Leaky Cauldron and went upstairs to the room Tom said he was in. I was getting slightly nervous. After all, I am known for making rash descisions

"Hello, Harry," said Fudge as we entered room eleven.
The skinny boy with messy black hair and green eyes sat on the edge of his bed. He jumped by the sight of us. Little fat Fudge and a witch with currently blue hair. Must be quite a sight.
He looked nervously at us and said, "Hello, Minister."

Fudge chuckled. "Oh, you don t have to call me that, Harry. Call me Cornelius. Now, may I introduce you to Nymphadora Tonks. She's an Auror."

I stretched my hand out toward Harry and he grabbed it. "Wotcher, Harry. Just call me Tonks, please, not Nymphadora. I don t know what Mum thought of when she named me."

Harry smiled weakly and let go of my hand to look at Fudge. "Um, why are you bringing and Auror to my room? Did you decide to arrest me after all?"

Fudge smiled. "No Harry, you won t be arrested." Then he looked serious. "Harry, I must tell you something important. Sirius Black, the escaped prisoner, is after you. He s been murmuring, 'He is at Hogwarts' in his sleep repeated times, and we do not want you to go unoprotcted."

I felt a flick of anoyance when he spoke of Sirius that way. I knew Padfoot would never had done any of that shit they said he did.

Kinda bad way to tell the boy, too, I must say. Not that I would ve done it better, but he looked shocked.

He took a deep breath. "So you want an Auror to follow me around, or what?"

Fudge smiled. "Not exactly. Harry." he cleared his throat. "You don t really want to live with your uncle and aunt, right?"

Harry sat straight up, a very awake look on his face. "Absoutely not!"

"Well, we figured that the safest for you to live with someone who s trained to protect and fight. Harry, do you want to be re-adopted?"

Harry swallowed hard. "I - I really would, sir."

Fudge beamed. "Well that s good, 'cause I visited the Auror office and asked for volunteers today."

"That s why you're here?" Harry shyly asked me.

"Yep," I smiled. "He wanted someone with no husband or kids, so here I am." Harry smiled a little and Fudge continued.

"So, Harry, you agree to be adopted by Nymphadora Tonks?" he guestered towards me.
"Yes," Harry said. I smiled wider.

"Well, then it s settled! Tonks, I'm going to inform the muggle minister, and if you see any muggles, morph so you look more like him, alright?"


"Then I'll leave you two to get to know each other," he smiled and left.

"Okay Harry," I said, and he suddenly looked nervous. "First, you need to know the Golden Rules. First; absolutely no calling me Nymphadora, got it?" He nodded, somehow relieved.

"Two; um, can you cook? I really suck at it." Harry nodded hesitantly. "Good then. Rule number two; Tonks gets the groceries, Harry cooks them. It s a safety rule, so the house won t get burned down. You know, I m dead clumsy and if I m in a kitchen for too long, I ll destroy it. And you ve probably already understood that I talk too much."

Harry smiled at me. "Not at all," he said.

"Good then," I grinned. "Have you ever used side-along-apparation before?" He shook his head.

"Tonks," he said.


"Why did you volunteer for this? To take me in?"

"Well, I don t know, actually. But I knew that any other Auror would have brought you to a boring house and showed you a guest room without really caring. You would just have boring days, doing nothing. And I figured that I could use some company myself. The Auror-training took all of my social life away."

Harry looked shy. "Well, thank you. It means a lot to me that someone wants to take me in."

I put a hand on his shoulder. "It's cool, Harry. I think we ll have a great time."

He looked a little more self-conscious. "What did Fudge mean by morph?"

"Oh. I'm a metamorphmagus - that means that I can change my appearance at will." I closed my eyes and made my hair shoulder-lenght and pink. He gaped.

I smiled. "Everyone reacts like you the first time. You'll get used to it." He nodded slowly, somehow hesitant. Now, Harry, have you used side-along-apparation before? He shook his head.

"Okay. It kinda makes you outta breath, but you ll get used to it. Just prepare yourself for something uncomfortable and grab my arm."

He took a breath a grabbed my arm. I waved my wand and we were pressed trough the darkness and appeared outside my flat.

"C mere," I said, took his arm and dragged him inside. I opened the door and shoved him in. "It s a huge mess in here, but you'll get used to it since I won t clean it up in a while."

Harry laughed. "It s a nice change, actually, the muggles I live with is clinical clean."

I shuddered. "That's unnatural. What time is it?"

He looked at a wrist-watch on his arm. "About nine."

"Okay. I have the day off tomorrow, so d'you wanna go to bed early and sleep on the couch, or be up late and set up your room?"

"Doesn't matter to me," he said quickly. "You choose."

"Y'know, if you're going to live with me, you'll have to stop being so quiet. You re not like that with your friends at Hogwarts, are you?"

"No," he admitted.

"So, what do you prefer? Early or late?"

"I wouldn t mind early, actually. It s been a long day."

"Then we ll make the couch." I dragged him into the sitting room and raised my wand. "Accio sheets!" A dark green sheet and a hot pink blanket flew into my hand. I waved my wand to make it settle on the sofa. It didn t look very pretty, but it would do. "Accio pillow." A purple one entered the sofa.

"D'you mind the colors? I could charm them or something."

"No, it's okay," he assured me. "I don t mind."

"Good then," I yawned. "Good night. If you wake up and I'm not up yet, just grab something if you re hungry, watch the TV if you want, and borrow Padfoot if you want. That s my owl," I added when I saw his confused look. "He'll probably be in the kitchen, hooting for something to eat. Just throw him a few popcorns, or something. There s a bowl from last night on the counter, but he s learnt not to eat from it, he'll just tip it over. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

"The bathroom is the door we passed in the hall, and you can take the toothpaste in there. Got it all?"

"Yeah, think so."

I smiled. "Have a good night, then. See you tomorrow." I yawned and walked sleepily to my bedroom. I'm glad my room had its own bathroom attached to it. It would make living with a guy a lot easier.

Tomorrow I would have to tell everyone. I would get the worst reaction from Mum, I think. She'd go hysterical. I could hear it perfectly - Nymphadora Vulpecula Tonks, you are a sensible adult, how did you ever get the idea to adopt a teenager before having any experience with children at all? Ah well, I got along with teenagers way better than with my mother, so it was quite fine. I went to bed with drooping eyelids and dressed in a purple t-shirt labeling me as Cheeky with lime green letters, and black shorts. I was asleep in seconds.

Harry's POV

Harry didn't quite know what to make out of this young witch. He knew she would be a blessing compared to the Dursleys, and she would certainly not forbid him from visiting Ron during summer. And she would understand what it meant to be a bit different.
He smiled as he thought of her crazy color-choices. One of the walls in the living room was dark purple, and the huge rug was hot pink. It was certainly a very nice change from the Dursley s clinical, mostly white house.

Tonks' POV

I woke up in bed, feeling rested and not remembering yesterday's events quite clearly. What had really happened?

I remembered a black-haired boy being in my flat. What the hell? Had I been drunk? But I couldn t remember starting drinking, and I didn t feel hungover. I decided to leave bed, and dress properly in case the boy from yesterday was still here. I changed my shorts to jeans, added a bra underneath the t-shirt, and let my hair wear the purple spikes it had created while I was asleep.

I opened the door and found a scrawny, black-haired boy sleeping on my couch. I stopped dead in the doorway and tried to remember. Then I saw his lightning scar, and everything came flooding back. He was Harry Potter, and I had adopted him. I walked past him into the kitchen, and greeted Padfoot by pouring the popcorn out on the table for him. He hooted happily and ate them quickly before fighting me to get more than I gave him. What can I say? I love popcorn, and so does he.

Harry must ve woken from the angry hoots from Paddy (you're right, of course I named him after Sirius. It was a birthday present from him, and I miss him terribly), 'cause suddenly he was standing in the doorway, looking confused.

"Wotcher Harry," I said cautiously while bending Paddy s bill open to stop him from choking on the way-too-many popcorns stuffed in there. "Slept well?"

He looked a little stunned. "Fine. Um, why are you picking popcorn from your owl's throat?"

"He was about to choke on them," I explained knowingly as I put Padfoot back on the table. He eyed me with an offended look in his eyes, like I'd done something wrong.
"Does he do that often?"

I laughed. "Only when I leave popcorn in the kitchen. He s crazy about them."


I looked around. "Oh, right - y want some breakfast?"

"Um, sure."

"Whaddaya want? Cereals, sandwiches, egg and bacon -"

"I ll take anything you do, it's okay," he interrupted quickly.

I rolled my eyes. "Well, since I usually take a cop of coffee and a choclate bar for breakfast, that won t work. Mum would kill me if she found out that I fed a thirteen-year-old with choclate in the morning. She's flabbergasted enough because I do - she believed she'd taught me better. By the way, I guess we ll have to visit her today." I groaned and got up to find some eggs while Harry stroke Padfoot s feathers. Paddy purred - how does a bird purr? And scooted closer to him.

I found eggs, and put them in the frying pan together with the bacon.

"I'll have to warn you - I'm an excellent customer at restaurants, but I'm a horrible cook."

"I'm sure you're not that bad," Harry said politely.

I rolled my eyes again. "Are you kidding? I threathen my friends to make them eat my cooking if I have to make them do something, and it always work."

Harry didn't reply, he just laughed politely.

I reached up for the plates, and sat them on the table, then adding the forks and knives.

"What day is it?"

He looked up. "Um, Tuesday, I think."

"Already? Damn."

"What s the matter?"

"Remus are coming today."

Remus, my personal chess-adversary, choclate-sharer and crush.


"Remus Lupin," I answered absent-mindedly.

"I mean, who is it? I don't want to be in the way." Harry blushed furiously.

I shook my head. "No, no, it s not like that." Even though I wished it was. "Remus and I are just friends. It s this club we have - Half-Breeds Choclate and Chess Club."

Harry seemed amused. "What kind of club is that? And why half-breeds?"

I gulped when I thought about Sirius. It was his mother who had given us the same label.

"Both Remus and I knew Sirius Black."


"Remus was his friend in school, and I'm his cousin. Cousin once removed, whatever. Anyway, Harry, you'll need to know that both of us believe Sirius is innocent. He never got a trial, and the Sirius we both knew would never do that. Never go to the dark side, never betray your parents.

"How can you be sure?" his expression had hardened.

"Harry, Sirius and James were best friends. Like you and Ron Weasley. Would you betray Ron? Would Ron betray you? No way, right? When Sirius moved out, he got to live with James. They were like this." I held up to fingers, tightly crossed.

"Anyway, that s not the point. The point is that Sirius lived with a very proud family, whom I'm unfortunately related to. Anyway, in the hallway of their old house, there s a natural-sized portrait of his mother, and she screams at anyone who enters, calling them names. Remus and I are the only ones who received the lable half-breed as soon as we entered, and we decided to make something of it."

Harry looked slightly stunned. Well, I guess it's a lot to take in.

"D'you wanna know a secret?"

He nodded hesitatingly.

"Remus is going to be your DADA teacher this year."



Harry looked a little confused. "I have two questions."

"Bring it on."

"Why did she call you half-breeds?"

I bit my lip. Was Harry prejudiced against werewolves?

"Metamorphmagi are freaks and half-breeds to her. And Remus is a werewolf."

He looked quite shocked.

"A werewolf?"

"Yeah," I said nervously. "But he's all normal and very nice, except during full moon. Please say you're another prejudiced idiot."

His lips twitched into an amused smile. "I don't think I am. He can t be that bad when he s human, can he?"

"Exactly!" I exclaimed, relieved.

"Okay, second question. How'd you know about Ron? Was it in the Prophet or something?"

I winked. "I was in Hogwarts with all of Ron's older brothers. You started the same year I left."

"Oh, okay. Guess you heard 'bout Hermione too, then?"

Of course I had. Ron had an obvious crush on her - he d went very red once Fred and George mentioned her. But I wasn t about to tell Harry I already knew, was I?

"Who s that? Your girlfriend?"

He flushed. "No! She s not my girlfriend, she's my friend as well! It s not like -"

"Take it easy, I was just kidding. I already knew about her." I laughed.

"You're mean," Harry muttered.

"Sorry." I grinned broadly. "Y'better eat up, cause we're going out. I'm going to show you to everyone I know."

He choked. "What?"

"Just kiddin'. I guess my parents will have to know about you, and then we'll go straight to the Burrow."

He looked relieved. "Oh, alright. What about Lupin?"

"He won't be here until seven, it's okay."

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