AN: If there are still any people left out there reading this... I. Love. Every. Single. One. Of. You. For sticking with me... not until the very end, but this far. I am inexcusably sorry for not doing this earlier, but I'm having a major writers block, and I'm basically pushing this chapter out of the last few drops of my imagination. Painfully. It's way too short but I hope it will do for now.

Having four people living on one flat was starting to become a bit crowded. Our daily showers collided and everyone wanted the bathroom at the same time.

After a few weeks I decided that it was time to look for something bigger. I kicked my old laptop to life and started looking for muggle houses close to London. Not that it was needed, I could always apparate to work, but still. The second alternative was close to Hogwarts or Hogsmeade, so that I could keep an eye on Harry during school if I dropped the Ellie-act. Plus, I would love to be able to visit Hogwarts whenever I wanted. Having it in walking distance, I mean. I could take Sirius for walks and he would love seeing his old school. It would have been perfect for Remus teaching as well, but unfortunately he had resigned from the teaching job, "not wanting to risk more lives for another year", despite me, Harry and Sirius begging him not to. But I knew Harry's DADA education would indeed not be neglected. I was delighted that Mad-Eye was going to teach. It was hilarious. And if he somehow did neglect it, Remus and I were all up to teaching Harry what he needed in our shared expert subject.

Remus, Sirius and Harry were all with me in the search for the right house. We needed four bedrooms – if the fourth one would be for Remus or guests, we still didn't know – plus a yard, so we could play Quidditch. If we were going as far as to buy a house we might as well get the whole package.

I found the right one when Remus had taken Harry out for some grocery shopping and Sirius were taking a dog-nap. I woke him up and showed him, and he was estatic. The house had two stores, it was wide and very country-looking with bushes growing all around it, with a small garden and a big backyard. And best of all? It was a twenty-minute-walk away from the Burrow. Not close to Hogwarts but I'm a witch, aren't I?

Padfoot drank the rest of the swedish Polyjuice and we went to get Harry and Remus. We found them at the closest grocery-store, looking confused over the vegetables.

"Remus! Harry!"

They turned around to look at me with surprised faces. "Dora, what is it?"

"I found the perfect house!"

Their faces lightened up considerably. "That's great!"

The house was being sold by an old muggle woman who were going to go living in a home for elders. She looked sad to be parting from her house, but apparently that wasn't distracting enough to not look unappreciatevly on my hair. Hence I let Remus to most of the interraction with her.

Remus felt bad for not being able to help me pay, as he was going to live here as well. In the end we had decided that the big load of gold Sirius had and was not able to use would be a fair solution – Sirius was more than happy to be able to use the money on something for all of us, and technically the money were supposed to be mine too.

As soon as we got everything in, it was just as great as I'd imagined it would be. Perfect. Harry was already spending most of his time out on his broomstick.