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It was early Saturday morning, and the pesty and unusually loud alarm clock that Rusty Cartwright owned went off. Rusty groaned into his pillow, and pressed the off button. As he closed his eyes to go back to sleep, he felt the presence of another body in his bed beside him. He slowly turned around, hoping whoever the stranger was, wouldn't freak out.

"Um hello?" Rusty asked groggily. The stranger moaned lightly and turned to face Rusty. He gasped when he recognized who the other breathing soul was.

"Ashleigh." Rusty whispered with a relief, and a hint of disbelief.

"Huh?" Ashleigh opened her eyes and squealed.

"Rusty? What the heck!" She screamed.

Rusty couldn't do anything, except stare. Ashleigh was unbelievably hot when she was in the natural. Her face was flawless and zit free and her hair was a total mess.

"Rusty, are you listening to me?" Ashleigh asked, somewhat calmed down.

Rusty came down from his gaze. "What?" He asked, scratching his head.

Ashleigh sighed. "Do you think we... you know did it? Ashleigh said, hoping it was a sick dream.

Rusty shrugged and peered under the covers. He was in the nude, and so was Ashleigh. Rusty sighed.

"We're doesn't that mean we did"? He asked, embarrassedly.

They both laid there in complete silence for a minute. "You know, the bad thing about drinking booze is that you don't remember what happened." Rusty said.

Ashleigh snorted. "Do you realize that every time we have some kind of contact, alcohol plays a role in it?" Ashleigh said staring at the ceiling.
Rusty nodded in agreement. Ashleigh propped herself on her elbow.

"Well Rusty Cartwright, don't think our little romp session is going to be a FWBR." She smiled.

Rusty chuckled. "A what?" He asked.

"A friends with benefit relationship." Ashleigh replied.

Rusty sighed, in disappointment. "Can I at least, have a recap? He asked sweetly.

Ashleigh laughed and rubbed a hand through Rusty's soft curls. "No." She replied in the same manner Rusty asked.

"So… are we gonna have an awkward relationship now?" He asked.

Ashleigh shook her head. "No, we are gonna walk out of here, and act like nothing happened." With that, Ashleigh turned over and pulled the cover sheet over her bare flesh. "I'm getting in the shower. I promised Casey and Cappie I would go look at some wedding invites and churches." She said hopping out of the bed and into the bathroom down the hall.

Rusty sighed and slumped back into the pillow. Then it hit him... he didn't have protection, so there was no way he used a condom.

"Oh my gosh!" He jumped out of bed and pulled on his boxers and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Yeah?" Ashleigh called through the door.

"Ashleigh, please tell me that you gave me a condom." Rusty said with a hint of panic.

Ashleigh opened the door, so that Rusty could only see her face. "No, Rusty." She said blankly. "I'm on the pill. So don't freak, okay." She said before shutting the door and proceeding to her shower.

Rusty sighed in relief. "Okay, I need some air." He got dressed, and decided to go talk to Calvin's. Calvin was his go to guy, and usually had good advice. Rusty wrote Ashleigh a note telling her that if she needed him, he'd be at Calvin's and stuck it on the fridge. Rusty grabbed his keys, and walked out the door.

"Rusty?" Ashleigh called around. She was in her robe, and a towel kept her wet hair in place. She shrugged and went to grab a bottle of water out the fridge, when she saw the note. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was Casey. Ashleigh picked it up. "Hello." She said kind of dull. Casey just called to confirm their plans and for Ashleigh to meet her and Cappie at the bridal shop at five. Ashleigh hung up and shook her head.

"Weddings are so much work." She said to herself. She was glad that Casey and Cappie were finally going the whole way, but she couldn't help but feel a little jealous. It's always been Casey and Ashleigh, Ashleigh and Casey, Cashleigh. It was like they shared a body. And though when they fought and claimed they weren't friends, it didn't last. Now it would be different. It would be Cappie and Casey. He will step in and be her best friend, and Ashleigh will be just her friend.

Since it was only two o clock, Ashleigh decided to catch up on her soap operas. When her favorite couple on General Hospital, Sonny and Brenda appeared on the screen, she flashed back to her morning with Rusty. Though they were both plastered and had no complete knowledge of what happened she couldn't help but to smile. Ashleigh slumped back into the sofa and closed her eyes. She loved Rusty. She loved his smile, his nerdiness, and how he has the ability to make the best out of situations. The clock on the cable box read two thirty and it was the exact time that she took her Pill. Reaching in her purse, where she kept them she found the little pack. When she opened it, she gasped in horror.

"No." She whispered to herself. Friday's pill was still in the pack. Her heart fluttered and she found herself gasping for air.

When Rusty got to Calvin's, Heath opened the door before he could knock. It was apparent that there was tension between Calvin and Heath, because Heath told Calvin that it was possible that he wouldn't be back. After Heath left, Calvin sighed. "He'll get over it. What's up Rust?" He forced a smile.

"It can't be as bad as you." Rusty said sitting down in the lazy boy recliner.

Calvin shrugged and reached Rusty a beer but Rusty rejected the offer. "That's what got me in trouble." He said.

This got Calvin's attention. "Go on." Calvin urged.

"I woke up to find Ashleigh beside me." Rusty confessed.

Calvin smiled. "What, she couldn't sleep?"

Rusty shook his head. "No, we played Power Hour last night, and I lost about nine games" He said embarrassed. "And Ashleigh drunk the same amount I did so I would feel better."

Calvin was in disbelief. Rusty decided to add on. "I wake up to find her naked, and I was naked."

Calvin took a sip of beer. "Wow, man." He said.

Rusty smiled. "She was beautiful. No makeup. I could wake up to that every morning." Rusty frowned when he realized that would never happen. They said that they would remain friends. And friends don't wake up in their friend's arms. Calvin sensed his friend's sadness and offered a game of Black Ops. Rusty sighed heavily, as Calvin passed him a controller. "It's not gonna happen, but if it did, I would make it my all to make a relationship with Ashleigh work." He said matter of factly.

Calvin admired his eagerness. You're a good man Russell Cartwright." Calvin said as he turned on the 360 game console. Rusty debated on rather to tell Calvin about the scare he had after he found out he didn't use a condom.

Calvin noticed Rusty in deep thought. "Is there something else?" He asked his friend. Rusty bit his lip, and shook his head. There was nothing else to tell. Ashleigh took her Pill, and all was forgotten. Or so Rusty thought...

Back at the apartment, Ashleigh was frantically goggling pregnancy on her lap top. She was not happy when she found out missing one Pill could make her preggers. Ashleigh bit her lip to hold back tears. She couldn't get pregnant, not now. She didn't have a job and neither did Rusty. And both had some growing up to do. Ashleigh was not a fan of abortion, and Rusty protested against it. Ashleigh inhaled deeply, counted to ten, and exhaled slowly. After relaxing somewhat, she dialed Rebecca. Rebecca didn't answer, and Ashleigh left her a message saying she just wanted to talk. It was now four, and she had to meet Cappie and Casey in an hour. Not in the mood to do wedding plans, she closed the lap top and got off the sofa.

"This can't be." She said to the air, before getting dressed and leaving to meet her friends at the bridal shop.

Ashleigh arrived at May's Bridal, a low budget wedding shop on the edge of the corner by the friends hangout spot Doblers. Ashleigh was sick from the bus ride, but fought it when she saw Cappie and Casey. "Hey guys." She said hugging Casey and kissing Cappie's cheek.

"Your late, Ash." Casey whined.

Ashleigh shrugged. "It's not my fault the bus driver came twenty minutes late."

Cappie opened the door motioning that they should hurry up. Maggie, the representative greeted them at the door and led them to her office. As Cappie and Casey got caught up in their plans, Ashleigh began to wonder about the baby ordeal. Casey nudged her friend to wake her out of her trance. "Pay attention or I'll make Rebecca the maid of honor." She threatened.

Ashleigh shook her head in annoyance, and joined in on the conversation about potential churches.

After Rusty left Calvin's, he decided to stop by Doblers and pick up some of Ashleigh's favorite wings. There he ran into Dana, who was having a drink with a guy Rusty never seen before. Dana saw him and gave him a half smile. Rusty smiled back, paid the cahier and left, to make the long walk back to his apartment. He wanted to talk to Ashleigh and put out on the table. That he loved her, and he was never so sure in his entire life. But while building up confidence, that feeling of being rejected came. He then decided against it, and just hang out and enjoy his friendship with Ashleigh instead.

Finally reaching the apartment Rusty came through the door, and realized that Ashleigh didn't come home yet. He sat the wings on the counter, and sat on the sofa. He decided to check his email. When he opened Ashleigh's laptop, he was shocked at what he saw. Ashleigh didn't close out the webpage she was on. It was a site about abortion, and how the process is done. Disgusted, Rusty closed the page.

"Why is she looking at abortion?" He asked himself. He got an answer to his question when he browsed through the history. Ashleigh visited about ten websites about pregnancy and options. Rusty sighed heavily, and he became nauseous. He closed the computer and began to worry.

He grabbed his cell phone and was about to dial her, when she walked through the door. Ashleigh sat down on the couch next to Rusty. "Your sister is a pain in my backside." She said sighing really heavily. Rusty bit his lip.

"Ash, we need to talk." Rusty said his voice very serious.

Ashleigh looked up at him. "What's up?" She asked, giving him her undivided attention. Rusty grabbed her hand.

"You didn't take the birth control pill, did you?" Ashleigh shook her head. No point in lying. "How'd you know?" She asked.

Rusty pointed to the laptop. "You left the abortion site up."

They sat in complete silence for about twenty minutes. "I can take the morning after pill." Ashleigh suggested. "Casey took it after she and Cappie had unprotected sex."

Rusty nodded in agreement.

"There's a chance that, it might not work, though." Ashleigh confessed.

Rusty sighed. "If that be so, I'm behind you one hundred percent on whatever you want to do." Ashleigh gave him a smile and pulled him in a hug. "What would I do without you, Rusty Cartwright?" She asked.

"And where would I be without you Ashleigh Howard?" He whispered, still holding her tightly.