AN: Takes place three weeks after chapter 3. It's a short chapter.

Ashleigh waited for what seemed like eternity in the line at the pharmacy. When it was her turn she placed three pregnancy tests of different brands on the counter. The clerk gave her a look of suspicion.

"They are for a friend." She lied, knowing that she didn't sound convincing. The clerk only shrugged and scanned the items.

"That'd be $13.50, Miss." He said bagging the items.

Ashleigh nodded and handed him the money. The clerk handed her the bag, and Ashleigh thanked him, and dashed out of the pharmacy. She flagged down a taxi and gave them the address to Rusty's apartment.

It was an awkward ride, as the taxi driver was trying to flirt with her. When the driver finally pulled up to the building, she paid the creepy guy and walked up the tiring three flights of stairs. When she opened the door, Rusty was sitting on the futon reading his monthly issue of Science Weekly.

"Hey." He said, not taking his eyes off the magazine.

"Hi." She replied taking out the pregnancy test. "I bought the pee sticks since my lady friend didn't visit this week." She said.

Rusty raised his eyebrows in question, "You need three of those things? He asked.

Ashleigh shrugged. "I just want to make sure." She replied.

Rusty stood up off the couch. "Do you need me to do something? He questioned.

Ashleigh shook her head. "I think I can handle these on my own." She chuckled nervously.

Rusty laughed. "Yeah." He agreed after calming down.

Ash inhaled and exhaled slowly. "Wish me luck, Rus." She requested, hurrying to the bathroom. She carefully opened the boxes and slowly read through the directions. "So basically, I just go on the thing." Ashleigh concluded. She then sat down on the toilet. "Here goes nothing." She sighed, activating all three tests.

After she was through, she lined them up on the counter. She picked up and read the box. The waiting time was five minutes. She decided to wait and sat on the side of the tub. A minute later, Rusty knocked on the door.

"Come in." Ashleigh called back.

Rusty opened the door. "So, are you pregnant?" He asked, bracing himself.

Ashleigh shrugged. "We have to wait five minutes." Rusty nodded and sat down beside Ashleigh. They stood in complete silence. Complete and total awkward silence. When the torturous five minutes were up, Ashleigh gave Rusty a serious look.

"The moment of truth." She announced, shaking a little.

Rusty grabbed her hand in response. "Remember, I'm here Ash." He said assuring.

Ashleigh took in a deep breath and looked at the tests. That's when she almost lost it. All three tests read PREGNANT.

"Well?" Rusty asked impatiently.

Ashleigh sighed and nodded. "I'm pregnant." She uttered in disbelief.