Chapter 12: CH 12: Trashy articles, Red and White

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Hey all I here again for chapter number 12 there a bit of slash and bash in this chapter along with and a lemon-ish part.

Chapter 12 : Trashy articles, Red and White.

It was Monday afternoon, lunch had just finished and some sixth and seventh years where all sitting in what was used these days as a study hall. It was a long room with only two tables, much like the ones in the Great Hall, except they were not as long. Back in the founders' day the room was used to practice hand-on-hand combat, not that anyone knew that or that there was once even a class taught on combat. Nor did they know that the class was taught by Salazar Slytherin -who according to everyone was against everything muggle.

But that is neither here nor there, as it has been a good thousand years since they had walked the halls and this was all just part of my imagination running away with boredom. My work was done that needed to be, and I didn't have anything to do but stare at the wall on the other side of the room, above the heads of the Slytherin and Ravenclaw who always sat together, the wall hidden by a tapestry of what looked like a battlefield empty of anyone, was a crest carved into the wall. I had seen it before, the crest. It was, what I thought, the personalised seal of Salazar Slytherin. Sure, there was the house one which every student who was sorted into Slytherin wore with pride on their chests, but back in those days there would have also had their own individual one.

I sighed and looked around. Hermione and Ginny (who's class had been let out early as their teacher fell down the stairs and knocked herself out) along with Lavender where talking about pleasing themselves which made me scrunch up my nose and look to my right where Seamus, Justin Flinch-Fletchley, Wayne Hopkins and Neville were all talking about how much Fay Dunbar had grown over the summer and now was according to Justin, fuckable. I chose to ignore this conversation as well.

I pick up a piece of paper thinking that I might as well write to Hellbroom about what to do with those who won't pay. I stop, noticing the latest copy of Witch Weekly and on the cover a title stated "Lucius Malfoy's most likely lovers." Curious I picked it up, opening it to the article.

"Lucius Malfoy is known for many things. He's a Lord. He's rich. He's a businessman. He's a father. And his reputation in bed is known throughout the British wizarding world. . ." There was more about his life and how he had taken over his father's place with ease and was currently in the middle of building his kingdom by building a new Quidditch pitch and that there where rumoured plans that he was wanting to build a British wizarding library.

After all that though there was a list of ten people. Most names I didn't know, but there were several I did such as, Mark Lockwood. The first name on the list, he was a Quidditch player –a chaser. From memory I believed him to be quiet dashing. Then I recognised another; Cian Macel, a young, Irish politician that was trying to gain equal rights for werewolves (Remus liked him, a lot). Then there was Nace Varda. His father died recently and was now known as Lord Varda. His family owned the Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly and several other things. His father had died in late May due to a heart condition. Lord Varda had written me a letter apologising for how his name had been displayed in the wizarding media.

The last name that I knew was Blaise Zabini, who was on the other table talking happily away with Daphne Greengrass.

I shook my head and flicked through the rest of the magazine stoping to skim though articles that had the titles such as, "Gay? That's alright." Which all said things about accepting who you are and that it was widely accepted in the wizarding world and there was someone you could write to about your concerns anonymously.

There was an article about the "Bachelor of the Month" which was an Auror named Adam Murdock. He was well build and tall with a strong jaw, brown hair and deep brown eyes that held an amusing glint. Every now and then he would give a one-sided smirk or a wink at the viewer. His picture, as it gave a wink, made my stomach give a slight jolt and I couldn't help but smile a little.

"Nice Harry, real nice." I turned to see Seamus grinning at me.

"Shut up," I said flicking the page to see the bachelorette of the month; a blonde girl with bright blue eyes, playfully twirling a lock through her fingers as she smiled widely showing perfect white teeth. Her body was the hourglass figure that many girls seemed to desire with long legs. Amy Singlare. She worked with magical creatures. If I wasn't annoyed at the Weasleys I would have agreed that she would make a good match for Charlie, judging by her profile.

Once again I began to flick seeing another title: "Sirius Black Back?"
According to the article Sirius used to be a real playboy (which wasn't that hard to believe) and the article was now stipulating if he would return to his old ways, now that he was a free man.

Near the back of the magazine there was an article that caught my attention: "Like a Virgin? Harry Potter your Say?" People send in things to the magazine on certain topics, and apparently I was one of them.

Some jumped out at me:

"Harry Potter's not a virgin. I'm carrying his baby." -JJP

"Have you seen him shirtless? How can something like that still been a virgin." –Sexywitch12

"Back off, bitches! Harry is a virgin and will be until our wedding night!" – GSoon2BPotter

"Harry Potter doesn't need a girl to pop his cherry - he needs a strong man." – BowK

"I think he's just shy and doesn't like to talk about his personal life and has a secret lover." – luvAll.

I flicked again leaving the page before the last section of the magazine, which read: "MOST UNLIKLEY CUTEST COUPLE VOTE NOW!"

"Vote now for the couple that we all know would never be together but would be so adorable! Results will be posted in December 25th addition of Witch Weekly!"

Some of these people I knew some I didn't but I saw myself paired up in there: "Harry Potter and Hasel Gral" (whoever that was).

"Mary Delasik and Harry potter." I, once again, didn't know who that was. Which was probably the most likely reason it was unlikely.

"Lucius Malfoy and Harry Potter." I looked there, the names next to each other, both written in curly red writing. I like the look of our names next to each other; it looks nice, like a couple. I shook my head again getting rid of that thought. We weren't a couple. Just two people who had sex together. Lovers, yes, but not a couple yet.

I threw Witch Weekly away, going back to my boredom, tuning into the conversation Ginny and Hermione where having. I made a face as I realised what they were going on about: "... and then he pushed me down on my knees, and I got out his dick. Now, I tell you Cormac is better off than most, but I still managed to take him all the way."

"I struggled at first when I gave him head, but got there in the end." Hermione added and I turned away, not liking the mental images that entered my mind of Hermione on her knees, face covered in white seed as she looked up, still holding McLaggens dick in her hands.

It looked dirty, sluttish. The times that Lucius had sucked on my dick he seemed to do it with such grace. I hadn't tried it yet, but it think he wanted me to. He had more than once traced my lips with a look that said something I didn't quite get.

"...when you and Harry get married you'll be able to satisfy him completely and teach him so many things." Before Ginny could respond, I spoke quickly before I even had a chance to think.

"I'm never going to marry Ginny." I said it loud and clear. Even though I didn't think about it, I was glad I had said it. But I didn't wish for the whole study hall to fall silent and look at me.

Hermione rolled her eyes, "everyone knows you're going to marry Ginny so shut up and accept it. You're embarrassing yourself."

"Exactly Harry. We are going to get married and I will be Lady Potter and we'll have children together and there is nothing you can do to change that." Her voice was sickly sweet and the way she spoke made me draw away from her in disgust.

"I will never marry you, Ginny," I enforced, glaring down at her, her ears red as she puffed out her chest, which was showing way too much around children.

"You will –" she was cut off by someone from across the other table.

"Potter has better taste than a slut," Draco Malfoy said, his voice lazily floating across the table in his usual drawl. He sounded bored but as I looked over at him I could tell that he was very interested in the conversation, as was everyone else in the room.

"Watch your mouth, ferret" Ginny snapped, huffing her chest was now close to busting the button that hid the remainder of her boobs.

"You can't marry Harry, Ginny. He has to marry someone with a title of some kind, and a positive one at that." Neville was the one who spoke, and I turned to him as he gave me a small smile that I couldn't help but return. Neville hated speaking in front of a large group, so for him to do so was touching.

"That's just some Pureblood crap and it's false," Hermione said, making the other table frown at the way she addressed the Purebloods. I don't think they were happy.
"Besides, James Potter married a Muggle-born so suck on that," she said triumphantly looking down upon everyone else.

"Lilly Potter had gained a title a year out of Hogwarts," Neville spoke again, "Order of Merlin First class, if memory serves me correct."

"Your memory sucks, Neville. So don't go sprouting crap you don't know," this was responded to with several "Heys" from the boys to my right.

"Longbottom is completely correct," Oliver Rivers, a small Ravenclaw whose father was one of the best lawyers in Europe, spoke now. His photographic memory was meant to be part of a family trait, so you could always trust him to know if things where correct. "November 5th 1979," he finished before looking back down at his work.

"Well, I'll get a title then. And once I finish school, me and Harry will marry and I'll be lady-"

"Hogwarts Whore doesn't count," Tracy Davis muttered, but in the silence everyone heard it, followed several snickers.

"Besides, you'll be lucky to finish school," I said, thinking about the letter, knowing that if something wasn't done, that all the Weasleys and Hermione would be kicked out of school.

"What? I'm passing every class! Shut up Harry, you don't know anything."

"What Potter is trying to say is that there have been more than several complaints about you and your behaviour and because of that, you're risking expulsion. However at the moment, the matter of Dumbledore is more important to them," Malfoys voice spoke again and everyone could see the glee in his eyes.

"WHAT!" yelled Ginny, standing up quickly, her breasts risked falling out of her top in the process. "Your daddy tell you this?" her voice filled with sarcasm and a disbelieving tone.

"My father did, yes," Malfoy responded, looking up at her, his perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised.

"Oh, I heard about that," Sue Li said, looking up at the situation in front of her.

Ginny Ignored Li, "Well I'm sure I can convince them otherwise, and I'll complete school and marry-"

"Never going to marry Harry," Neville said, shaking his head.

"Any skills you may have picked up here will not please my father." To which Blasie and Theo sniggered looking at each other, as they seemed to have a private joke between them.

"Your daddy has never had anything as good as me," she wiggled her hips, waving her finger, as the last button strained dangerously while Malfoy, who had look on his face that I'm pretty sure meant he had just envisioned Ginny and Lucius together. I couldn't help but laugh. It started out as a small laugh but I couldn't help it. Ginny after Lucius . . .Please! The thought was hilarious, Ginny thinking she had a chance with my man. My man? Where did that come from, I wondered. I pushed it away quickly. My thoughts returned to Ginny, the idea made me crack up laughing and everyone looked at me oddly.

I whipped my eyes, "Oh sorry," I said, still calming down. "But Ginny, you're shooting way out your league there!" Ginny glared at me, huffing heavily -that button was so close. Everyone was looking at me oddly.

"You have no idea what you're talking about Harry."

"Actually he's spot on," and there was a murmur of agreement from the Slytherin and Ravenclaw study table.

"And there it goes," Seamus said. I didn't get his comment but apparently everyone around did.

"Harry is clueless virgin," Ginny said, flicking her hair dramatically as she spoke.

"Personally, I don't think he's clueless or a virgin," Seamus told Wayne, who snickered at this comment and nodded his head in what I presumed was agreement.

But Ginny was having none of that and pretty much screeched, "YES, HE IS! And will be until our wedding night, where I'll show him everything I can do for him!"

"I will never marry you!" I snapped, "how many times do I have to tell you that?" my anger rising quickly. "I'm not interested in you in anyway, so just stop it!"

"You and Gin will marry and that's final!" Hermione piped back up. She spoke in a voice that was demanding and clearly meant to give to an air of authority. She failed.

"I will never," I hissed out, almost Voldemort style.


"My God, Mudblood! If Potter doesn't want to marry a slut then there is nothing you, of all people, can do about it!" Malfoy snapped. He got several looks from his table, like they thought the word Mudblood was unnecessary or was a bad move as though it would make myself want to lose the support of him.

"Shut up, you filthy pureblood whore!" Hermione snapped.

"HEY!" I snapped, still not sure if it was Malfoy or Hermione that I was snapping at. "Language, apologise!" I said, not looking at either of them.

"Yeah, you ferret fucktard, apologize!" Ginny said, sticking her tongue out at Malfoy. It was in that moment, I knew whose side I would choose in this situation.

So, in a deadpan voice, I said to a silent room: "I was talking to Hermione."

Silence was all that meant my ears. Complete, utter silence.

But I could see Hermione building up in anger. However, before she had a chance to respond, a plain, brown owl swooped in and landed in front of me. It stuck a leg out and I took the note and read it quickly.

"Come as soon as possible.
- L.A.M

"Who's lam?" Seamus asked me, looking over my shoulder at the note.

"Doesn't matter," I told him, standing and gathering my things and leaving very quickly before Hermione had a chance to explode, or anyone else for that matter.

Making my way to the fireplace room, I stuffed everything that was going to be needed in a bag, and stepped through the fire.

"That was quick," the deep, smooth voice of Lucius Malfoy spoke as he moved towards me.

"Shut up," I told him, as I leaned up to meet his lips before he threw me against the bed and pounced -not that I minded. The situation before was annoying me, and right now I needed to forget everything that had happened.

...line Goes Here...

His arm was hooked around my leg, pulling it upwards as his hand was tangled in my hair, pulling my head to the side, my neck beared in submission. But that didn't matter now, none of that had ever matted. All that matted was him as he roughly pounded into me.

In and out, in and out, in and out.

He was going so fast and strong, hitting my prostate with every stroke that my vision was becoming blurred with pleasure.

I had no-idea why he was acting like this. From the moment I had stepped out of the fireplace, I had been thrown against the bed and my clothing ripped away as he jumped me.

Panting, I looked up at him, tilting my head back in his grip to let me to see his face, which was contorted with pleasure and sheer determination.

"Lucius," I breathed out. He gave a harder thrust before dipping his head and landing a scorching kiss on my lips. I moaned in response and wrapped my spare leg around him tightly, drawing him in.

Breaking the kiss, he lowers himself further and kissed my pulse, which was going faster than my Firebolt ever could.

He moved lower his back, arching to reach my shoulder with his mouth while still thrusting into me. My hand, which had been holding tightly onto his upper arm, let go and I moved it to his back, running it down the centre, feeling his vertebrae curving under my touch.

"You. . ." he half panted, half hissed at me. I felt a shiver run down my back as his breath blew on the layer of sweat that had built up. " . . . are," he continued and I arched my back, my heartbeat picking up evan faster. I was about to cum.

"MINE!" he let out with an almighty roar as we both came, his teeth quickly sinking into my flesh like butter.

I didn't mind.

"Yes . . . Yours," I gasped softly, but I knew he had heard me.

He stopped trusting, his breathing as heavy as mine. Removing his teeth from my shoulder, he kissed me again, his lips red with blood. He flashed me a smile before rolling off and collapsing next to me.

Neither of us spoke, just tried to settle our breathing rates back to normal. Something that proved quite difficult.

I lay there feeling kind of exposed, once again not having any idea of what I was supposed to do next.

"That one's going to leave a scar," I turned to look at Lucius before glancing down at the fresh bite wound, with some difficulty. "Why?" I asked. "None of the others have." He gave a slight chuckle before moving a hand to the bite, tracing it.

"I wanted it to leave a mark, so it will." I threw him another glare. He only chuckled before sitting up. I watched as he walked away. 'He has an amazing ass,' was all I could think as I watched him move to the door that I guessed led to the wardrobe. With a body that was mostly muscled, his back was well defined with a dent in the middle that followed his spine down.

"Enjoying the view?" he asked smugly. I blushed bright red and turned away, looking out the window. He laughed, but added, "If it pleases you to look, Harry," I glanced at him, "then look." I half smiled but didn't turn back as my face still burnt red. It pleased me greatly to look.

"Here," he said, walking back into the room, now donning pants, he handed me a pair along with a shirt. I took them, slipping into them quickly without looking at him.

"Oh, what am I going to do with you?" he said, as I turned to face him, once again blushing. "I'll have to get rid of the shy streak you have." I couldn't help myself but blush again.

He fixed up my shirt, which fitted perfectly, and so did the pants, now that I thought about it.
"Dinner time," he told me. He took my hand and led me out of the room. I was a bit nervous about being out of his room. It's not that I hadn't, it was just the being out of the room with him in a non-sexual situation that made me nervous.

"I hope you like Lamb shanks," he spoke easily. I nodded.

I had left Hogwarts around four-thirty, but judging from the sky outside, which I was able to glance at as we walked, it was well late as the sky here was completely black.

"Is you're Godfather well?" he asked me as we entered the dining hall, with the same long table that we had first had sex on. He directed me to the end where two seats where set up with two plates filled with food. Lamb Shanks sat on top of creamy looking mashed potato and I noticed one plate was bigger than the other. I was pointed to the smaller looking plate. Not that I minded that much, I never was a big eater thanks to the Dursley's.

"He's good," I told him, my mind flashing to the other day where he was holding himself up in the room, scared of what Snape might say to him.

"Harry," Lucius said in a kind voice instead of the aristocratic voice that he used with the rest of the world. His voice was now smooth and inviting, "I had Severus come by the other day. He informed me that Black was expecting." My nose twitched. Sirius still had not officially told me about him and Snape.

"Oh," was all I said before continuing, thinking that it might be nice to talk about it with someone else. "Sirius never said who the father was," I told him. I watched as his eyebrow rose as he swallowed his mouthful of food.

"And yet, you don't sound surprised." He told me.

I shrugged "They weren't very good at hiding their relationship." The meat was cooked perfectly.

"So how is he?"

I swallowed, and took a sip of water before answering. "Scared. But he is safe and well," I told him,

"What exactly is he scared of?" Lucius continued to ask.

"That he'll have to do it alone. That he'll screw up," I told him softly, looking up at Lucius meeting his eyes for the first time since we had had sex.

"Severus would accept them," he told me, taking a sip of a deep red liquid that I presumed was a fancy red wine that must have cost a bit.

"Maybe," I told him, tilting my head to the side slightly. "He plans to talk to him about it. He just has no idea how." He looked back at his food, which was half gone. "in a many ways he is older than he is," I said "But in numerous other ways he's still stuck in his early twenty's, things emotionally are hard for him he has trouble working through things."

I heard him sigh, "He should speak to him sooner rather than later. Are those the only worries he has?"

I hesitated "The war," I said softly. "Having the child in the middle of this war, that concerns him greatly." I twisted the fork around in my hand. "I remember him telling me that even with a child, he was scared that bloody Dumbledore would still put him on the front line, like he did with the Longbottoms, my parents and a family called the Ryanwoods -not that I've ever heard of them- but I think that might have been the point."

"Then he should decently find Severus sooner rather than later. He can't protect them all," he said. I only nodded in response.

Dinner passed with small chitchat as Lucius turned the subject towards school and asked how I was fairing in that, when dessert came out (I had no-idea what it was but it tasted fantastic). He asked about my friends.

"They're fine." I told him rather stiffly, remembering what had occurred before I had left.

"Mmhmm," he said. I glanced up at him, his eyes shining in amusement. "From what I hear, you were at odds with the 'Golden Trio.'" He rolled the words 'golden trio' for dramatic effect.

"And how would you know that?" I asked, hoping that I would be able to direct the conversation another way.

"I'm on the Board of Governors. I have eyes and ears everywhere," he told me, flashing me his pearly white teeth.

"Weren't you kicked off?"

"They put me back on at the end of the last school year. Don't change the subject," he told me sternly.

"They-" I stopped. I had no idea what to say. I thought about them and the way that they looked at me these days. I felt trapped and confused, like to them I was a child that they were forcing to do what they desired.

They frustrated me. I didn't enjoy being around them, yet I felt that we had seen too much together for me to leave them.

"They are like Ron and Hermione," I told him.

"Oh," he took my hand that I didn't realise was shaking slightly. "Things that bad between you and them?" he ran the tips of his long fingers over my knuckle.

"It's . . ." I began again but still had no clue where to take it.

"People change," he told me. I looked up at him, "You grow older and childhood friends do too." He paused, looking me in the eye, and spoke quietly, "And sometimes, when you grow up, you find that you are growing up in different directions." His voice was soft, warm and inviting slipping between my ears and planting itself deep within my brain, "and that's okay." I nodded unable to help myself.

With a swift movement he pulled me out of my seat onto his lap. He didn't do anything, just lent back, holding his glass of wine, taking a sip every now and then, his free hand running up and down my arm, sometimes making little patens as it went.

I settled back in his embrace almost moulding myself into his bigger body. I fit perfectly.

After a while I spoke, "is there a name for when someone insults Purebloods?" I asked him.

"Rude," he said. I could feel a small smile grace his lips even though I could not see him. "What do you mean by insulting a pureblood?" he asked me.

"Well they-" I stopped. I wasn't meant to say that.

"Continue," he told me.

"They verbally insult any name that is known for its pureblood."

He was silent for a moment before asking, "is it just those families on my side of the war? Or all around?" He drained the rest of the glass of wine before setting it down on the table.

"Your side mainly, but there's one or two that aren't." He pressed his lips to my skin.

He took a moment before responding, "there is no specific word to describe what they are doing." He paused, "they wouldn't be part of the Golden Trio, would they?"
I didn't answer. And he didn't push for one. My silence spoke in volumes.

"You should consider telling whoever it is that it is rude –"

"I did once," I told him in earnest. "She nearly took my head off." I flinched, having spoke before thinking through.

"She?' he said softly. "Stupid Mudblood," he muttered. I sighed softly at his language.

"You're being rude." I told him softly.

He gripped me tightly, "they have dirty blood. It's nothing new, and it's the truth," he told me, his voice slightly hardening.

"Still rude." I kept my voice in the soft tone it had been before, hoping that he would see that it wasn't looking to provoke him.

"If Mudbloods breed into the wizarding world they-" I sighed and cut him off.

"Make wizards and witches decrease in power and then everyone would become less and less powerful until there is no such thing as witches and wizards." I told him in an exasperated voice.

I felt him in slight shock after my speech. "You-" he was cut off as a voice from below bellowed through the mansion; "LUCIUS!" We both snapped our heads around.

"Lucius, ya bastard," the voice came again, closer.

"Best be off now, my Harry." I nodded and lifted myself of him.

He stood towering over and bending down, he pressed our lips together.

"We will continue this talk next time I see you," he said before pointing me to the fireplace on the side of the room.

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