Chapter 13: CH 13 : Future Friends

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Chapter thirteen: Future Friends.

"Do you think you can outgrow friends?" I asked Luna, as I sat on the stone ledge of the bridge that crossed a narrower part of the lake. Luna turned the flower between her fingers before letting it go into the lake below.

"When one become older interested change and sometime you find that you are no longer interested in the same things," she spoke dreamily as she danced over to the other side of the bridge to see the flower come out the other side and drift out further to the wide open space in front of her. "So yes, you can outgrow friends Harry," she concluded.

"We can all see you have Harry." Neville said looking up from the book about a plant with a really long name, "Except them."

"And maybe it's a good thing if you expand your friend ship beyond Gryffindor," Luna began "They kept you all to themselves so that the rest of us don't know much about you." Luna had moved back to our side of the bridge to let go of another flower.

"I don't really know how to make friends," I said in a low voice "Ron was first friend." I admitted in a low voice.

Neville raised an eyebrow as he questioned "Really?" I nodded and shifted around, not really liking the next question that was asked after I told anyone this. 'Why?'

"Oh," Luna said airily doing a dramatic sweep around from the other side of the bridge. "There are Wolly-Gollys in the water?"

"Come again?" Neville asked standing up and moving to look down. "I'm not seeing anything," he stated. I only smiled watching them as Susan Bones walked across the bridge.

"Good Afternoon," She greeted, Susan was one of those people who gave off an air of trust, she had a kind innocent face about her that was always willing to pass out a smile in your direction.

"Hello Susan," I greeted in return with a smile. "What brings you this way?" I asked.

"Oh I was just about to walk a lap of the lake," she said brightly, with a small bounce and a smile.

"Why are you doing a lap of the lake?" Neville asked, looking up from over the ledge at trying to spot what Luna was pointing out.

"Good exercises and fresh air does wonder," she said in a matter-of-fact tone. "And we don't all have Quidditch training to keep us fit." She gave me a pointed look. I didn't bother to correct her that my thin body was from hard summer working in the garden and a lack of food from the Dursleys.

'A good hard fuck does you wonder too," a voice which was a cross between the Weasley twins and Sirius floated through my head. I brushed it away fighting down the blush that had crept up on me.

"No, that's what the mass amount of stairs in the castle is for," Neville joked, drawing attention away from me and to the other side of the bridge.

"Harry should join you," Luna said airily out of the blue. "It might get rid of the Fangles." Susan gave an odd look at Luna but then brightly turned to me.

"You up for it?" she asked with a sort of hopeful smile.

"Ahh," I said rather stupidly before glancing Luna giving me one of those knowing smiles "Sure." This caused Susan to beam right out before I picked myself.

"Don't worry we aren't walking the whole lake just the east side, it's about three miles." I nodded and got up and waved goodbye to Neville and Luna, who waved back. I heard Neville ask Luna if Fangles are anything like Nargles, to which I faintly heard Luna respond with a no before we were out of hearing range, leaving me completely alone with Susan Bones.

We walked in silence for about ten minutes before I finally got the courage to speak.

"So Susan, what do you have planned for after school?" I asked as we climb up a small mound, that seemed to be part of a small walking track.

"Well I am thinking of going into some kind of business, will probably go and work for someone else for a little bit for branching into my own." She said smile, that girl always seemed to have a smile.

"What are you looking at?" I asked. I'd only ever really consider one path after Hogwarts and was interested in seeing what other where going to do.

"I have no idea," she said throwing me another smile, a shy smile. "I just like the idea of owning and running something." I nodded not really understanding the appeal but to each its own. "What about you, Auror, I presume." Most people thought that that's what I would become, which is fair enough considering I told McGonagall that I would like to become one.

"Ah," I began, over the last couple of months I had re-thought my future and now found that I was not really interested in something like that. "No, probably not," I said looking around.

"Really, but your great at Defence against the Dark Arts," I scratched my head making a face.

"I know," I said not wanting to sound too pompous. "But I just don't think that I really want to spend the rest of my life fighting." Susan stopped and gave me a look that I couldn't quiet read. She then smiled from ear to ear that began walking again. "Well, do you have any other idea of what you want to do?" I shook my head. There was nothing that really screamed at me that this is what I should be doing with the rest of my life.

"I want to help people," was the only thing I could think of.

"A healer?" she asked "Or a Med-witch, which I think is like what muggle call a Nurse," I hummed in response. Healing had never spoken to me before.

"Maybe," I licked my lips before saying, "Maybe work in an orphanage or something."

"Orphanage?" she asked like she was confused what that was. I stopped to look at her "Oh," she said after a couple of moments had pasted "That a house where orphan go to, da," she said to herself rather than me mockingly hitting herself in the head.

"Yeah and families can choose to adopt a child if the what. Or the kid just lives there until they are fully grown," my brow borrowed "Doesn't the wizarding world have anything like that?" I had never heard of a wizarding orphanage but then again I hadn't heard of a lot of things for the where in the wizarding world.

"No, I don't think so." Susan responded looking at me while biting her lip.

"Maybe I build one than," I said half heartily.

We began walking again, "Maybe you should." Susan said after several minutes of silence "Build an Orphanage that is." I looked at her like she had given the idea a bit of thought. "I know a Hufflepuff girl in the second Year that would be eternally great full to never have to go back to the orphanage she lives in." I hummed but said nothing more on the matter.

There was silence. Before Susan asked "Can I ask you something personal?" she held her breath as she waited for me to answer.

"Um Sure?" I responded not really knowing what to expect.

"Are you gay?"

'It could have been worse' I thought as I titled my head to the right looking at her. "Yes I am," I told her "Is that alright?" I asked back. She let a breath and smiled at me.

"Of course it is, it just over heard Malfoy talking with Nott about it and was wondering if it was true or not." I gave her a warm smile. "How do they now?"

"They guess," I told her "Apparently I've rejected too many female to be straight and a man," I said with a grin.

"You didn't deny it when they guessed," she asked raising an eyebrow.

"No, why should I?" I asked her "I'm not hiding my sexuality but I not shouting it about everywhere too." I completed. I gave her a smile that she returned warmly.

We turned the last bend to come face to face with the castle. We entered silently and parted ways at the stairs.

"We should do this again," she said quickly.

"I'd like that," I told her with a smile, as I looked down on her having climbed several steps already.

"Two o'clock next Saturday I'll meet you at the bridge." She said with a wide smile.

"Alright," I agreed returning the smile. She gave me one last smile before walking off. I began climbing the stairs one at a time with a small smile, even though I felt that my cheeks would probably be hurting later on from do much smiling.

I wonder if Luna knew that Susan walked and that was why she insisted we had to go to the bridge today. I sighed and climb the rest of the stairs to the tower thinking.

'Maybe I would look into the Orphanage thing or at least inquire as to what would need to happen to get one running,' I thought to myself.

The rest of the afternoon I sat lazing back on my bed with the window thrown open so that the breeze of the dying summer would slowly woofed in every now and again. As I rested again a large book that I was currently using as a make shift table, as I began to write my letter to the bank, on my over priced paper.


Thank you for your warning about Dumbledore, I don't plan on being in the same room as him without someone who can make sure that I am not being tricked into anything, which I know could probably happen with me.

Upon reviewing the list that you sent me, I feel that the people that haven't arranged anything should be given to the next school break (the Yule holiday) to pay or make some sort of arrangement with you about the payment, If they do not comply with this than they should be removed from 'Hogwarts School of Witch craft and Wizardry' for good. Please send another warning to both the family and the individuals in question about the current situation, so the I can have peace of mind that I have given them all a fair chance about their current situation and that if they are removed from the school, that no one can claim I didn't give them a chance to fix it."

I paused reading back over what I had already written satisfied I continued.

"As for the treaties with the Zabini and Longbottom Family just tell me when and where and I'll be there to go over whatever is need and more than likely sign the treaties.

"I have one other inquiry that I wish to make. Of recently I have been thinking about what I wish to do after I have finished my time at Hogwarts and after talking with a friend I might be interested in creating an Orphanage for magical children, as I was informed that there was no such thing in the wizarding world. I was just wondering if you could tell me if I was to create one what I would need to do so."


H. ,"

Twirling the quill between my figures I once again re-read it before rolling it up and sealing it. I was about to head to find Hedwig before I stopped if Dumbledore new of me being the Heir it might be best to avoid using Hedwig or the owls at Hogwarts as they ran a risk of being intercepted.

I sighed, maybe I could wait until I was back at the Malfoy Manner and ask Lucius to send it or I could ask Sirius to make sure that it reached Gringotts. Thinking of Sirius I thought back to last time I'd seen him and – I paused an idea forming in my head Dobby, I could ask the house elf to get it to Gringotts.

Jumping to my feet I called "Dobby," and within moments there was a crack that echoes around the dorm and Dobby the house elf had appeared bowing low in one sweeping movement.

"Master Harry Potter Sir," he said in his usual high squeaky voice.

"Hello Dobby," I said happily sitting on the edge of my bed.

"What can Dobby do for Harry Potter Sir?" he asked his large eyes gleaming up at me.

"Last time I saw you Sirius said that you didn't have to report to Dumbledore because you were paid, is that correct?" I asked double checking before I sent him off with the letter.

"Yous are right, Harry Potter Sir," he said "Dobby doesn't have to tell anything to anybody," I smiled at him.

"Can I ask a favour than Dobby, something that no-one can know about?"

"Harry potter trust Dobby with a secret task?" his eyes widen.

"Yes I trust you," I said laughing slightly. "Are you up for it?"

Dobby bowed down again. "Dobby will carry out the task to the best of Dobby's ability."

"This need to be delivered to a goblin named Hellbroom and no-one can know it came from me." I handed him the sealed scroll. "I can send it by owls as they run the risk of being intercepted, Hedwig most of all." Dobby looked like he understood.

"Wes was told," he said in a low voice leaning in "To watch ifs a white owl was to leave with a letter and inform Dumbledore." I breathed in and out closing my eyes to get the anger that was boiling inside of me to settle down.

'Hedwig isn't going to like that.' I thought before turning and smiling at Dobby, "Thank you for telling me,"

"You'll get this letter to the bank for me." Dobby bowed one more time before he was gone with a pop.

I settled back down and began doing my homework which was almost completed but if I could get it done now I would have all of tomorrow to do as I pleased. This took up most of the afternoon as I need to write a fifteen inch essay on the theory of non verbal defence and it benefits and disadvantages in duelling. Which, I'll admit I found kind of interesting, but time consuming.

With about half an hour to dinner I began packing away everything with the plan to take the long way around so I'd arrive there just as dinner was being served.

As I began to walk lazily down several corridors my thoughts turned to Lucius as the dinner we had the other night. It was different, having a quiet little dinner was not something I had ever had, dinner at the Dursleys I was ignored there and dinner at Hogwarts and the Weasleys always consisted of mass amount of people and usually there was an arrange of dishes that you go to choose from. My mind wondered to when we were just sitting there together, I liked that. It felt nice to be held like that. Until we had been interrupted by someone, I hadn't recognised the voice, but the pattern of speech made me think it was a death eater, for anyone doing business with him would never have spoken in such a way.

I rounded a corner only to stop dead as I came into view of something I'd never seen before and form the moment I saw it didn't think I'd ever want to see it again.

There in the middle of the corridor were about four boys all with the dicks out and Ginny Weasley, Completely naked legs spread a cock in each her hole pounding her without restraint. She had one of the other boy's dicks in her hand, moving quick while the last seemed to be jammed all the way in her mouth. Yet she still seemed to be screaming for more around the boy.

I scrunched up my face and turned around before leaving, who the hell has a gang bang in the middle of a corridor. I shook my head never had I been before so grateful to be Lucius lover, when he fucked me he didn't make it seem so dirty, that back there with them all felt dirty and not in a good way dirty, in a very disgusting way.

I shook my head; maybe it was just Ginny I viewed as dirty, tainted and used.

Quickly turning another corridor wanting to put as much distant as I could between me and the scene I walked straight into Blaise Zabini. With me being the lighter of the two I fell back landing on my ass with a thud.

Blinking I gazed up at the tall boy, as he looked down his nose at me.

"Sorry" I muted as I pulled myself up from the ground I stepped to the side tending to move on my way only for him to throughout his arm and stop me.

"You can't honestly believe that I'll let you walk to dinner as a complete mess." I looked at him confused.

"What?" I asked confused glancing down. He sighed and pulled me around tugging at my clothes that seem to have shifted half way around my body from the fall.

"You should really consider some different clothes, you look like a child." He said arrogantly, like my choose in casual clothing seem too personally offend him. However considering what he was wearing, with his tailer made shirts, and perfectly pressed pants, I suppose that anything that wasn't the best would be unsatisfactory.

"What's wrong with these clothes they are comfy," I defended myself still at a complete lose of what was going on.

"You're a lord and about to become my new ally you should at least play the part," he told me. I raised my eye brows but said nothing.

"You got new glasses," he said approvingly. "Much better the other one hide half you face."

"Um, Thanks," I said unsure if it was but took it as a complement anyway.

With than he smoothed out my shoulders and began walking off in the direction I had just come from.

"Um," I began I suppose with him going to become my ally, I should probably attempt to for some kind of positive relationship with him. "Unless you plan to join a Gang bang, probably best avoid the next corridor." He stopped turned to look at me and gave a cat like grin, before turning around and walking back towards me, I began walking again with Zabini falling into step next to me.

"In the middle of the corridor?" he asked after a while realising that we'd have to climb another story just to get out of this side of the castle.

"In the middle of the corridor," I conformed, Zabini shock his head but stayed silent.

There was a secret passage coming up that I had discovered last year, in an attempted to get away from Umbridge, that wasn't on the map. In the meters heading up to it I had a debate about whether to use it or not. Not using it meant climbing up to the seventh floor again before going down using it meant going from the fourth to a room just of the first floor landing.

I scrunched up my nose and decided to use it, it wasn't like it went anywhere else (I'd all ready check for secret with in the corridor)

As Zabini to several steps pasted it I stopped. Pushing a stone with some difficulty, as apparently it wasn't used much a chunk of wall slid up Zabini turned to look around not having noticed me stopping hence not seeing how to open it gazed at it with his brow slightly crease.

"Where does this one lead?" he asked rather with concern.

"First floor," I said with a smile. "Didn't fancy climbing all the way up when I'd just have to climb down again.

"Yes, but your showing me, a Slytherin a secret passage way that I didn't know about." He paused looking down the passage way "A passage way that looks like only you know about." He said giving a disgusted sniff at the dust and cob webs that where visible.

"It's a corridor that leads to the first floor, it's not like I'm showing you a tunnel that leads into Hogsmead," I said slightly rolling my eyes.

"There's a tunnel that leads into Hogsmead?" with his lips slightly turned up in a smile, forgetting the dust and spider webs for a moment.

"No," I said but I couldn't help but to smile a little. He returned that smile (which was more like a Cheshire cats grin) before stepping into the corridor where the stones slid shut behind us with a thud. We moved down the corridor that swirled every now and again which was usually followed buy a set of steps, finally we reached the end which had a handle to the side that you turned to open the door. Stepping out we enter a room that was empty beside a tapestry that was also empty but sometime in there was a short man, with black hair and blue eyes. He was the one that told me how to open the door to get away from Umbridge. As Zabini stepped out the hidden entrance and he looked around.

We headed to the door to and both stepped outside only to see that the corridor was occupied by a Ravenclaw seventh year who had his head thrown back and eyes closed one hand was gripping the edge of the torch which wasn't going the other hand was forcing a head to take his prick deeper.

"Suck harder you bitch," he said bucking his hips. The girl moaned looking at the girl she had one hand cupping the boy's balls and the other up her skirt.

"Yes that's it Granger," I blinked, before my scenes kicked back in and I moved silently out of there once again with Zabini.

I ran my figure through my hair. When we had turned a corridor I looked at him and he glanced at me before giving me another cat like grin.

"And they wonder why you distancing yourself from them." Zabini sarcastically spock.

I shook my head, "Really, I didn't think they'd catch on that quick?" his grin widen.

"Heard the mudblood bitching about how you always spending your time elsewhere but with them," he told me as we came into the main corridor.

"I can't imagine why?" I responded half rolling my eyes. My inside flinched at the word mudblood but I choose to ignore it. I suppose I would look at as just a body word people called other person that was part of their vocabulary like the word 'cunt.'

"Let me know if you want me to tell you what else they have been saying about you, us Slytherins here everything you know," He gave a deep laugh. I didn't respond pondering his offer silently before we climb down the last set of stairs as we turned off into the great hall, most of the hall turned to look at us. This was followed by a flurry of whispers, "See you around Potter," he said looking very happy before moving off to his own house table, "Yeah," I responded giving a small wave before turning to my own table. I saw Neville talking to Seamus and Dean, and walked swiftly to them.

Neville watched me come over, "Making friends Harry?" he asked as I sat down next to him. I smiled at him but said nothing. Dean gave me a grin before making a stupid comment that went somewhere along the lines that went "Once you've had black you can't go back," or however that line said. I told him that I wasn't sexually involved with Zabini to which both him and Seamus respond with a "sure you're not."

"Oh Zabini not Harry's lover," Neville said with a small smile.

Dean looked at Neville with a confused look "He has a lover?" he asked.

"Oh yes he does," Neville said with a wicked grin that was very unlike him.

"Who?" Seamus nearly yelled. People looked around but Seamus didn't seem to care "Have they popped his cherry yet, front page news that is," he was go naturally teasing me about it.

"I have no doubt," Neville said leaning closer, both Seamus and Dean followed suit.

"He is right here and would like you to drop the subject," I said running my hand through my hair again as I did when I was slightly unconfutable.

"He does not get a say, Neville tell us what you know?" Dean said bouncing in his seat

"Neville please whatever you think you might know or may not know about that particular part of my life can you keep it to yourself." Neville looked at me. Before offering me a friendly smile than turned to both Seamus and Dean.

"Harry has a lover that's all I can tell you," he said with a good natured smile.

"No you can tell us more!" they both yelled.

"Who can tell you more?" came a new voice looking around we all saw Ron, who sat himself down next to me and began piling food on his plate.

"Well?" he asked, as he began eating.

"Ah nothing," Neville said slightly nervous.

"Yeah just questioning Neville her about the answer to the herbology home work?" Seamus said.

"Refused to tell us any answer except the first one was some kind of underwater plant." I finished off. Having already done the homework I was pretty sure that was part of the first question.

Neville gave me a small nod indicating I had got that right. "Well what good are you if you can't help out a fellow lion Nev?" Ron said rather meanly.

"It's an easy enough homework Ron well just having some fun about it," I said quickly.

"Nah, but seriously if you have the answer and I need them you should give them to us, help a mate out Nev." Ron continues he sounded slow, like he had been smoking something. Maybe I could move around that and think on it later.

"No, Ron Neville doesn't have the answer to anything but the first one," I told him as clearly as possible. "We were just having fun." Ron blinked several time

"But you just said-" he said slowly and I rubbed my forehead.

"By god what are you on?" I said quickly and harshly.

"Nothing what are you on," he snapped in response highly defensively.

I looked at him for a moment my face begins to scrunch up. "I have to go," was all I said standing up and heading for the door.

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